Looking into the future to my wedding day.  Would love the look of gorgeous red lips on me but would hate the look of red all over him.  Anyone have tips or products to try out beforehand?  My current red of choice is MAC in Mac Red, which has a satin finish.  I've already tried Ruby Woo, which is a matte, but I don't love the color as much.

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If you truly don't want to get lipstick on him you could always try lip tattoos: http://www.violentlips.com/products/reds

A makeup artist for one of my photo shoots used a product called Model In A Bottle to set my red lipstick, and it worked like a dream without altering the color of the lipstick. I was wearing MAC Red. The color stayed put all day and didn't rub off. I had to use makeup remover to take it off.

If you don't want to use something like CoverGirl Outlast (the reds are terrible), then I'd say this is a good way to go!

Try a lip stain. I like Ulta brand, and Revlon has a good one. The stain stays all day.

I recently got besame lipsticks and they stay on pretty well. compared to most lipsticks that end up all over my coffee mug!

Try the new Aqua Rouge by Make Up For Ever. That stuff doesn't budge. And MUFE has wonderful reds.
My go to red is Russian Red from MAC, I haven't had any issues with it kissing off.

I recently used MaxFactor Lipfinity in shade 120 Hot and it stayed all night. It didn't budge even though I was drinking and dancing (it got pretty sweaty in the club we were in!) the shade was very nice, not too orangey. It's a two step application first the stain (I applied this twice to build up a more opaque coverage) and then the conditioning balm (gives a slight gloss which isn't sticky but it's nothing like an actual lipgloss which can sometimes be too shiny and too sticky) which can be reapplied as needed and gives lips that lovely kissable look :)

Revlon colorstay  is really kiss proof, tested on my boyfriend and everything! The red I used was called Top Tomato.

i use revlon just bitten lip stain its a marker on one side and chap stik on the other. not only does it stay in place til the next day, you can get it in the lines perfectly because its a marker! the color i use is "gothic" 

If you haven't heard of this product before, you may think I'm crazy. But it's called Lip Tap by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. It is the most LEGIT lip color on the face of the earth. Seriously.


You literally only need to apply a teeny tiny drop (so little that you think it won't cover your lips at all), and it stays on your lips ALL DAY. And all night. And probably part of the next day. In fact, prepare to do some lip scrubbing to get it off! lol. (I use Neutrogena's Makeup Remover Wipes and it scrubs off without much hassle.) The color is very matte, but not thick or cakey unless you apply too much (remember, only the teeniest tiniest bit of color!) Once it dries, you can always put a layer of gloss over it and it won't affect the color at all.

I swear on this stuff! I lovingly refer to it as "All Purpose Tar" instead of lip tar. haha! It's amazing.  :)

This i can guaranteed I've researched... I'm absolutely in love with red lips, I've tried everything from stains, to mates. from the high end to the quickies. 

I tend to kiss my BF often, and it would constantly smear both on me and him. So i looked into getting better red lipsticks. i tried the revlon just bitten, but they made my lips crack and get dry. I tried the Maybelin super red lip sticks, but they never lasted.

Finally i got the Ruby-woo from MAC. I hate being a brand baby, but. OM-Goodness does it work well. If your like me and have delicate lips that you are constantly putting on your deep red on, they you take care of them the right way. Try the primer, line it with a red lip-liner and fill in with the ruby woo. It stays on for hours! doesn't crack! and its a GORGEOUS deep bright and impactful red! 

YOU'LL LOVE IT! Congrats on getting red! im sure youll be a lovely bride with your purdy red lips! :)



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