Hey guys! Nina here. I'm one of those paleo eaters, and I thought I'd ask what kind of eating style everyone else does? Vegetarians, vegans, low calorie, juicers, ect. We're all different, and some things work on some people and some other things work on others. I think it's important to know what works best for you so you can lead a happy healthy life!

Here's some history on me and why my style works for me.

After losing 60lbs on Atkins back in 2003, I kept on a low-carb plan. Basically, I don't eat bread or sugar or potatoes unless it's a special occasion. This has allowed me to have some fun sometimes without gaining all the weight back. On a regular day, I eat lots of salad vegetables, a little bit of meat, usually fish, some cheese, nuts, and perhaps beans or legumes. For fruit, I usually opt for strawberries and blueberries, which have lots of fiber and less sugar than other fruits.

That's just what works for me! I find that when I go off my plan for too long (ie, go on vacation...) I end up feeling kinda blah. Carbs just make me feel gross.

So what's your food-style?

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I've been exploring the traditional foods/WAPF movement for a couple of years now. Turns out I was eating that way without even knowing it. For over a decade I was a vegetarian, with brief forays into veganism and raw food. Then out of the clear blue I started craving animal protein. I just went with it and I feel soooo much healthier. Maybe I was just really bad at structuring my meals to consistently meet nutritional meals, maybe this is just want my body needs right now, maybe vegetarian/veganism really doesn't jive with my constitution. For now I'm just listening to my body and going from there.

I have blog about transitioning from veggie to traditional foods to keep me on track 

(I should add that I also developed a pretty bad soy allergy...so that influenced me quite a bit too. Chronic inflammation, migraines, and asthma are some things I can do without.)

I've had almost the exact same experience as you, Chloe. I was vegetarian since I was 11 and vegan since I was 18. I stuck with veganism for two years before I had to face the fact that it just wasn't working for me. I'd lost a horrific amount of weight and was plagued by numerous health problems. I didn't know why it was happening because I'd done tons of reading on nutrition and carefully plotted out meals and macronutrients to make sure I my body was getting everything it needed. Sadly, I just don't think the vegan diet was meant for me, however much I wanted it to be. Since I had become vegan for ethical reasons it was very difficult to go back to eat meat, but like you I felt so much better after introducing animal protein back into my diet. I still try my best to only eat ethical meats, however. 

After going back to an omnivorous diet I became a bit of a homemaker. I cut out almost all processed foods from my diet (aside from dairy alternatives, which I eat because I have a cow dairy allergy - I can't fathom giving up my soya milk or yogurt!) I bake my own bread, grow a lot of my own herbs and vegetables, have started canning, make all my meals at home from scratch, etc. Eating traditional foods helped me gain much needed weight back in a healthy way, and has since kept me healthy and happy. I feel terrific for the first time in years! 

I'd love to read your blog, if you care to share the link. 

This is an area that I need help in - since having my youngest 3 years ago I have ballooned from a UK size 10 to a UK size 16/18 and it doesn't suit me at all. I have a skinny frame with ridiculously small ankles and wrists and I cant wear dresses, skirts or short trousers or anything that shows my ankles as I look silly. I am currently 210lb and my target weight (for my height - I'm 5ft 3) is 125lb which shouldn't be so hard, except... I am intolerant to Lactose and gluten, deathly allergic to all kinds of nuts, have been told to avoid soy products due to breast cancer running in my family and I can't do strenuous activities due to arthritis in my hips. I do a lot of walking though as my childrens school and nursery are on opposite ends of town. My diet is rich in vegetables and fruits and as much meat as my budget allows, but the weight still isn't shifting, is there anything else I can try? 



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