Burlesque, Bucket Lists & 34 Days to Las Vegas

Hey everyone! It’s me Tahitia here, and since it’s been a little bit since my last blog post I thought I’d drop a line to you all just to let you know how things are going.

I’ve made a few product purchases that I’m going to review, there’s a new pinup group that I’ve started I’d like to talk about, some burlesque news AND I have a bucket list update for you all, so sit back and enjoy :)

Audrey Skirt in Red Picnic Print

I’ve always been a fan of open hip twirly skirts, so even though I was a little late in discovering the Audrey line I knew this was a match made in heaven.

The Audrey skirt in Picnic Print itself sits quite a lot higher above my waist than I was expecting, but that works just fine with all the PUG tops that I own from something casual like the Laura Top to something more night on the town’ish like the Vintage Bustier. Besides, you can’t be a fan of Pinup Girl Clothing and NOT love high waisted styles. I’m a 29” in the waist and the medium which is made for 28.5”-29” fits perfectly, if only higher than I was expecting like I said.

The skirt itself is just fun as heck to wear, which I took the opportunity to do to my lindy hop class last week which was all the more fitting since the red and white picnic print was perfect for Valentines Day. It’s heavy enough that it holds it’s shape when you’re just casually moving about, but light enough to flare out when you’re being spun by a partner on the dance floor. All and all, this is definitely a recommended buy ladies!

I’m hoping to pick up another Audrey, this one in Navy when it’s restocked to pair with the Vamp Top in Baby Blue. That would be such an adorable combination I think. As for this Audrey I’m already planning on pairing it up with the Wonderful Wrap Top in white for a Food Truck festival in my city later on in the spring, I can really see those going great together. Speaking of the Wonderful Wrap…

Wonderful Wrap Top in White

This top is going to be one of my favourite things about this summer, it’s almost too bad that I didn’t pick one up last year.

The sizing on the Wonderful Wrap Top is very important I’ve discovered, especially in the bust more than anywhere else. I’m a 37” in the chest and 29” in the waist so I went with a medium, and it worked out just fine. It’s a snug fit in the bust but very flattering. The cut’s really geared towards high waisted shorts, pants and skirts, but since exposed navals are back in these days I can see wearing them with a pair of regular rise jeans come the summer.

My ultimate plan is to bring this down to Viva this year to wear to the car show over one of my vintage swimsuits. So far I’ve tried it on with the Sophie set, the high waisted vintage bikini in red set and the sweet cheek vintage bikini set in blue with polka dots, and I’m completely torn as to which swimsuit it flatters more.

Sigh… pinup girl problems eh? He he.

Seriously though it’s a fantastic shirt for wearing to a BBQ or a beach trip in the summer, and I definitely plan on picking up in black too. It’s another recommended buy for sure :)

Deadly Dames Cigarette Pants

Now ever since I got a pair of the Deadly Dames Capris Pants in Baby Blue Bengaline I knew that I wanted the pants version too. The only thing was I wanted to be sure about the sizing since from what I learned from the capris and from what I’d read these pants fit pretty small.

After asking for advice on the forum on the Deadly Dames Cigarette Pants sizing I decided even though as a 29” waist and 40” hip by the measurement chart would work for a Large, I ordered up a size to XL and they fit just fine.

They have plenty of room to sit down in but aren’t too baggy by a long shot, so I’d definitely say if you’re thinking of getting a pair order up a size just to be safe.

The reason I went with the longer cigarette pants as opposed to a pair of capris in red was just that I wanted pants that I could wear year round, so I’m definitely planning on getting some use out of these over what’s left of the winter.

Heidi Dress in Polka Dot

Now my last item to review here is my latest version of my absolute favourite kind of dress there is, the Heidi in Polka Dot. I first heard about this exclusive from PUG’s Facebook page, which I really did appreciate because it actually wasn’t an exclusive to PUG, but a Canadian retailer instead.

I snatched this one right up and just absolutely love it. For starters the pattern is just to die for! When you combine that with the upper body hugging shape of the Heidi and the open flared skirt you just can’t go wrong.
This was actually the first dress that I wore to my lindy hop class a few weeks ago and I can’t even begin to tell you how many compliments I had, not to mention questions about where I got the dress. Of course I mentioned that the best selection of pinup dresses comes from PUG, so hopefully I’ve made a few new PUG fans out of my fellow lindy students.

