I purchased an under bust, waist training corset with real steel boning a few months ago (online). I have been wearing it quite religiously (5 days a week, 10 hours or so at a time) and discovered, to my horror!, that the steel boning had come through the fabric in the back. I was so saddened... mostly because I am not gifted with a sewing machine. What am I to do to repair this situation?

The steel boning hasn't completely broken through, but it is close. Please help me :(. It is going to be a hard week without it.

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Where did you purchase your corset? It sounds like either the fabric is defective or maybe it wasn't a sturdy corset meant for everyday wear. What's it made of? And is the boning coming through on the inside or the outside? The ones that wear the best for everyday wear aren't made of fancy fabrics like brocade - the strongest ones are made of cotton coutil on the outside and inside. Most waist training corsets are lined with coutil in my experience, but there may be some that are not. Depending on the fiber content, there may be too much friction for everyday wear, even though the corset is advertised as 'waist training'. Without seeing a photo of it I can't tell you if you'd be able to repair it or not. If you post a photo I may be able to tell you if there's a way you can save it. Otherwise I would contact the company you purchased it from and see if this is something they've had happen before. 


I do believe it was not intended for as intense of waist training that I was putting it through. I did not pay a pretty penny for it (as some amazing quality corsets can run) but it does have spiral, steel boning. The boning is coming through from the inside.. part of me feels as though it is the material that was not strong enough to handle daily usage. I will post a picture as soon as I can. Thanks for the response!!

I don't know if you hand sew, but I occasionally have that problem with underwire bras, I use embroidery thread and darn over the hole, that might work on the inside of your corset, I also do the same thing on the inside of my open bottom girdles, steel boning of any kind likes to try and work it's way through fabric... I hope this helps: )



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