After about 2 weeks into my Pin-Me-Up personal challenge to revamp my tired stay-at-home-mom, Active Wear Hell wardrobe into a classy Pinup/Vintage homage, I thought it was about time for a progress report.  

It's the right direction.  I wish I could blink my eyes like Jeannie and have the entire PUG collection in my closet, but alas, I must scrimp and slowly collect when money permits, just like the rest of these lovely PUG gals here.  (But I must say that I am super impressed with, and quite jealous of, the quality and quantity of awesome clothes I see posted on the Swap/Sell forum group here! Wow! But I'll be at that point one day, too!)  

Here are some pluses and minuses from the last few weeks:

+ Pin-up Plus:  I purchased the Lauren Top in white, and I've paired it with a lime green pencil skirt I had purchased 2 years ago from Tulle clothing (See? I was already heading down this path 2 years ago, so I think it's about time to commit.) and I hope to pair it with the Deadly Dames stretch denim cigarette pants (once they restock them in the small/medium sizes!! Come on, PUG! I've been on the wait list foreeeevvvverrr....okay, maybe more like a few weeks...but still.)

I tried uploading the photo of the Lauren Top from the website (because Doris Mayday looks way hotter in it than I do, plus I'm being lazy and I didn't want to iron my top to take a photo in it) but it doesn't look like it posted correctly.  Sorry, I'm working with Apple products and I'm a PC gal, so there is a huge learning curve for me to navigate right now.

- Pin-up Pitfall:  I've worn my modern jeans and knitted (hoodie) sweaters more than I've worn my dresses.  Now that it is spring and warmer weather is upon me, though, I am definitely going to increase my dress days!

+ Pin-up Plus: On my recent vacation to Utah (oh, lovely snow and awesome ski/snowboard resorts, I miss you already!) I was able to purchase one of the last 2 MAC Russian Red lipstick tubes they had in stock, and now I can rock a Pin Up vixen red look!  (However, my husband calls it "whore red" lip color, and I'm not sure if he's just joking or...?)  (I looked for this lipstick in the town where I live here in Texas, and everywhere I went to said, "No one sells MAC products in this town." Really?? So I had to either buy this online or wait until I went to Utah to buy it.)  Here is a picture I took of myself today wearing this lip color: 

I apologize for the unmade face, but at least it draws more attention to the lips...right?  (And I'd personally like to shoot whomever developed the high-definition cameras that are now standard on mobile devices!!)  Well, as many vintage gals have touted about this particular color, it is tinted with a blue undertone so it brightens the white of your teeth, which seems to be the case here.  It's not an everyday color for me, because I'm a chicken, but it'll be my go-to for dates and formal events (which are plentiful in the military life; the formal events, that is...not the dates).  

- Pin-up Pitfall: refer to above picture...minimal makeup, hair pulled back in mom-ponytail, and I'm wearing the ever-persistent knitted hoodie sweater.  Sigh.  

+ Pin-up Plus: On my vacation to Utah, I was able to visit a certain retro-repro store (I don't want to advertise a non PUG store here, so it shall remain nameless) and I wanted to try on the high-waisted cigarette pants to see how it fit on me! I took this picture in the dressing room: 

It was great to be able to go into a store and try on the clothes, because I was completely convinced that I would be a medium size, but the sales lady said "I'll bet anything you're an extra-small," and I thought she was just being flattering, but lo-and-behold, the pants in the photo are an extra-small! (God bless you, retro repro designers!! You really do celebrate the female form! You tell ladies "if you fit into this size, then girl, you are way too skinny, eat something!") So now I know to order at least a Small in the Deadly Dames Cigarette pants when PUG finally does restock that size again (ahem...).  

So, in summary, I can see that I am addicted to a "separates" style, since I keep falling back on my knitted hoodie sweater and jeans so much.  I am really excited to buy the DD Cigarette pants (can you tell??) to see if that will be my "methadone" drug while I detox from my jeans-and-hoodie addiction.  Or I can go cold-turkey and just go straight into day dresses.  We shall see.  But I'm still on the "pin-up program," so no need to organize an intervention for me just yet. ;) 

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Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on April 3, 2013 at 11:45pm

Lee Anne you're doing great by the sound of things. Also I couldn't be any happier either now that "dress season" is almost here with the warmer weather.

You look absolutely AMAZING in those cigarette high waisted pants, and what woman DOESN'T love finding out that they're a smaller size in the change room than they thought? Thanks for sharing Lee Ann!

Comment by Jennifer McKeever on April 14, 2013 at 7:49pm

those pants are super cute, I went to a vintage shop here in Denver and the waists on everything I tried on were too tiny :( so I stick with PUG or my local thrift shop. I havent seen you on here for a while so I was afraid you gave up on this adventure of yours, glad to see your making progress :-) Ohhh, I love the lipstick too, I will keep my eyes peeled for that!


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