I also discovered that male leads love twirling ladies in dresses like this, so it made class all the more fun. You can still buy all the sizes that you could need, I’m a 37” bust and 29” waist so I was right up the middle of a medium and it fits perfectly. Definitely another recommended buy girls :)

Also the Heidi is very bullet bra friendly, I’m wearing the Harlow Bullet Bra from WKD for this and the dress really shapes the cone shaped cups well.

Now while we’re on the subject of bullet bras…

Some Burlesque News

As I mentioned I got to perform in two VERY amazing burlesque shows last month with the most amazing performers that I’ve ever worked with.

I’ve actually been booked now to be in the April Easter Edition of the lovely Red Herring’s Reveal Me at the Rivoli show. Red was one of the incredible performers I got to work with in London and Stratford (Ontario, not the UK :) ) and is just an amazing performer and not to mention event promoter.

Getting to be in one of her shows is a major opportunity and I’m planning on making the most of it that I can :)

Speaking of those last shows I realize that I promised you all a clip of my routine featuring the Army Secretary Dress in tan, and I am going to share it with you once I learn how to edit video clips so that I can show you the best parts of the routines while leaving out the… we’ll call them the “cheeky” moments. After all, the last thing I want to do is offend the powers at be here at Pinup Girl Style :)

In the mean time here’s a picture a fashion blogger took of me at the London for her Forest City Fashionista Blog review of our show. Enjoy!

Bucket List Updates

I’m really happy to say that I had my first ever singing lesson yesterday, I learned so much about how to manipulate my vocal sets and how much of an amazing difference that’s going to make. I’ve already got a few songs in mind that I’d love to sing at shows, so with a little hard work and luck I should be able to cross this one off the list soon :)

As for swing dancing that’s going really well too. I’m planning on signing up with an background (extra) talent agency next week that specializes in casting extras for TV and movie productions, so that should be off my list as well soon.

Now going to see Lady Gaga live in concert was supposed to have been crossed off my list by now, but sadly as you might have heard her ladyship’s had to cancel all the remaining shows on her tour because of a pretty serious injury. I’ve read that she’s expected to recover just as long as she takes it easy, and the woman’s incredibly devoted to her fans so I know she’ll be back on tour in no time. Just take it easy until then and get all the rest you need milady :)

Of course the biggest bucket list thing to cross off is just around the corner, so I’d like to take a second to talk about…

Viva Las Vegas

Yay!!! I can’t believe how close it finally is to Viva :) A little while ago I started up a Meeting Up at Viva thread I’ve already gotten some great ideas on places to go like Frankie’s Tiki Room (which btw sounds like the perfect place to wear my Netti dress in Tiki print), and advice on when to hit the strip (apparently it’s better to go on weekdays, which really does make sense).

The big meet up is going to be at the PUG booth at 2pm on Saturday at the car show and then from there as I understand it we’ll be saying hello, getting to know each other and eventually taking a big tour of the car show all together, posing for pictures with the odd car along the way.

I’ve always wanted to go to a vintage car show, and to be able to do it with the such beautiful, talented, and amazing women from here at Pinup Girl Style is going to be incredible. I’m so excited :)

Aside from Viva my hubby and I are going to try to catch at least one show while we’re there, some really good friends of ours gave us some tips on where you can get half price tickets to shows the night of when you’re in town. There’s also a Polynesian dance company in Vegas, and since I’m a huge fan of Tahitian dancing I’m going to try to see if they’re performing any shows that weekend that I might be able to catch.

The best part of this trip though really will be getting to see so many of you there, because ever since I discovered that there were other ladies like me out there I knew I just had to meet as many of you as I possibly could. Which brings me to our next little item of discussion…

Great Lakes Pinup

So this last weekend I started up the pinup group Great Lake Pinups, and many thanks to my hubby for the Gil Elvgren’esque logo btw :)

I named it Great Lake pinups because I just absolutely love the Great Lake beaches and shorelines, not to mention I wanted to give the group a name that wasn’t specific to any single city, province/state or country, and since the lakes are shared by people in Canada and the U.S. I thought it was a great name for the group.

