I'd love to see all of your Halloween costumes!  Here are a few of mine (along with my gradual 80 lb weight loss):

Marie Antoinette and the executioner:

Dead Miss Muffet and a mummy - those are spiders and "bruising" on my skin.

Broken Doll

Mary Poppins and Bert - my personal fave!

Some Zombie Pub Crawl pics - nerd zombie and 80's zombie.

And lastly the 2011 Zombie Pub Crawl costumes:

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LOVE the Mary Poppins!  How cute!!!

This is me as Wednesday Addams last year.  Can't wait to see more fun pics!

I love this!  

me too! Awesome pic!!

Thanks ladies!  It was so easy and CHEAP to put together!  I love Halloween <3

What a great costume!

Sooo creepy, i love it!

hehe what fun! ok here's mine from the past few years ^_^

we'll start with 2007, Nurse Nekro

hehe ok 2008 was based on one of Angelique Houtkamp pinups

2009 we were devils ;0 ]

2010, little red riding hood, and the big (very scary) bad wolf... that mask freaks me out, LOL

2010 was alos the 1st year we lived in a house so we could hand out candy... all dressed up of course

kittie kat... I'm always a cat at some point around halloween, LOL

how awesome is that mask! it currently hangs on our wall above the tv

ok this year I had several outfits, LOL two differents parties, work special, and candy hand out(which it was freaking freezing cold!)

note freddie's shirt has got some red on the pocket LOL

ok this last is just for fun from halloween day before all the zombie make up... LOL

Love these!  Candy Corn Zombie is my fave though...haha!

Thanks :0 D  hehe yeah the candy corn picture was just me goofing off but it's so classic, LOL

Those are awesome!

The kitty costume and bat dress are to die for ;)



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I'd love to see all of your Halloween costumes!  Here are a few of mine (along with my gradual 80 lb weight loss):Marie Antoinette and the executioner:…Continue

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