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This has been ruminating in my head for the past week or so, mainly due to @Leanna's blog post on foam rollers, which has her hair gorgeously shiny, not frizzy or wispy, and smooth and soft looking. In talking to her, she mentioned that she uses Moroccan oil at the end of her styling. I have been eying the argan oil that is uberpopular right now, and in looking for the Moroccan oil, I noticed that there is also olive oil and avocado oil for the hair (and almost all of these can be found in the ethnic hair section of a drugstore, in case ya'll decide to look; most major lines have a version of argan or Moroccan oil also). Leanna told me what her routine is; what I'd like to know is who else has tried one or more of these products and what kind of success you've had (or haven't had) with them (argan oil, Moroccan oil, olive oil, avocado oil). Right now, I'm fortunate: I wash my hair twice a week (three times at most), pincurl and set it while it's wet (usually for two days), then I have 3 awesome (usually, again, not always, lol) hair days where I go from curly to brushed out curl. Regardless of the amount of brushing or the style, I usually end up with some frizz or wispiness (you know that halo of hair that forms??) regardless of using pomade (rubbed and heated up in my hands before applying) or hairspray (tried spraying then brushing, and spraying the actual brush then brushing). When I set it, right now I'm using Suave curl mousse which allows for softness, a couple of spritzes of Garnier Fructis' Wonder Waves and a root booster (also by Garnier). I will be switching out the Suave and Wonder Waves for Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls (tried a sample and LOVE this stuff!! just waiting for it to arrive!), but will probably still use the root booster. I'd like to try one of the oils to help smooth out my look and enhance my style, so any help would be awesome. Thank you in advance!!

<3 x <3 x Desilu

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Wanted to add this in case anybody was curious: Miss Jessie's Jelly Soft Curls. Bonus is that you can order 2 free samples for the cost of postage ($1), but unfortunately, only in the contiguous US (no Hawaii, etc).

Hey! Yes Moroccan Oil is awesome, but most alternative work well too! I apply  pump to wet hair then blow dry and only if there are wispy bits do I put a tiny bit on my hands, rub them together then gently flatten them down or use a hairspray to help flatten them. I was my hair nearly everyday though and want to work on rollers and pin curling etc more often!! xx

Leanna!!! As a hairdresser, you should know better, lol! My hair will. not. hold. anything. if I wash is everyday. It's only the 2nd day that my hair will have any volume (regardless of product usage) and actually look good, not to mention hold a curl. And since I keep it pinned & curlered for 2 days, it's still clean (I wrap my hair in a bandanna so it looks cute/retro while I run errands); the only time it's not (or that a set is ruined) is if I am sweating or playing in the garden under a tree. I've tried hot curlers (I got a great set for my birthday last year), curling irons, and a dry set, but by far and away, a wet set is the best at holding the curl for the longest (especially if I'm careful about how thick I roll the pincurls/curlers - I have thick hair). I have to have it in for at least 24hrs because my hair may not be dry after a night's set... this I have found out the hard way a couple of times. I learned pincurling from watching Lisa FremontStreet, Cherry Dollface, and PinUp Girl Ashley Marie on YouTube, and just practicing. They are by no means perfect (they really aren't!!) and I use curlers on the back half of my hair for ease of working with hair. I know they make a pincurl maker (Lisa FremontStreet shows how to use one); I've learned also that I cannot do it looking at myself in the mirror - for me, it's strictly by touch/feel; if I watch in the mirror while I do it, I actually screw up and can't make the curl, lol. (Yes, I'm weird, lol). And my hair has recovered from all of the heat damage that I was doing with hot curlers/curling irons. Now, it's only got to contend with any coloring damage, lol, and since that usually puts your hair in a happier place than pre-color, it's doing pretty well. I can get away with pincurling for a couple of days because I mainly work weekends, so I have all week to set it, and can get away with the retro look in a bandanna while running errands the rest of the week. If I had to work Mon-Fri, I think only the first part of the week would be from the weekend's pincurl set, and the end of the week would be blah. Sorry, lol... but YOU REALLY NEED TO TRY THIS. =)

Argon oil works amazingly for smoothing out frizzies, just be careful with the amount or it'll make your hair look greasy. :)

The greasy look is what I was worried about, but Leanna mentioned that if you wipe your hands on a towel, then wipe on the frizzies, you avoid the greasy look. Have you tried any other of the oils or only the argon oil??

