Hi everyone!

I have two cuffs on my forearms of my two bunnies that passed away earlier this year, and I thought I'd share the pictures and mini-stories of their little lives with you all, and would love to hear and see any of your tattoo animal stories (whether they were pets or not!) I love it when animal touch our lives so much that they are brought into our tattoos... 

Sheilabear.jpg and :).jpg- This is Sheila. She was named after a tank in a Halo video game machinima series called Red Vs. Blue. (Her mate Caboose was named after a solider from the same series). Sheila was a himalayan/california lop mix, and seriously, she was the most beautiful rabbit I have ever seen. She had the most beautiful face and round body, and I used to call her my "Marilyn" bunny, because there was something very vulnerable, but also endearing about her. She would curl up into a snowball shape instead of an oval shape like most rabbits, and, because she had beautiful red eyes - I also used to call her my peppermint snowball. She was shy and very timid, and it took a long time for her to trust me - but once we bonded, that was it- I was her mama forever. I still miss her beautiful face. 

Here's my tattoo of her on my right forearm (Still have to get light blue coloring int he background.)

Sheilacuff.jpgbackside.jpg, and side.jpg

Myfluffbug.jpg and CaboosenSheilatogether.jpg- This is Sheila's mate, Caboose. He was a california lop, and the most amazing pet I have ever had. Don't get me wrong, I love all my rabbits...but Caboose was actually my favorite, because he was my first rabbit. My ex-bf bought Caboose for my 25th birthday, and I got two and a half years with him before he died from pneumonia this past March (I know it was a broken heart, because he missed his Sheila too much...it's really common for rabbits to die after their mate has passed away). When I first got Caboose, after about a month, I could tell that he was getting really lonely, so I adopted Sheila, and then it took me over a month to bond them together. 

I loved Caboose like most people love their dog or cat of many years. On that note, actually, Caboose thought he was a dog. He would not only come when I called him, but he would stand between my feet when I was in kitchen and nudge my ankle so I would pet him. He would trip over his front feet a lot, and fall flat on his face, which never failed to make me crack up. He was incredibly friendly with people, but he was a major alpha animal with any other animal! (He once cornered a larger than normal sized Shetland sheep dog and nipped at it's neck).  In my tattoo cuff of him, he's surrounded by blueberries because when I would offer them all my rabbits, he was the only one who would shove his entire face in the palm of my hand and gobble all the berries up at once. He loved blueberries more than any other rabbit (or human) that I know! 

My cuff of Caboose - firstshot.jpgbackside.jpg

Hope you all enjoyed my rabbit-geekout! 



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I've got 2 pet related tattoos- I'm in the process of starting a half sleeve on my left arm which is going to be my cats as star wars characters (i.e. Vader, Leia, Luke) I've recently finished my Liam as Luke in an X-Wing (i need to get an updated picture!)

my left forearm is a memorial piece for my Elliott who passed away 3 years ago.

I do but..they're all cat related. my right half sleeve is a mixture of Sushi, Nyan Nyan Nyanko's (San X cats),Maneki Neko's. my right forearm is 1970s hello kitty with her mouse/rabbit friends. 

what about you?



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Hi everyone!I have two cuffs on my forearms of my two bunnies that passed away earlier this year, and I thought I'd share the pictures and mini-stories of their little lives with you all, and would…Continue

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