Whatnots and Whatthehells? Down There... (yep, there...): A SERIOUS INQUIRY

Hello ladies -

I am broaching this topic for a couple of reasons, among them, that I am almost 37yrs old and don't know of anywhere else that I can turn (except to my doctor) to ask other ladies these questions and request their hopeful solutions. That being said, we can talk to each other about everything else, but no one has broached these topics before on here, and I am hoping that ya'll might have some solutions I haven't thought of (especially those of you who are aesthetitions!) and that the responses may help someone else who has these problems as well. So, please, all giggling and goofing aside, if you can't add to the conversation politely and with these parameters in mind, skip to the next discussion. 

Now, to those of you left.... here are the offending issues:

1. I have apparently incurred an ingrown hair right in the line of undies across your bikini line (you know, where the leghole on a pair of briefs hits you on the bikini line? THERE...). It has been there almost 2 yrs now, and I have had my RNP look at it. It has gotten to the size of about a 1/2" x 1/2" lump (although not a solid lump), and when pressed, will expel. Disgusting, you have no idea. I personally am itching to surgically remove it myself, but lack the numbing agent to allow me to do so (I know ya'll think I'm kidding, but I have an OCDish thing about my body and knowing where an actual visible infection is and getting it out of my body - to the point where I would wake up in the middle of the night popping any acne on my face or on my arms. Not a fun way to wake up, and not a fun OCD habit to have. It has abated for the time being, as my facial/arm acne has gotten under control - thank you Pill. But, I have tried cutting this thing open with a sterilized razor before, but it is beyond skin deep, and I cannot/will not attempt that on my own. It's just very tempting to want to go and cut out the offender and be done with it. But I do know better; lecture not necessary, I promise). I will see my RNP again in Dec/Jan and will broach it with her again (I have let it slide this long, and have just recently noticed that it has arisen again to my unhappiness - although it never quite went away... just seemed to recede then reappear at will; I swear, it has it's own brain), but I was hoping that someone would have dealt with this before and have a feasible solution short of cutting it out. Please note: my RNP and I did rule out other issues before we came to this conclusion, I cannot go and see a derm (my "insurance" as of now does not allow for it), and I have tried treating it with hydrogen peroxide (even cutting into it to allow for a deeper penetration), neosporin/polysporins, an anti-fungal (which seemed to help with receding, but never killed it), and now, a Vietnamese "magic" medicine (that my manicurist swears will kill anything - I can smell the camphor and menthol in it, but don't know exactly what else is in it; but, it does keep it from weeping when I haven't "drained" it in a while, it just smells like MEDICINAL stuff). Also, this is the first time it's ever happened to me - never had this problem when I was younger and shaved my bikini line (which was most of my 20s), and then I did waxing, but developed an allergy to the wax (which is no bueno). Right now, I'm a little worried about going in to do a bikini wax, although I have someone I would completely trust - I just think it would cause a bigger problem with the current lump.

2. What I have "affectionately" termed BUTTNE. Acne on the buttocks. Yep. This I have had looked at by a derm - who literally looked over my shoulder as I lay on the table and say, Yep, that's a skin infection. Here's a $45 monthly medication you should take. At that time, it was SEVERE. Now, not so much, although I do get flare-ups occasionally. Right now (it's calm), they are seemingly little pimples that don't really bother, but they do make for a cringe-worthy concern if I were dating (thankfully, not a problem at the moment... but then again, that's a whole other problem... lol). When they do become severe, they become like little welts on my arse - and they HURT like a mofo (sorry, no other way to explain it, it's how I explained it to my RNP, lol). When that happens, I clean them specifically with hydrogen peroxide, and if they are that severe - they hurt to be looked at - I will poke them with a sterilized pin to give them an exit to expel. While they don't tend to expel much, this seems to help with the pain and the soreness, and they tend to go down quickly after that. Occasionally, one will expel a lot of yuck, then go away, but that has been happening less frequently. I have a sneaky suspicion that sweat does play a part in their creation - my sweat glands where your lower back and butt crease meet are hyperactive, and can/will create abscesses in that region from overactivity (another getting old thing for me; aging is FUN!)... this I have finally gotten under control with applying antiperspirant to the area, but unless I apply it to my entire lower half of my body, I will still sweat, just not in the "crack" of things. I use Dial antibacterial ONLY as a body wash/soap, and an organic & all-natural body scrub that's made of honey and ground walnut shells (this stuff is awesome as both a body wash and facial scrub - it makes my facial acne go away and makes my skin look beautiful!). Even still, there's still generally a "rash" of buttne there on a regular basis. My laundry detergent/dryer sheets are all the "Pure" and hypoallergenic types (which I have been using for years from incidences of dermatitis when I was younger).

So, PLEASE, share with me (and with others) what works for you if you've had these (or similar) problems... I know I cannot be the only one who does/has. Let's talk about the stuff that we don't talk about - half the time, even with our own doctors!!

