I'm a big curvy girl, and normally wear size 18-20, so I was really looking forward to my turquoise Erin Wiggle Dress, thinking it would show off these curves. I ordered a 2X, the largest size, and was wondering whether I had ordered too large. HA! It's a gorgeous dress, the color is just as shown in the catalogue picture...but it's tiny. The material is 'stretch bengaline'--something I've never heard of, but that doesn't mean a lot. The thing about stretch bengaline is that it doesn't really stretch much. I'd hate to encounter non-stretch bengaline. It is nowhere near as stretchy as jersey, which I thought might be the case from the picture. Anyway, I showed the dress to my size 8 friend, who put it on--while it was definitely too big for her, it didn't swim on her the way my other clothes would have. I loved the dress, but I had to return it. The sizing just doesn't seem at all right, at least in the 2X. Sad, sad me.

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Hi Rachael,

That is very unfortunate that it didnt work for you.

I just bought an Erin in green (through swap and sell) and it fits me perfectly, if anything the L is a little loose. I have a couple of dresses in Bengaline and they stretched and the material is thick and solid enough to hold me in. Its meant to be a bit snug on you, although not so snug that you end up doing some version of Hip Hop to get in, wiggle to me indicates your going to have to wiggle to get in! Did you remember to check the measurements listed as each dress (especially the wiggles) tend to vary slightly in size. I more shop my measurements when it comes to PUG than size.

Lately I've felt like the PUG size charts aren't quite as spot on as they used to be. I've been disappointed with some items I've ordered recently that definitely should have fit me according to the size chart. When I received some items, they were just totally off in terms of expected fit, while other items were just fine. I know my size hasn't changed; my measurements are the same. My current clothes are still fine, and plenty of new PUG clothes were okay, too. It just seems like some items' charts are off. Also, some of the descriptions about whether material had "stretch" or not were inaccurate, too.

Wow so may be we Need to take a measuring tape to the clothes! May be you got the wrong size labelled incorrectly by mistake? I know I have a few clothes with the same probs where the dresses turn out tighter than they should be! I sometimes don't notice because I usually get a size up from my normal one!

It was so far off that I did wonder whether it was simply mislabelled. 

I had this dress and it was really big on me, my measurements are 47 32 49, the shoulders and bust were falling down on me.



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