I recently purchased the Haunted Housewife in Red off of Swap and Sell. The only way to describe this dress is luscious. It makes you go from drab to Haunted beauty indeed.

I am usually a medium to a large but when it comes to DD I usually opt for the larger sizes (due to liking a looser fit). However this dress was going for a steal in a Medium so I took a risk and bought it. The saying you have to risk big to win big could never be truer with this dress. The medium fits perfectly (and is a little on the loose side happily) turns out if I had got a large it would be swimming on me, so definitely order per your size. Ok now for the details

This dress is a fusion of class, sophistication, punk and is a stroke of pure Genius by Miss Pitt.

The colour red is simply divine and is my favourite shade (think Russian Doll from MAC lipstick), so if you LOVE red this is a MUST have. The black trim adds that touch of sophistication whilst the skully buttons and black trimmed matching belt add the slightly punk finish.  

The neck line is a flattering v cross over neck and is perfect for any bust size. I am a 32DDD and it accentuates my bust beautifully without making them look MASSIVE. I would imagine this neck like would suit smaller busts as well because the darts in the dress make it fall beautifully. The full skirt is beautifully tailored and hides any imperfections waist downwards whilst holding you in at the waist giving you that much sought after hourglass figure. The length is prefect as it hits just below the knee a little less than half way up the shin. Lastly it has a wonderful concealed side zipper (this is a blessing for people like me who dont have anyone to zip me up and have to hop around trying to zip up a back zipper)

Needless to say that the quality of the stitching and design is nothing short of perfection. The material is heavy and of very high quality and feels wonderful and soft on your skin. This dress could go from office, to cocktail lounge to wedding reception (to church even) all you would have to do is change/add accessories and your there. 

The only down side to this dress is that it IS made of very thick material and it is heavy. So those of us that live in melting climates would only get away with wearing this dress half of the year (Im in Australia where it gets up to 114 degrees and our summer lasts from early November through to late March). But this dress would suit most climates and there is PLENTY of space underneath for sneaky thermals in the winter!

I bought it for $100 bucks but knowing how wonderful this dress is I am definitely willing to buy its black sister off the PUG site for the $120-ish they are asking. Its such a little amount to pay for such a wonderful and versatile piece of clothing.

Every PUG lover worth their salt will fall in love with this dress once its on.

**I have had to re-touch the pictures because they were very shadowy (thanks to iphone and today being icky dark) so the red hasnt come out as beautifully as it actually is. Refer to the PUG website as the colour shown there is EXACTLY the colour of the dress.

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How is the length on this one?  I noticed it looked a little shorter than most PUG dresses but it's just so lovely that I think I wouldn't mind.

Ah I knew I left something out thanks for reminding me. The length is perfect it hits me just below my knee and just in the middle of my shin. Its definitely an appropriate length for work etc

Really? How tall are you?

I want it so badly in black but have been putting it off for a bit since it looks a little short in the photos on the site and I much prefer longer lengths.

Renee I am 5.5 :) and actually (from memory) is the same length on me as the michelline dress was so thats a good indicator of how it would fall on you as I am assuming bust size would effect the length (Im a 32 DDD) (but I only tried on the Michelline once...)

Yay! I need to get her in black soon then. I'm 5'6" so it should be perfect! Thanks so much Denise!

you will LOVE her! And I am guess the black will be stunning as well. Remember to put photos up!



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