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I only have one tattoo, but it's pretty big. My tattoo is a memorial to my two cousins, who were sisters, who passed away within six months of one another. The tattoo is three black roses tied together with swirling embellishments and silhouetted thorns. My cousins names are are the top and bottom of the tattoo, respectively. The three roses represent the three of us. The younger sister and I wanted to get matching rose tattoos, but we never got to, so I got both of ours and added one for her sister. I got black because I have sensitive skin, so it was the best choice for me to avoid color, even though I love red roses. The black ended up being appropriate anyway since the black rose is an Irish symbol, and they were Irish (I am, too, actually). I guess black can also be symbolic of mourning, too, especially for roses. I wanted realistic-looking roses instead of traditional sailor-style ones, so I looked to Lady Gaga's rose tattoo in part for inspiration for pretty, lifelike flowers. My artist was great and worked well with what I gave him. The tattoo goes from just below my bra-line to just above my tailbone. I really have no desire to get another, but I love the one I have.


love it, so pretty

Thank you. :)

So elegant. And what a lovely tribute.

I have 3 right now, one on my left upper arm that i got when i was 18 and am going to get covered, and one on each arm on the inside of my biceps for my two daughters.  those ones i love! they like them too :) i am planning on a bunch more, if money were no object i would be covered! i am getting a 3/4 sleeve on my left arm, a half sleeve on my right arm, i am going to get the periodic table on my hip, the hippocratic symbol on the base of my neck almost between the shoulder blades (when i finish med school), my husband and i want to get rings tattooed on, then i want to get something for him, not sure what yet.  i think of new fun things all the time, but i feel that it is super important to only get things that are meaningful.  I guess its good that they are expensive ;)


I love the ones you got for your daughters; they're so unique! Whenever you get your hippocratic symbol done, please post the picture! I've long planned to get a similar design when i get accepted to med school, and i'd love to see how another med student interprets it.

This is one of my favourite pieces, its a untraditional love tattoo done for my fiance Christoffer. Its a teacup with a C on the etiquette of the teabag, it could either be seen as that Christoffer is my cup of tea or that im into teabagging him ;) I just love how cute it is and not too obvious.


thats super pretty


Thank you, im in love with it! Im very fond of the roses not haveing any sharp outerlineings but look like a vintage teacup, my tattooartist is the best :)

A better picture of it

I absolutely love this! So pretty!!! I have been wanting to get some sort of tea cup or tea set tattoo for a while now. Yours has inspired me :)

I've got a right half sleeve that is made up of San-X cat's shaped like ice cream cones, water-melons, cupcakes etc-and two large Maneki Neko's (Japanese lucky cats), with sushi in a wind/water type of scene it goes from my shoulder blade to just above my elbow, my right forearm has a hello kitty on it- from the 1970s version holding a bunny friend, a mouse friend with some tulips and an apple.

my left forearm is a memorial piece for one of my cats who passed away, Elliott (he was my first cat I adopted as an 'adult' on my own), which is made up of California Orange Poppy's, forget-me-nots, a mouse toy, a dead fish, and a banner with his name :). My left arm which is now a work in progress for a half sleeve, has been started (and posted a picture) with Liam (one of my cats) in a star wars x-wing fighter pilot helmet, the other pieces will be Mortimer with his alliance to the empire, and one of my older cats, EL Woo Woo in a sombrero- the filler will be cat toys: mouse toys, fishes) with an outline of the state of california, and some pineapples, and star wars symbols/things. :)

and then I have a wonky (I had a really bad green ink allergy ugh) 1-up mushroom on my left ankle. I've never touched it up, and I'm not sure I would.



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