It’s not just for the Great Lake area though, any and all pinup ladies are always welcome to not just discuss things on the group page but also to come out to a meet up if you can make it.

As always you ladies have been amazing at sharing and offering ideas for get togethers that we can have when the weather warms up. Chrystal Allen had the idea for the Red Hot & Blue Rockabilly Weekender in Montreal, if I’m not completely broke from Viva to Fan Expo that would definitely be a great place to meet up together.

Chrystal also mentioned Dominion on Queen, and of course all the dozens of car shows from there to Montreal that happen in the summer. Any one of those would be great as well.

I’ve already started the very preliminary work on a shopping trip/meet up for Toronto this spring/summer, just like the UK PUG Meet & Greet that Leanna Bruce had back in December. Leanna by the way has been a HUGE help in offering me ideas and advice from her own experience running and putting the meet up together.

I’ll make updates on the meet & greet planning a regular feature for all my blog posts from now on so you can all see how this is coming together. If you have any ideas for meet & greets yourselves feel free to share them here, on the group page or on the forum threadI started for the group :)

So now that I'm all done with those updates, I think it’s time we all ake another trip to and around the blogosphere!

Around the PUG Style Blogosphere

Kicking off our short trip this week around the blogosphere my very awesome friend Brandi shared her review of the Vamp Top in Leopard, which in my favourite of all of Brandi’s Vamp tops. Every time she shows off one of those amazing tops I keep remembering how I really have to get a few of my own one of these days.

If only my purse would just cough up more cash when I need it too :)

Aoife shared not only the story of the amazing time she’s had kicking off 2013 in Fun times... London, LA, the OC but also her pictures from the incredible looking London Vintage Fashion Fair and the Boers Museum.

Lastly Cela Hyatt told us all about her shopping trip with Vintage Box 1947 and all the hats, fascinators and other hair accessories that she bought from them. She also told us about her planned “Pinup Essentials” feature that’s going to become a regular part of her blog. It’s going to be about all the things that are essential to pulling the Pinup look off. I definitely recommend you check out Cela’s blog Pacifiers & Pinups if you haven’t already, it’s a great read and you’ll be glad to you stopped by!

So with our much truncated trip around the blogosphere complete for another week ('ish), let's have a look at what's going on in the forums!

Forum Time :)

Jennifer McKeever started up a thread about our very favourite beverages and the recipes for making them. Stephanie Helms started up a discussion on how to and where wear a corset, there are some really good answers and discussions on the top for anyone who like me is a big corset fan :)

Brandy Cross asked the age old question To Buy a Faux Fur Coat or Not to Buy a Fur Coat, I say that if you get 8 months of winter where you live then go for it :) Veronica Ocean asked her own question about Wigs or No Wigs. Brandi gave some really good advice in response about shopping for real hair wigs, where even though they’re pricier they’re the best choice by far, and I couldn’t agree more :)

I shared my own experience on wearing a bullet bra to my Lindy Hop class on Margrete’s Bullet Bra thread after taking her advice and Jessica Maria Montalvo-Anderson was kind enough to share her story on my Embarrassing Story thread about what happened to her when a strong wave met a slightly too big bikini top.

I swear that waves have been the scourge of women’s swimwear ever since we started wearing two piece bathing suits ;)

In Conclusion

I should be able to get at least one more blog post done before my hubby and I leave for Viva at the end of next month. I’m really looking forward to meeting as many of you can there, and even more at the Great Lake Pinup get togethers we’ll be having this spring/summer.

Thank you so much for reading everyone and I really hope to get to see you all soon. Take care!


Tahitia :)

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Comment by cela hyatt on February 24, 2013 at 8:00pm

You look so cute in everything! I wish I was going to Viva this year :( I would love to meet all you awesome ladies in person! Plus I can't wait to see your video...the suspence is killing me!!!!

Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on March 13, 2013 at 8:42am

Hey ladies! Just letting you know that I've posted one of my performances from the burlesque show I was in recently. Enjoy! ;) NSFW in case you're at work, lol. http://www.pinupgirlstyle.com/profiles/blogs/private-snafu-at-dr-se...


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