Amazingly enough my post baby body ( 4 months now) looks the same as my pre-baby body except my boobs have gone from a 38DD/DDD to a 38I. Needless to say being a pumping mama is difficult to dress myself! I've never really had a waist so I'm on my way to lose 25lbs. Give or take. I'm working on it but we're just now getting back to normal around here so I'm trying not to put too much pressure on myself.

Glad this forum exists! :)

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Good luck, girly! My daughter's 13 months now but it didn't take much to lose the 80 pounds I gained but I've still got a bit of a belly. I've been working so hard and nothing made it smaller or even showed any results. My waist is a couple inches bigger but I'm pretty proud of that now.

And yes, this group is awesome!

Way to go Jessica! Good luck on reaching your goal! I was also blessed that nursing my boys helped me lose the baby weight pretty fast. I can say I am not very well endowed on top so I do miss how well I filled out a top when we were nursing. Thank goodness for Victoria Secrets Miracle bra. ;-) The downside was for me after my son was weaned I kept eating the same amount of calories and put about 10 lbs on...I'm hoping to at least tone up if I don't lose it.

Ladies, Working out for me was always annoying!!! I have always loved to dance.......and well my mom told me to try Zumba which I did!!! And I love it! I started my zumba in a dance studio but moved to a smaller city and well found out the it was some what difficult to get classes. So my hubby bought me the connect zumba. 

Zumba makes you sweat so much!!! you have no idea and it doesn't feel like your working out.

Plus it also gives you sometime for yourself. We all need it!

Mrs. Martinez

Way to go girls!  I have recently lost almost 40 lbs since my youngest was born, Weight Watchers is awesome, I also use the 30 day Shred it's 30 mins and it kicks your ass, while I didn't lose a huge amount of weight doing the Shred I lost inches like you wouldn't believe.  I recommend it highly, I was able to do it in the evening after my boys are sleeping or during nap time.  I still have another 35 lbs to lose.  I also walk during my lunch break which helps alot.  Plus I use the Kinect for Xbox as well when I want to change it up.

I know I look better than I did and I still have a bit of a way to go, but I feel better about myself.

You girls are doing amazing!!!  Keep it up!!!  I also recommend My Fitness Plan.

I'm nearly 8 months PP and I've only got about 4 lbs. to go. I want to maintain some of my pregnancy weight... I've filled more and look healthy. Not that I looked emaciated before lol...

Congrats to all the mamas that have put in work!



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