So what's the best/funniest compliment you've received while wearing PUG clothing?

Hello ladies!

So recently, I introduced my oldest step-sister to PUG's clothing for her Christmas present, and she's completely in love! She ordered the Je T'Adore dress in Olive, and when she put it on her husband's jaw dropped to the floor.

She told me that she never felt more attractive in her 49 years of living, than she did right at that moment...and that got me thinking about all the compliments and comments I've received from family, friends and strangers since I started wearing PUG clothing...and how it's impacted my life - which of course leads to the topic of discussion- what's the best compliment, comment or story you have pertaining to your PUG wardrobe? 

:) :) Bonnie

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Hands down, the most frequent compliment I receive is this: "Don't be offended but you look just like Lucille Ball (or just like I Love Lucy)." How could I be offended by that?? Lucy was an amazing woman who did amazing things in her time and is a fantastic role model and inspiration for women everywhere!! Yes, the red hair helps, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I also have 2 nieces, who (when they are visiting) stand in the bathroom with me while I am doing my MUAH and want me to do the same to them! I've even curlered their hair, complete with bandanna, before bed so they could look like Auntie Jenn!

This is an amazing thread! I love how it has been around for such a long time and never gets old.

I get comments on almost a daily basis, some are compliments, but others are just awkward weird comments to which I have no response. The most common compliment is "I love your style!" and I just reply with a smile and thank you... Last week, an older lady stopped me on the street and said "oh you look very 50s, is that the look you were going for?" to which I had no reply except an uncomfortable laugh and an "I suppose"...Oh and a few years ago some douchey frat guy at a bar said I looked like his grandma to which I said "thanks, your grandma must have been hot"  

I'm curious to see as to what you guys say to comments and compliments? I'm always at a loss for a comeback and just want to crawl under the nearest subway grate, basically.

This goes in "What were the latest compliments You've received while wearing PUG?" category. So last night I went to see a musical about early Sixties England. It was fun, kind of like Romeo & Juliet/Westside Story in London. I decided that I was going to wear my Birdie Dress in Red Rose Satin. I had not worn it since buying it and I just felt the need to wear that dress. It is not one normally thinks of a Sixties but maybe the era of that dress falls on the cusp of late Fifties, early Sixties. After considering a few different shoe choices I decided to go for my new Smitten, T Strap Tuxedo D'orsay pumps I bought at the Shecky's event. My first compliment of the night was when I was waiting in line for the ladies room and a woman said. "Oh my God, I love your dress. And those shoes are just darling." I did not get a decent full length shot of me at the theatre, but before the performance I took my trusty tripod and camera and took some shots in front of a retro diner. Here is my favorite one of those.

I had been thinking about going out for a drink before the performance but I just ran out of time. So after the show I thought to myself that if I found someplace suitable I just might stop for that drink. I happened upon the Tiki No, retro Polynesian bar and decided that it was just the kind of place for me. I ordered myself a Mai Tai and sat there relaxing. I was about to take a pic of myself using the arm extended technique when a woman offered to help. But her compliment was so funny and so kind. She said something like "You look F***ing fantastic. You have that Doris Day thing going with that dress, those shoes and that hair." And I think that she used the description "F***ing" a few more times to describe my look. We had quite an amazing conversation. But the other highlight was when she was talking about being 36 years old but having all of these boyfriends who were barely legal. She even decided that she had to show me a rather revealing photo of her current boyfriend. Anyway, I told her that I wanted her to guess how old I am. She guessed that I was around her age. Well those of you who know me, know that she was very wrong. ( I have posted my age in other places here on PUG Style. But maybe some of you may just want to make your own guesses.) Anyway, she asked about what kind of work I'd had done to my body, had I been botoxed, did I have any special beauty regimens? It was pretty funny. All I could tell her was that it was a lot of luck, a lot of work, and pretty good genes. I had a great time talking to the woman. But I had to leave after about a half an hour. One of my beauty secrets is getting enough sleep. But I do have this photo to share which she took of me using my camera.

That is a beautiful dress! You look fabulous! I would actually say that you look very 50s but very nice, I love your shoes too! And how your nails match the dress! Also she's right, you really do look much younger :) 

Lookin' good! But that's not a surprise, you're always so well put together!

Also, going through some serious shoe envy right now. 

Oh my word! Where did you get those shoes? SO cute!

Tori Dudley, those shoes are in fact by Pinup Couture. I just looked them up in the website and they are sold out. Thanks for reminding me about them. I have not worn them in awhile.

Men love the boobies and the PUG! You go girl ;-)

not to mention you're awesome :) and Tie Me Up ROCKS!

Personal clothes will highlight their body, and it will show their confidence.

I was wearing a favorite halter dress and heels while visiting my family in Central Texas recently. As my mom and I emerged from the grocery store, I felt someone watching me. Ya know, I've heard a lot of lame pick-up lines, but I've never been asked, "Hey darlin', what's your Chinese zodiac? Bet it's a cheetah." This was croaked at me as a lanky old cowboy leered at me appreciatively out of the open window of a gargantuan truck. Naturally he was double-parked in the parking lot crosswalk in his dually (complete with a very vivid depiction of a 12-point buck silhouetted against a full moon on the back window). I happened to be wearing a LEOPARD-print dress, so I guess that's why he guessed a cheetah? Even if there's no cheetah in the Chinese zodiac (and I happen to be a snake anyway), it was so silly and his truck was so silly that I actually thanked him and laughed. I love being a Texan. <3

That is awesome - sometimes, it's just so ... RANDOM and FUNNY, that not to laugh and play along would be a sin!




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