What sort of boots do you wear with PUG? :) , I've been trying to think of something that will look good with a retro dress forever 

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just retro dresses 

so far I'm thinking suede is going to look the best but I love buttons so I want buttons too, but haven't found anything that works yet 

and I mostly wear pencil skirts rather than swing dresses as they are ' easier to get away with'  :)  maybe we should start a pinboard or something lol

oh, I have the opposite problem with boots. I'm a twig and overly skinny on the legs so usually I don't buy boots because most of them  make me look like a 10 year old wearing mothers shoes ha :P.... I wonder how hard it would be to start designing and making shoes so that those of us not in the range that is somehow ascribed as ' normal'  can fit lol  :D

I only have two pairs of boots. I have a pair of cowgirl boots which I have worn when trying to do a rockabilly look. The others are what I call my "F*** Me" boots. They are a faux alligator, have quite a high heel and go up almost to my knees. I guess that you could describe them as fetish style. I bought them online a couple years ago. And you know what? I have never worn them.

On eBay I receive a few alerts for items that I am on the look out for. More about my feet in another SHAPE topic. But anyway, a few days ago I got alerted to a pair of button-up, granny boots. They looked absolutely darling. And I think that they would go with lots of retro style clothing. Sadly the boots were already sold by the time I was able to check my email. But now, those type of button-up boots are on my "to buy" list.

I guess button boots are super cute for everyone :) actually I never thought about cowboy boots I guess because I'm from texas and everyone wears them, especially the girls you don't want to be (I'm sure you know which ones I mean lol).  

I actually have a pair of suede boots with buttons but they are ankle boots and super cute, but sadly impossible to wear with a dress :)   have a photo of how the cowboy boots look with a swing dress? 

Yes, we know about those girls Brandy!

me too! they came in white as well and were on sale for 15 euro (about $20) down from 65 so <3 I really couldn't not buy them. 

Do you happen to have a photo of someone with a swing dress and cowboy boots? I can't find any! 

speaking of fuck me boots - there is this store that sells Christian Louboutin knockoffs, and they have this pair of patent stretch thigh high boots that are just sooooo amazing and beautiful and I love the red soles, but they are 6"  high and I will be 6' 2"  in them and they are thigh high so not allowed 

speaking of Louboutin 

he also has these dreamy things

sadly one pair of real ones costs the same as my whole wardrobe :P 

oh! actually I love that look :), not going to find a pair of cowboy boots that fit my legs that tight though but <3 

Thanks for the photo!

I just found this on pinterest, sure wish a person was in them.  Not exactly the kind of retro dress I had in mind, but it is chiffon, and they called it retro.

I found this vintage dress on etsy, would go great with cowboy boots?

oh I love these!

They would probably go really well with a lot of PUG dresses! 



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