As a child growing up in the 80’s I would watch reruns of I Love Lucy, I quickly noticed how put together Lucy Ricardo looked, never frumpy even while she was infanticipating she looked fabulous. I know it was just “1950’sTV”, I still thought to my 10 year old self “I want to have the style of this TV mom, if and when I become a mom”.  

Flash forward 20 years, I was home on maternity leave, getting ready to go back to work and preparing for my return to the human world as a Mommy, Wife, and full time Career Gal. As any mom will tell you, you’re never quite human again and leaving the house to shop with an infant in tow is next to impossible…. So I took to the web, which is when I stumbled upon  I was instantly in love!

I was a bit apprehensive about the fit, I am 5’8 and most dresses are too short on me, being a size 18 with big boobs and butt to match also prove to be a challenge, my measurements are 47, 36, 50.  I linked to the fb PUG community where everyone was helpful in finding me the right fit. My first purchase was the Cherry print Heidi and I have never looked back since…I am proud to say that 80% of my wardrobe is PUG now. This review is about my go to dress for meetings or dinners and can be worn with heels or flats. Very Lucille Ball!


My first Birdie was the Three Quarter Sleeves in Peacock Print in 2XL. The material is a bit heavy and the print is a dark blue with a beautiful peacock print which makes it perfect for the holidays. I am also wearing a waist cincher and petticoat in this photo, but I do think it would still be a good fit without the foundation undergarments.

The zipper is on the side so I needed assistance from my husband to get in the garment, I am not a huge fan of this style of zipper as I have a fear of getting caught in it, but so far so good. My other concern was the arms, I have pretty large guns, 15 ½, but the sleeves were very comfortable. The waist was a great fit, the belt that came with the dress was ok, and I can wear it on second to the last hole.

I really like the tea length; I can bend and chase after a toddler without worrying about showing the world my business. My daughter has sat in my lap for extended amounts of time and the dress really does not wrinkle and the print is good at hiding little dirt hand prints.

Party Dress in Red Vintage Floral was my 2nd of the Birdies, 2XL. I wore this beauty to my Birthday dinner at Napa Rose at the Grand California I felt it fit the theme perfectly. This one is by far my favorite of the three I own. I did not need to wear a petticoat; the dress held it's form very well. It has a very similar fit to the Peacock.

The 3rd is the Birdie Dress in Royal Blue, 2XL. It is made of a very soft sateen, has a lot flowing movement. I wore this dress for the first time to the grand opening of Pinup Girls Boutique last month. There are a few regrets I had about this one.  First being I felt it needed a petticoat, the skirt looks really flat. The other is I am wearing a Rago 9357, it is a wonderful body shaper, but it really does nothing for a fuller bust. I look forward to wearing this out again to give it the justice it deserves with a corset and more support for the ladies. Hair up with a fascinator would give it a nice touch too.

I would like to mention the Edie, the silhouette is very similar to the dresses mentions above, but it is no longer available on the site, this is one of the treasures I found at a PUG Yard sale.  If you are on the fence about attending, do yourself a favor and go… you will not regret it. Another great place to find a bargain is the PUG Swap/Sell Community.

Thanks for reading ~Ysell <3

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Great point about petticoats. I don't wear my Doris skirts a lot because I think they'd be so much livelier with a petticoat. I'm so glad PUG just came out with longer ones that are supposed to go perfectly with their dresses and skirts! I'm going to snatch one of each up on my next order :)

Ysell you look wonderful!

Thanks for sharing, I really like the print of your Edie.


Great reviews.  And you look great in your dresses.  Love the peacock birdie dress.

Love your choice of dresses... the peacock looks fabulous on you! Also thanks for giving snaps to the Edie dress. It is such a flattering dress, especially for us Amazons. I am always on the lookout for one and really think PUG should seriously consider bringing it back!!!  ;)




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