When did you know you were childfree?

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I agree with every word you wrote. :D

Since I was a teenager I felt that children (in my family etc...) didn't interested me AT ALL & I wasn't very comfortable around them. I'm an only child of an only child mom ( my parents are divorced) so I've never been surrounded by lots of kids in my life, except at school of course but then I was a child too :D !

To be honest the whole process of it repulses me... I franckly wouldn't put my body under so much trauma on purpose ! LOL I never saw the "beauty" of pregnancy & birth giving that many people seem to see. I find that a little gross :s 

Everybody says it changes your life & couple forever... & I'm happy just the way that it is !

Me & my love travel & do what we want :) I have the chance to be with an amazing man which is 8 years older than me & still doesn't want kids so that's perfect ! :D

I'll say to each their own but that's definitely not for me :)


I always knew.  I remember when i was 4 and my parents were getting my all psyched up because I was going to have a brother or sister. Then when she came along, she was a colicy little screech monster.  All she did was cry...for about 4 years.  I was not enamored of babies (and still don't "get" it).

Then, when I was in 3rd grade, my mother was about to have my other sister and brought home a little pink booklet from her ObGyn's office detailing everything involved in the pregnancy/birthing process.  I remember reading it cover to cover, just aghast and disgusted with the whole concept of being parasitized, but then I think it was the picture of the episiotomy that was the cincher.  I've been totally grossed out about the whole process since and have always known I would not be having children.

I tried when I was 18 to have a hysterectomy.  They said no.  I kept at it every year for my annual checkup.  I'm now 43 and they still say no, I might change my mind and want kids.  No, man, my biological clock is broken.  It's always been broken.  DO NOT WANT!   I wonder how doctors still manage to get away with this considering it's 2012. 

The funny thing is that I am a nurse and respiratory therapist.  I remember the first/only birth I ever had to endure.  I was over in the corner, leaning against the wall, doubled over in a cold sweat wondering if I would throw up or pass out first.  I've been elbows-deep in fresh bloody trauma in the ER, had my hand inside someone's open chest.  Held guts in or limbs on while we rushed to the OR, and nothing phases me, but even the sight of a big-bellied pregnant woman makes me nauseous.  The funny thing is I like kids, just not babies.  They sort of gross me out and always have.  I know, I have issues.  I'm just glad I am not the only one! 

I knew when I was a kid. My brother and I are odd people because I remember both of us telling my mom that we didn't want to have kids when we grow up. My mom kept other folks children while they worked for some time and even though none of the kids were per say " Bad" we just didn't want to be bothered. Besides, my mom's tolerance for children was very low so we were raised like mini adults. 

I tried for a tubal when I was 16 and the doctors weren't having it. I got on Depo and essentially have been on it ever since minus a year long break. I don't find children or child-like things really enjoyable. I hate kindercrap with a passion. The thought of having my home turn into a cluster fuck of toys and chaos :shudder:

I'm lucky because my family never pressured me about having kids. My mom's thought process is that she's done raising her kids and she's not raising anyone else's. She has no interest in being the "involved grandmother". 

I can't remember when I 'knew' I didn't want kids. When I was younger (teenager) I figured I would have some but that's before I knew better haha - I grew up in a small farm town - you had babies - it's just what you did. Then I moved away. Hubby and I are both 30 and I think my parents and especially my grandma wish we'd slip up and have an accident. Unlike many of the people in my family I know how to prevent pregnancy. :) I have no patience for children. They are expensive. I would rather travel and come and go as I please. It stinks that so many people think it's unacceptable that people don't want children. I always tell them there are enough people in this world and this world in its current state is not something I would want to raise a child in anyway. I'll stick to my sleeping in and buying pretty things. I do however have 3 canine kids that I adore.



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