I have thin hair, but I am dying to try a victory roll style with my hair. Any tips that might make it look better? :)

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I know you can buy bun rolls that are clicked together in the donut shape, you could perhaps open it so it's a tube and use it in that way to give you volume.

Though I think I've seen other "fake" shapes to add to hair, you should google fake victory roll and see what comes up.



Hi there. I have short super thick hair but I've found a product that gives me a ton of volume..it's BePowderful I think. I'll take a pic of it for you and upload it so you can see it. You sprinkle it in your hair and it literally puffs it up like crazyyyy! this stuff is really amazing. I also use the back to bed for a really touselled wind blown look.




red lips that won't kiss off


Thanks ladies! What color is the powder?

Another Alternative to bun rolls, would be to get some cheeper non waft hair extensions, and hair net that match your hair color. take a section of the hair and tease it till it looks like a tangled mess. Then take one of the hairnets wrap it around the hair making it a log shape. Secure the hair net to the hair with a bobby pin.  repeat for as many as you need. Uses as you would a bun roll. I like these a bit better cause even if you hair shifts a bit and you can see them they blend in a lot better.  I used to use this for beehives too. I'd just make a giant poof and stick it on my head cover it with my hair and be done. If you need a video tutorial let me know could do it over the weekend. 

A tutorial would be great! Thanks!

Added more extension hair to the beauty supply store list! try to have it up over the weekend. :) 

I have a lot of super-baby-fine-hair.

I find no matter how much I teese it, that it is impossible to get a victory roll style.

Stick a rat in it.

I'll consider that... :)

I have really thin hair, too. Think I'll be trying a rat!

Yep same here thin hair Rats are my savior!

Sally's usually has the bun makers. Like Marina said they look like a doughnut.  I noticed they also had a longer sausage shaped french twist one too, but they may be a little long for v rolls, probably better for bumper bangs.. not sure.

Still you can just cut these and sew up the ends again. They work good and are cheap. 

The best is to tease the hair for victory rolls!

Hi Kim! Try a dry shampoo.  It thickens the hair shaft and adds volume to the hair.  Otherwise use hair rats to bump up your Victory Rolls.  Use the same color hair rats as your own hair, and no-one should be the wiser!X



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