I have been meaning to write this review ever since I got this skirt in the mail last week. When I saw it on the website I admit I bought it because it looked slightly different to all the other pencil skirts on offer and I love pencil skirts. I bought it in red because black is so drab and red IS my favourite colour. Yeah yeah these are all ridiclious reasons I know I know....

When I initially took the kinky ruffles skirt out of its packet, I thought it looked U-G-L-Y. However loved the fact that  it was made of really thick, quality material, was lined on the inside with satin and it is beautifully polished off with the stitching and button detail on the back. I also LOVED the colour (think MAC Sheen Supreme in Temptation) but it looked SO ugly when it was out of the bag, I thought that this piece of clothing was Miss Pitts first FAIL!

However when I got the opportunity to meet a friend for coffee I thought I would take this out for a spin, after all we are talking about DD here...Miss Pitt and Miss Byrnes know what they are doing after all who am I to judge right?

I put on the skirt with a simple grey tank and paired it with black pumps and POW! It hit me like a batman punch to the face!

It looks stunning! Its the ugly duckling of the DD line. Dont let its looks fool you, you HAVE to put this on to get the full affect of this skirt. 

The waistband holds you in nicely at the waist and the skirt is tapered, which helps elongate your body (Im 5.5 so need ALL the height help I can get). The ruffles down the bottom give you that mermaid affect. All of the above combined gives you that instant hourglass (or in my case, accentuates it)

One of the things I love about this skirt is that the high waist hides my love handles and my slight tummy (Woo hoo indeed).

Now for the BEST part of the skirt. It brings sexy back, literally. It made my bottom look bootydelicious. I usually try to hide and not accentuate it but this skirt makes it look like the toned behind of a pole dancer. I've added a picture so that you can see for yourself what the marvellous tapering and ruffles of this skirt can do.

The length on this skirt is perfect, it hits just below the knee so its very modest and no slits make it wearable for those of us that have un-sexy thighs (I love hiding my muscly thighs). I am also not wearing any supporting or sucking in underwear here so this is achieved very comfortably on my part (I am wearing regular undies of course).

So ladies who would like to achieve this you NEED this skirt. Its well worth the $110 (just think how much plastic surgery or a gym membership would cost). Or Heck even sucky-in underwear and a skirt would cost.

Be careful whilst ordering these skirts run true to measurement so if your between sizes definitely order up because there is NO give in the waistband. Also the buttons can be moved but there isnt a whole deal of space to move them (unless your going for a smaller waist fit). Remember that due to the tapering of the skirt it will fit slightly snugly when compared with other pencils so dont worry too much about ordering a size up if your between sizes it will still look gorgeous on you.

Ok I think I have established that I love this skirt so here are the down points.

The the buttons are a little hard to do up initially (but after one wear they were easy to get into the button holes). 

Due to the tapering of the skirt, you will have to do a little jig to hitch it up for a ladies room visit but if you wiggle a little it comes up easily (providing you order the correct size).

Lastly I initially found it a tad difficult to walk very fast (I could still walk) in it due to the tapering but once the material loosened up I was fine and was speed walking away. So be gentle with the skirt initially as for some reason the material is a tad stiff but then loosens right up.

In short if you want a sexy behind, jump off that treadly, get out of those sweat pants, those sucky-inny-squishy undies and get yourself into one of these kinky ass ruffles skirts.

This is the pencil skirt of the century and can go from coffee with friends to romantic dinners to cocktails, in short where ever sexiness is allowed this skirt should be present.

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It looks lovely on you. :)

How much stretch is in the skirt portion? I'm wondering if those of us with larger hips and smaller waists could squeeze into it if we buy for our waist size.

Thanks for writing this up I was stressing over what size to get

Felinaea, my measurements are waist 28-29 and hips 39-40 and the large fit me perfectly (a little loose on the waist but I like it a little loose). I have pretty big thighs so if you order per your waist, remember to order up if your Btwn sizes. There is minimal stretch but the fabric seems to loosen a very tiny bit but not to a half size or anything. Order per your waist and hips and it should fit perfectly. P.s. I have big thighs and a smallish waist as well ;)

Thanks for the information. :)

Brandi when they do be sure to grab this as I think this skirt will make the fuller ladies look perfectly lush as well :)

Brandi, Its a little on the exe side for a skirt but you can definitely see what its gone into. The quality of the material is primo, even the lining is of excellent quality. There is a lot of precision stitching that has gone into this garment. Its very couture. I have seen similar skirts in couture shops going for twice the amount. If you can afford it get it, its well worth the cost just in terms of a quality garment (not even mentioning style)

Great review!! These are my favorite skirts ever!!! I have them all! :D



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