Hey all! Well the winter weather certainly is here and I'm not wanting to let my cute dresses sit in the closet for the next 7 months. So I'd like to know how you all "winterize" your looks. Today was my first attempt. I grabbed the Luscious due to it's thicker material and put it with a warm hat, black leggings, black boots, and vintage-style red gloves. I'm finding that many leggings and tights will stick to the dress materials causing no-fun cling action. I found some GREAT leggings at Nordstrom Rack for cheap that are mainly of nylon so they are thicker, but have a slippery texture to prevent any cling! I was nice and warm, but didn't feel like I was all bulky from having to wear a bunch of layers. Anyone else have any pics or tricks they use other than just a coat? Or any great places to find warmer vintage-style clothing in nw area? I feel like we look so cute and then have to cover it all up with big coats...

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Oh I definitely wear my dresses all winter long. I usually pair with the Mandie Bee sweet shrugs from Heartbreaker or a cardi/bolero and then wear it them with boots or booties. Tights do sometimes cling, maybe try wearing a good old fashioned silk slip to prevent that? Yesterday I paired my superspy with cranberry tights and booties, today is the leo pencil with peach vamp and a brown cardi.  I do need to find a better coat to go with them for when it gets really chilly. Right now I'm basically living in my short moto pleather jacket, goes well with wiggle dresses, but not everything.

Nice! I bet the superspy with cranberry looked AH-mazing! I need to check out the shrugs you mentioned, I just have one little black sweater I kind of throw over things with short sleeves, lol! I think I'd like to expand my umbrella collection. Living in Portland is very wet and I think maybe finding some colorful vintagy umbrellas will be a great winter accessory! Good luck with the coat! I've been looking for a good one as well. I have a great wool red coat, but bright red doesn't always go with everything.

I'm still trying to winterize... for some reason, boots don't seem to "go" with the wiggle dresses, but damn my legs gets cold wearing heels in my mass transit commute ways. 

I'd like to get a 'pin up' coat, but only if its really warm (more wool than not). My army/navy pea coat is my warmest coat and it just.doesn't.go. LOL

Tights are a must! I just throw a slip on underneath to prevent it from sticking. A crinoline is also great to avoid cling if you've got a full shirt!

I can't seem to make boots work either. I don't know why! Maybe I have the wrong boots. haha Also, I don't think there is waterproof coat out there that would work with our outfits... :/

I bought a hell bunny coat, it keeps me warm and keeps my swing dresses contained in the wind! Amanda is the queen of tights, lol... sorry, speaking for you hon. :)




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