Hey dolls, thanks for joining my new group! And thanks to Tashmahal77for coming up with the idea. I just came up with the title and the group logo. And by the way, the photo of the shoe was taken at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and it is of a Manolo Blahnik shoe.

I do not have the most ladylike feet in the world. Over the last few years I have been able to figure out ways to bring out the curves hidden somewhere in my shape. I have figured out with the use of makeup how to make my face look its most feminine. I have worked on growing longer and stronger fingernails. But my feet are still a problem.

Ideally, my shoe size is a 10 1/2 wide, US sizing. Some of my shoes are size 11. But usually 11s are just a tad too long and I slip and slide inside them when wearing them.

I have had some pretty good luck ordering shoes from Shoemall.com. And sometimes I am able to snag shoes from eBay that fit. Of course, there is no substitute for shopping in person and trying before buying. So far I have bought quite a few nice pairs of shoes at Nordstroms Rack, and at quite good prices. Even though I am almost 5'11'', I do not mind wearing 3 to 5 inch heels. But I try to avoid shoes that kind of evoke the "drag queen" look.

Anyway, I was wondering if any of you have any good suggestions for buying shoes for slightly larger, slightly wider feet? Any good websites? Are there any shoe stores in So Cal that might be a good resource? It seems that most of the shoes that PUG carries are one width shoes. I did buy some totally cute Hello Kitty black heels in size 11 at the Yardsale last year. Many years ago I went to a shoemaker who made boots for me specifically after measuring me feet. I have never since had shoes that fit so well. But of course custom made anything is usually quite expensive.

So any suggestions ladies? And excuse the pun, but please step on it! Or maybe I should say that you are my sole hope. OK, OK, I will stop being a heel.

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If you have wide feet, i highly suggest Torrid. I don't know if they have that store where you live, but they DO run big. I have long NARROW feet. I'm a size 11 - 11.5 depending. I also suggest Macy's clearance. I bought some SWEET shoes on clearance there. When I get around to it- i'll upload my pair of torrid shoes and a couple from macys I scored for CHEAP!


p.s. Great job on the group! It's like a wittle baby, I'm excited to see it grow!

Well I know about Macys, but I have never bought shoes there. And I am aware of Torrid. But I have never gone into a store. And I did not know they had shoes. I have already checked out their website and I see at least three or four pairs that I want. Too bad they don't come in half sizes. But they do come in wide widths. Yippee!

I will report back after I make a visit.

Yep, most of their shoes are wide widths. Yes! definitely report back! i'd love to see if you found anything!

Dear T (AKA Tashmahal77), I just returned from visiting a nearby mall and I went specifically to the Torrid store there. I tried on a number of shoes in size 11. But none of them fit. Either the width at the foot was a touch to narrow, or the length of size 11 gave me too much room to slip and slide. I was going to order some of them online. I am glad that I waited. It is always so much better being able to try on things before buying. Oh and I dropped by the Macys which was having a shoe clearance. Once again, I struck out. But I still had a nice little shopping outing and I got to wear a new (to me) vintage shirt dress in blue.

Really?? BUMMER! sorry Aoife, I thought for sure Torrid's would fit you! but i'm glad you got to show off your new vintage shirt!

What about Chic's wide shoes in Orange County CA ?  I have never been there, and do not know if they carry those cute vintage styles, (they should if they want to stay competitive) but I have a friend that goes there and she likes them.  They cater specifically to the wide foot.  For me, I believe the prices are prohibitive.  At least that's what I hear from my friend

Hey Ruth Ann! I will ask to friend you after I write this. I have not been there. And I see there also seems to be a store in Pasadena. I seem to have the bets luck when shopping in person. A few days ago I bought a couple of pairs of shoes at Nordstroms during their semi annual Women's Sale. I tried on about 6 or 8 pairs but only a couple fit... and they were the right price. But I often have pretty good luck at Nordstrom's Rack and I look at the shoes that are marked down. Sometimes 11s work well for me. But 10 1/2s are what I look for first.

I like Zappos.com I wear a size 10 1/2 Wide, and with some shoes they are too long, too short, too wide, too narrow...  I like Zappos because it is free shipping and easy returns.

Although, they will probably be getting peeved with me because I buy a bunch and sometimes strike out, so I may end up returning 90-100% of them.

SweetBippie, thanks for your reply to this! I think that I have checked them out n the past, but not recently. I will go on over and see what I can find.



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