So every girl needs a top that can be playful yet Glam. I give to you the Dolly (from Deadly Dames). 

I know what your thinking, it looks like a T shirt and $54 is a LOT to spend on a T but PLEASE let me assure you this is worth a top investing in. If you look after it as per the instructions it will look NEW every time. 

The Positives

- It does not loose it shape

- Cute shoulder puffs make your shoulders look sexy 

- you CAN wear it with jeans/shorts/skirts even over a Romper and it STILL looks fantastic

- Its got stretch so will show off your curves, but is thick enough to hide the BAD ones

- the tux detail draws attention to your assets and away from things like tummy etc. AND it hides your COLORED BRA (if your like me and cant be bothered wearing that skin colored bra due to "I dont wanna" issues)

- Its something you can wear all year round

- at $54 bucks its a steal (considering we pay close to $100 for Ralph Lauren Polos that are icky)

The ONLY down side to this is for people who live in a hotter climate (Im talking about those two weeks of summer that its like 114+ degrees, you WILL be uncomfortable) in this top (but in that weather your going to be uncomfortable in clothes anyway). This is because its made out of quality material, its a little thick. But for the other 9 months of the year this top is a GO.

Comes in Red, Black, and White (shown).

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I have been on the fence about this shirt and if it was worth the cost...I just may have to give in and get it now!

hi Bek, this is one t worth investing in. I have had it for a while now and it looks new. The white hasnt gone funny (i simply wash it in a delicates bag on a delicate cycle). I have had so many comments when I am out in public as well. Its a cupboard staple of mine.

I have one in black and I do love it but the black has faded somewhat. I only wash on cold so I'm a little sad about that. The buttons are well sewn on though and it really hasn't lost any of its shape.

Kirsten, do you dry it in the shade? I have the black as well and havent had that prob :(

I do re-dye all my black tops ever year as black (and red) tends to fade easily. I would suggest carefully removing the buttons on the Dolly and re-dying it.

So unfortunate that the back faded :(



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