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I often get ingrown hairs, I think my skin hates me.  Most amount to nothing and "get out" on their own, those that don't I let them grown until they 'want' picked, and pick them, squeeze all the gunk out (which sometimes takes a couple of goes) and then - if it hasn't come out on it's own - pluck the hair out.  I then use Bio Oil to prevent scarring.  As an aside, I use Moom, which seems to have reduced the amount of trapped hairs I get by a shedload, and it leaves your skin alone when you use it :)

As for your buttne, that's a tough one.  I get the occasional ass spot but have never been particularly spotty any way.  I wonder if regular exfoliation with a dry brush might help (and the ingrown hair situation too)?  The only other thing I can suggest - and I don't know if this is something that is easy to buy/find out in the US - is to ensure your laundry detergents etc are all non-bio, rather than biological.

Oh I almost forgot - from one sweaty Betty to another - growing up I was sweaty as hell, even to the point of using men's antiperspirant.  Anyway, when I learned about a) all the nasties in antiperspirant, and b) the issue with clogging up your pores while you need to sweat, but don't want to sweat so much I switched to deodorant and never looked back, ever.  Within a couple of weeks I was sweating much, much less, and was a lot less stinky when I was really sweaty.  Best decision ever, and since then I've also "converted" several boyfriends, who've also experienced the same effect.

Thank you ladies! I think the ingrown may be too far ingrown for me to dig out at this point, but I'll give it a go, and if all else fails, I'll have my RNP kill it when I go see her soon. And Sammi, I think I use deodorant too, but although they are different, I was raised to use them interchangably, which is confusing... It's degree clinical strength... there are seriously days when i think i should just bathe in it, you know???

Thanks again, and I'll let ya'll know how it goes!

Hi Desilu,

It seems we both have shared similar issues. For ingrown hairs as well as buttne, I buy salicylic acid pads from the drugstore and swipe them across my bikini line (and wherever else I shave and wax) as well as my rear everyday. Salicylic acid is an active ingredient in aspirin and will help to heal and unclog pores. Another product that works extremely well is TendSkin - it's in a blue bottle and you apply it to your bikini zone daily. This has also helped me, but I found that buying Stridex acne pads are more cost effective. Listen, as women, especially those who don't have close friends to be able to ask this stuff with, we need to understand that we all go through the same issues. I hope this helps you in some way. You can always friend me if you need to talk more.

The "buttne" may be folliculitis, which is very common, and is basically a buildup of dead skin cells around hair follicles which can trap bacteria and become infected. The best thing you can do for that is to exfoliate, thoroughly but not too roughly, regularly. That's likely the cause of your ingrown hairs as well, though if the hair has been there that long, I would not try to sort it out yourself. Go to a dermatologist to have it dealt with, you absolutely don't want an infection. If you're going to continue waxing, exfoliating the area is extremely important. I strongly sympathize with your picking habit, but leaving things alone is the best policy; this will become a lot easier if you can exfoliate properly and eliminate the bumps. You could use a mild antibacterial, but I'm not sure I'd be piling on salicylic acid; this will dry your skin out and can cause it to produce more oil, and more blemishes. Best of luck, I'm sorry you're having this problem!

Oh, in that case (the salicylic acid being drying), I wonder if "doing" the oil cleaning method would be helpful - http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/

I've been using only makeup remover (evening, now coconut oil) and OCM (morning) for years, and can't remember the last time I got  serious spot.

I am so glad that ya'll have helped with these problems!! It's so reassuring to know that I am not alone in these "afflictions" and I am so glad to hear of the various possibilities to fixing them... I truly hope that this has opened up a line of help for others as well!!

I have had real bad body acne before, mostly on my neck, chest, back. I use Panoxyl soap, it has benzoyl peroxide and it works wonders on clearing up the acne, it is pretty drying and I get itchy when I use it, so I only use when I have a "flare up". So that might help with your bootay.

On your other down there problem, honestly, I would leave it alone and have your doctor remove it

Not quite sure what to say about the ingrown hair, but I wish you luck with it! I struggle with small bumps down there all the time. I've heard shaving with conditioner is actually better then with a blade alone or shaving cream for that area, so I'm going to try it the next time I need a smoothing.  

As for the booty bumps (my terms for butt acne), I don't know when you shower, but before putting on any undergarments, make sure you are completely dry down there. The moisture can react poorly with the skin (which you seem to know already with the antiperspirant!)

I wish you luck!

The 'cause' of ingrown hairs is incomplete removal of the hair i.e. shaving as opposed to waxing/sugaring/plucking/threading - instead of growing up & out the base of the follicle grows to a side and can't "get out", causing a bump :)

Oh, I know! I was referring to hers, which has been there a while! (Thank you, though!)

I try to do my best with nasty ingrown hairs, though. Tweezers for the ones that remain!

Personally I use proactive, I swear by it and love it! They also carry a formula for the body, I use that on my boyfriends back, it cleared his back within a couple of weeks. However, it can be a bit drying on the skin, so try and fine a non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) lotion that suits you, I switch between Aveeno and Cetaphil(works good for Eczema too). Maybe you can try that on your 'Buttne'. Also I totally agree with exfoliating!

I once read in an Autobiography if you shave with Neosporin it will eliminate razor burn, I tried it and it absolutely worked! I used that method for years, I wax now, which in my opinion is best, if you could handle the pain :).

Hope this helps!




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