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Pissed Off Pinups Calendar to be unveiled Oct. 6

The Kickstarter-funded Pissed Off Pinups Calendar will be revealed Oct. 6 at Arts Alive in Eureka, CA. The calendar was inspired by the vintage pinup art of Gil Elvgren and features modern-day angry pinups frustrated at daily life. Here is a link to the project moderator Tyson Ritter's Facebook page for more info:

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On Missing the Yardsale

Its the sale of the century and Im not there.

I salivate at the thought of tops for $15 and dresses for $60, the very thought of going fills the cockles of my heart with joy. Alas it can never be for I am a continent away and I doubt the authorities at immigration will let me pass for the one day I want to be there. I dont think they would accept "sale of the frikkin century" as a legitimate reason for this Aussie re-entering the country again so soon after my visa has…


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Custom Made hair accessories

Custom made hair accessories such as bows,skeleton hands and flowers. I started making these because i could never find exactly what i wanted in any store. Take a look, maybe i make something that is just what you have been looking for.

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Revlon, MAC and Monroe

Above is a list of vintage Revlon lipsticks that are still sold today. Me and my friend Katie (who is a Marilyn Monroe expert) were just at the MAC release party for the New Marilyn Collection they have launched. She told me about the list and that Marilyn…


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REVIEW - Deadly Dames Cigarette Pants

I am a defective girl in that I don't own two huge closets full of clothing and 250 pairs of shoes. That is because I am SO picky about the things I wear. I constantly moan about my shortage of bottoms... namely capris/pedal pushers and cigarette pants. Why? BECAUSE IT IS SO HARD TO FIND GOOD ONES. 

I stopped buying the vintage bottoms (online, at least) years ago. I fell victim to the "old clothes at weekenders" one too many times…


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How to get over a Break up and how PUG (and their ladies) can help.

We have all had break ups before and they are messy horrid things. I'm a logical person (at least Id like to think so) and when I go through break ups I do them very well (according to my friends).

I don't go binging on high fat food or alcohol and don't go overboard with anything in particular. Apart from moments of nostalgia and the occasional bawling in the shower I am pretty OK. Since many of my friends highly suspect that I am a POD (ref Seinfeld). I have decided to write down…


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First time with Vamp Top

Hi ladies!

The Vamp Top in black was in my first PUG order. I take XS and it is a little too small for me. But I can wear it. It makes me big big boobs lol but with a bolero it's cool and it's confortable to wear during a all day.

According to me, this top it's a must have, I love the shape, and I could wear it under a skirt, a pant or over it. The lenght is perfect!

Now I want the Vamp Top in all colors LOL!!!! My next will be the zebra and the mint…


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Coming Soon - New Site Features

  So we try to encourage our customers to give us input to for us to make our site better and one recommendation we received was to add mannequins shots of our clothing. Well we listened, and if you have been anywhere near our Coming Soon Section on the website you will see this happening! …


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My mothers wedding dress .....

I placed my moms wedding & graduation pictures in here and she was such a hotty ! She also made her wedding dress ! It is really a beautiful dress and the train was removable. She could have been a movie star ... I miss you mom , tomorrow Would have been her birthday. xo…


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Bullet Bras & Girdle's ! Only the best ! I found it cheeper !!!

There are many new color combinations. Like this "Black Stitch Bullet Bra and Lacette" with red lace and stitch detals. From Secrets In Lace. The Coquette Girdle is a 15 inch Open Bottom Girdle with a nylon lace front panel for gentle firming figure persuasion It also has circling bands to control your waist, hips and back; it has 6 metal garter clasps at a fixed length.  I love their stuff but it can be expensive I have found…


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more on brows

1940′s make-up – Eyebrows

” Today a generous eyebrow is considered smart. Unless you want to accent a pretty nose, pluck your eyebrows clean at the inside end for the distance of about 1/8 of an inch. And from this point, begin to shape the natural arch. Now that the eyebrows are cleaned, the next step is to accent ! There is a technique for each type of face. Choose the one for your face type and see how pretty your eyes can really be! ”…


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A Little Kink - Deadly Dames New Skirt

  We all need a little more kink in our lives, and some of us need something to ruffle some feathers, then look no further than the new Deadly Dames Kinky Ruffles skirt.

