So anyone can easily get all gussied up in their best PUG threads and their face and hair all done up. But what about casual looks. This I have a hard time with. Does anyone have pics or tips for day to day vintage. Like for hair, makeup, accessories, and especially outfits. Can't exactly afford to buy all my separates from PUG, Bettie Page, etc and the stores at the mall these days aren't exactly selling mass amounts of vintage style clothing. So what do you do?

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I have my lovely dress-up outfits but from a day to day I do jeans (dark wash) or little black shorts.  I pair these with a plaid button-up, white button up, or plain 3/4 sleeve t-shirts and accessorize with hair flowers and lipstick.  My favorite is to do a striped shirt with it-feel very vintage frenchie.  Sometimes I will just throw on a skirt or sundress which is easy-going.  Makeup is simple but with lipstick and then I add cute handbags and sunglasses, maybe a hair flower. 

For me it's the little details that give the "modern vintage" look on a daily basis. I have a drawer full of colorful headbands that I use as accessories for my outfits. Bandannas, barrettes and flowers with a little matching earring are also another quickie way to have a fun, easy vintage look when you are dashing out the door. 

Also, if you are shopping at mainstream stores look for 3/4 length sleeves, pay attention to necklines that have more of a vintage style (sweetheart, wide V, square..) and if your handbag and shoe has a "pinup" flavor (peep-toe wedges are great for an everyday look!) the whole outfit will have a vintage feel. And don't be afraid to wear your PUG and other dresses in a more casual way. Throw a sweater over them, wear a cute flat, ditch the belt (or add one if it needs it) or throw you hair back in a 50s ponytail and you've got an out-the-door look that is modern yet still very retro.

And don't forget your eyebrows and lips. No matter what, I never leave the house without my brows groomed and a red pout on (it can be from lighter gloss to darker red depending on the day!)... it instantly sets the retro tone and also frames the face. But the number one piece of advice.. Own your look! If you own your retro style it doesn't matter what you wear. I have had a retro/vintage look for as long as I can remember - it's just part of me. I shop all over the place and I mix and match... study the vintage pieces and you'll be surprised what you run across when you are out in the modern world :)


I'm still really new to actually embracing PUG fully but without realizing it I've been doing the little things like accessories for years.  It wasn't until recently at a charity event that an acquaintence mentioned how she loves that I wear vintage/retro stuff and that it suits me.  Had to think about it for a second since the one full outfit I have was made for a costume  Shoes are a big thing for me, LOVE a fun peep toe shoe.  Have found a few vintage handbags at yard sales & goodwill.  My jewelry usually has a vintage flair to it along with my headbands/bandannas/scarves.  So apparently for years I've been incorporating my love of vintage into my everyday wordrobe without 100% realizing it :)

that's kind of how i ended up here too cari!! and you know what, now that i've realized it (and embraced the hell out of it!), i have much more fun shopping and wearing than i did before!

I am the same way!  I am also new to the PUG look but looking at my wardrobe I discovered I have been gravitating to the vintage style for years.  Now that I've nailed it down it makes shopping easier and I do it with purpose.  Instead of just buying something because it's trendy or looks cute I now ask myself how can I make this look more vintage.  In the long run I'm saving money because I'm not buying something just for the sake of buying it.

Hey Lady,

Today is the perfect example of my day pin up look, it is kind of like a fem rockabilly look. I have a loose plain grey tee and boyfriend (GAP) jeans with cuffs rolled, flip flops for the feetsies. By some miracle I actually had some make up in my purse, I was looking like a hot mess from the gym, and bobby pins... ALWAYS KEEP BOBBY PINS AROUND! So here is my hair and make up; soft fushia lips (more lip sheer than lip gloss), black eye liner to define eyes (all around or cat eye), false lashes mascara (MAC, amazing!), and I put my bangs into a slight bump. Just those simple steps made me feel more feminine and cute than not doing anything at all or doing lots when I am at home. I hope this helped you.

Well today, I wasn't doing anything except going to my parents for dinner and as it's a weekly thing as they babysit, it's never a posh thing! So today, I wore 3/4 jeans/capri pants, a black vest, a leopard print cardigan and my usual DC trainers (sneakers) - hair wise I had a pony tail with my fringe (bangs) in a pomp and a flower stuck to the side of my pony tail. The usual make up of black eyeliner on my eyelid and a touch of mascara and I was good to go. It's really bright and sunny today so I wore my oversized leopard print sunglasses and I had a huge cherry print bowling bag with me. I think I looked ok!

sounds like you looked great! where did you find the bowling bag???

I got it in one of our high street stores, Peacocks. Unfortunately they went into administration recently and almost all the stores shut down. Which was gutting. I originally bought the bag in the sale because I figured it was big enough to use as a nappy bag! Now I don't need a massive nappy bag anymore, I can keep all my bits and bobs in it :)

Try the bigger morrisons stores for peacocks clothing. I went down what was the bread Isle and there was no bread but peacocks clothes instead. Made my day hehe.

Really? That's so random! I think we've got a Morrisons a few towns over, so I shall take a bus and check it out at some point!

So glad I stumbled upon this post! loved reading everyone's tips and tricks! Definitely going to keep these things in mind when trying to figure out what to wear on my "casual" days! ;-)




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