I've heard conflicting opinions about the best age at which to start using it.. and I'd really like the opinion of all you lovely ladies.

Also, are there any brands that any of you know to be brilliant and can recommend?

Thanks. :-) xx

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Well, this is a great question.  I just turned 42 a few days ago and I was wondering the same thing.  I did see somewhere that Dita Von Teese (my hero) uses la mer.  That brand is super expensive.  I plan on getting some when my wallet is a little fuller.

Miss Stacy Blaise 

I've been told you should start in your 20's to help prevent wrinkles and other issues (for a little longer at least). I'm 22 and have been thinking about starting up, but I don't know where to start either! I'm a loyal MAC fan so I might start there, and if needed, go elsewhere.

I am an eye cream junkie! I started using eye cream when I was 22. I am now 29. I notice that I don't have a lot of the little crow feet that my girlfriends are starting to see.  I've used everything crazy expensive to drugstore brands. My favorite of all time is Enchanted Eye Cream by Lush. It keeps fine lines at bay and it seems to keep my dark circles more in check.. I have deep set eyes dark circles are just apart of life. I also wear sunglasses a lot more than normal. (even when it slightly cloudy) They help keep the UV Rays from wrecking your delicate eyes and you look sorta glamorous in the right pair. 

Whoo! One of my favourite subjects.

I firmly believe that prevention is key BUT if you're under say 30 or so I think you don't really need super targeted hardcore eyecream, a normal one or hell your normal moisturizer is fine :) Once you hit your 30s you'll probably want something a little more hardcore, my favourite is SKYN Iceland's eye cream because it comes in a little click pen :)

the best time to start using it is before you need it! you know the old adage:"an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", in this case it is definitely true.  I started getting serious about my skin care regiment when I was 18, i stopped tanning, started wearing sunscreen and washing my face at night.  I am 24 now, I think I have great skin but it does take work and money.  I use an eye cream twice a day, once in the morning after i get out of the shower when i'm moisturizing the rest of my face and then again at night after i remove my makeup, I always apply a heavy night cream.  I'm fair skinned so all of my products, foundation and day moisturizer, have at a minimum of spf 15, even my body lotion.  I have used the vitamin E eyecream from the Body Shop for a couple years now, I like it.  Its pretty light and non greasy, so I like it better for the day cream.  I also recently got the "its potent" eyecream by Benefit, its really think and creamy so I've been using it at night.  Also wear sunglasses as often as possible, it help to shield the eye skin form the uv rays.  and dont forget to moisturize your neck, i think a lot of people forget about that part then they end up with nice face skin and a turkey neck...not sexy

I've been obsessing about skin care in general since I was 13. I'm now 21 and I frequently get mistaken for a high school student. ^^
I believe in preventative care, so the earlier you start, the better!
As for my favorite eye cream...I don't have one. I'm hoping to pick up some good ideas in this thread too!

I started with eye cream in my mid-twenties.  Currently I'm 39 and really have no wrinkles to speak of.  I've tried a lot of brands over the years and I've been the most impressed with Murad Intensive Wrinkle Reducer for eyes.  I literally said "Wow!" after trying it!  It is pricey, but I've gotten some deals on ebay for it.  That's my two cents!  :)

I use Eye Luminator and Eye Cream by SeneGence its fabulous and I wish I would have found it sooner. I love their products so much I became a rep. I've never found a skincare system that works so well and so quickly. Def start sooner than later. And always be super gentle with your eye area..no tugging no rubbing. The skin in that area isn't connected to muscular tissue as much as other parts of the body..


What's the name of the mini peel? (I'm always looking for new things to try.)

I'd suggest looking at evidence based scientific research about what works. There's so much on the  market that has no scientific basis and simply won't work. I did my research (not heresay, not my neighbour telling me what worked for her etc but looking at proper dermatological studies) about 5 years ago in my mid 20s and started using retinol and ahas on my skin because they appeared to be the top non-invasive liberally applied products that have a sound scientific basis (I want to avoid botox). I should really look at the research again because I'm sure more has been discovered in the past 5 years. I started using products in my mid 20s. Sun protection and avoiding smoking also has a scientific basis but I'm not a smoker and living in Australia, I have worn suncream on my face every day since childhood. I also found that Omega 3 oils in one's diet can help reduce skin ageing. Preventative botox is probably the most effective anti-crows feet product (botox can help to prevent as well as remedy).

This lady's website reviews products based on ingredients that have a scientific basis... She has a line of products now, which I think is problematic when she reviews other products, but I still find her site a good starting point http://www.beautypedia.com/

good news is you don't have to spend a lot to find awesome skincare! you should know that almost all creams are more preventative than restorative so you can begin using before you really see any need to! it's all about feeling good first, that's what keeps you looking good! so, before any signs of aging i recommend kiehl's creamy eye treatment with avocado. it's under $30 and is super moisturizing.any hydration keeps lines and wrinkles at bay. depending on what your main concerns are they also have a variety of other eye creams also reasonably priced and ultra effective! :) i'm a complete makeup and skincare junkie so it's really fun for me to put my 2 cents in!



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