  You might ask yourself, what makes this skirt "SO special for me to spend some of my hard earned money on it?" Well like every Deadly Dames piece you will have a fantastic fit…


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Brow Shaping the whole kit and caboodle !

 I like my eyebrows well enough, so it wasn’t until I saw this photo of Miss Polly Rae that I’ve ever felt inadequate about them. Look at how lovely her makeup is! This is essentially the look I like to wear, just done oh-so perfectly! And those brows, swoon!  I found the kit that is fool proof ! Its by "Two Faced" and it has everything that you could need. It was my first time I ever "DID" my brows. I love it…


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makeup for lindy hopping

  Being a vintage gal is a pretty demanding kind of thing. Curling and styling your hair, the anything-but-natural makeup, hunting out rare vintage styles and sometimes wearing clothes that are 80 years old, not to mention the ordeals of garters, stockings, high heels, corsets, jewelery, hats – there’s a lot involved!

Now imagine, that on top of all that, you weren’t only going to style your hair, do your makeup, and wear uber-feminine vintage style clothing, but you were going to do…


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My NEW Exclusive Red Floral Heidi.. xx

If it were not for the stars aligning perfectly in my favour I am not sure I would have looked further into this special edition PUG Heidi dress. As I am a collector of Heidi’s and my preferred retail shop being Rowena’s, you guessed it. This would be my lucky dress <3


Word was out that PUG released an Exclusive Heidi dress in a decadent Red Floral print.  The catch was that there are only 2 retail shops in the world that have been stocked and are selling this heavenly…


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….. Squirrel!


I have been waiting all summer for the opportunity to get my hands on the Squirrel Netti Print and was getting worries the opportunity may miss me by as the warm weather season in my area is quickly changing and snow is fast approaching here for us.

I really was enamoured by the print and the super cute Squirrels when I first saw a picture of this dress on the PUG site. As I am a reformed all black wearer I do still lean to and favour anything that…


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Dita Von Teese - Halloween Show in NYC

Hi PUGsters!

Just curious if anyone else is going to the Dita von Teese show on Halloween here in NYC! I'll be attending (wanted to wear tie me up in fetish folly but it's sold out just wearing it in black :D) and thought there is no way I'm the ONLY one who is. So anyone else? Maybe we can all do a mini PUG meetup with drinks beforehand (or after depending on whether folks are going to the 11pm or 7pm show. I'm 7pm since I have work the next day)!

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Vintage Halloween Pinup Girls Pillows Are Here!

I'm happy to announce that Halloween Pinup Girl and Leopard Print pillows are now available at! Vintage Halloween honeys ala Gil Elvgren style all dressed up for trick-or-treat. The perfect touch for your…


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I feel passionately about this, so I had to write.. sorry it's so long! :-)


Ask yourself this, are you a good person? Do you think you are a good person? Do you act like a good person?

Would a good person say or do something to someone else that will harm them, simply based on how they look and not by what they do?

We all think we are good - but we're human and we fuck up from time to time. It's unavoidable and it…


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Viva Las Vegas! Only 186 Days to Go :)

Yup, there's only 186 more days to go until Viva Las Vegas and I couldn't be more excited. Now that Fan Expo's out of the way I can start saving my penny's for the big event. I've never been to Vegas before, my husband tells me it really is something you have to take in for yourself and judging from everything else I've ever read it really is. :)

All of the videos…


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I'm looking for examples of funeral appropriate style. Any suggestions? Continue

Sale: Bettie Page Aurora dress XL

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Sale: Bettie Page Aurora dress XLNever worn, new without tag, Belt Included!99 USD+…Continue

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Doris pants in Chocolate brown

Started by Tabitha Burch in PUG Fans Around The World Feb 10, 2018. 0 Replies

I'm looking for a size 2x in the Doris pants in Chocolate brown. They are so out on the website. If anyone has a pair or know when it will be restocked, I need them!!

For saleBirdie dress floral S

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Selling size S Birdie dress without belt, worn very few times. 70$+30 shipping worldwide.

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