Lol, Kara, I like how politically correctly you phrased it. When I emailed a question to Miss Jessie's, I think I used the phrase "not in the ethnic group you're shooting for." But I think the Cherokee in my hair gives it a different texture than the rest of my families, I just don't refer to it as ethnic. But in this day and age, I think ethnic hair comes on the heads of soooooo many different types of people. I really LOVE Miss Jessie's, I would definitely recommend trying out their samples (my hair is just above shoulder length, and one sample lasted me two wet sets, no problem). I tried the Pillow Soft Curls and will be doing my wet set Monday with Curly Meringue. I am ordering their Jelly Soft Curls in the morning. I think for you at least, these may help with your frizzies. Not oily at all and all of them are non-chemically altering to your hair, which I think may eliminate the problem you found with the relaxing solutions from that department.

Hope that helps you, and I will post more on what I find... I'm going on a scavenger hunt tomorrow and going to try a couple of different things to see if one works for me. Garnier has one I'm really interested in, but I don't remember what it's called. It's not only conditioning/moisturizing for your hair, but they also recommend it for skin. Have you tried Leanna's and Kayla's suggestion of wiping hands on a towel prior to wiping your hair? Whatever I try, I'm going to do this first and hopefully it will work wonders.

<3 x <3 x

Hi Desilu - I have actually been wondering about the Pillow Soft Curls because I saw it in the local Ricky's, so I would love to hear how that works out for you!  I currently use Lottabody and it's been the only thing that has worked for me, but I have very fine straight hair.

OHMYGOD ILOVEDIT!!! My hair was so soft, I couldn't stop touching it!! And as I've said, I set it for 2 days after I wash it, and it held. The curls were soft curls. There was none of the crunchy that you get when you set with other products. The only thing I didn't like is that I still got the frizzy halo that I've posted about and that, as I brushed it out, I lost curl (instead of getting the curled brush out that I would normally get for Marilyn hair, for example). I asked Miss Jessie's about it, and they suggested the Jelly Soft Curls for a longer hold. I'm ordering it tomorrow. I have the sample of the Curly Meringue, which I am going to try Monday for my next wet set and I'll let you know how I like both of the products. They have samples available, with $1 for shipping only, so I would recommend trying it out first. My hair is thick and not fine at all, so I don't know if yours would be an exception for their product. I think they also may have a product for fine hair; I know they have products for kids, who usually also have fine hair, so maybe that would work for you. Anyhow, I am now a convert. Leanna's samples should get to her sometime next week, so hopefully she'll do a full review on them soon. She's getting the Pillow Soft, Jelly Soft, and Curly Meringue. And their customer service rocks, so if you have any questions, they'll get back to you asap and help you find what's right for you. Tell them Jenn Smith-D'Amico says hi! =)

coconut oil is what i use for deep treatments

Ok, now I've been trying to study up on coconut oil because I hear it is supposed to be awesome for so many things. I have adult acne as well, and they say it's great for acne because it's antibacterial. How would you do a deep treatment for your hair with coconut oil, and is there a specific brand you use?? Can you divulge details - finally someone who uses it!! (I have so missed these forums!!)

I use Tropical Traditions. There's a bunch of info on their website about the benefits of using coconut oil. I have fine, extremely straight hair, and can only use very small amounts to avoid looking greasy, but I only use their soap & oil instead of shampoo or conditioner. I don't use chemical color either, I use Henna. My hair is really healthy and I love how soft it is.

Still looking for a good setting lotion as I have the same problem: My.Hair.Will.Not.Curl.Unless.Wet.Set! I may try Miss Jessie's.

I buy the trader joee's organic virgin coconut oil, from the cooking section, you want the virgin il, any brand will do.  I have used it on my skin and regularly use oils on skin but coconut oil is classified as comedgenic so it isnt recommended for acne.

I put the oil on my dry hair and put up in a bun for an hour or so, put a shower cap on to help heat stay in.  wash as usual.  you may have to wash twice.  I also use it as a leave in or smoothing treatment with just a tiny bit on my hands and run it through any frizzy areas. 

Coconut oils fatty acids are one of the few that are small enough to actually penetrate into your hair.




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