So what's the best/funniest compliment you've received while wearing PUG clothing?

Hello ladies!

So recently, I introduced my oldest step-sister to PUG's clothing for her Christmas present, and she's completely in love! She ordered the Je T'Adore dress in Olive, and when she put it on her husband's jaw dropped to the floor.

She told me that she never felt more attractive in her 49 years of living, than she did right at that moment...and that got me thinking about all the compliments and comments I've received from family, friends and strangers since I started wearing PUG clothing...and how it's impacted my life - which of course leads to the topic of discussion- what's the best compliment, comment or story you have pertaining to your PUG wardrobe? 

:) :) Bonnie

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Quite a few of my coworkers told me that I looked like a bombshell in the red Erin dress. I have never been told that before. Felt great!

I get a LOT of questions of where I get my other dresses too!


Hmmm, I'd have to say either one of the gals at a thrift shop I frequent that went crazy over my Cat print Netti or one of my co-workers the day I wore the Netti to work. :)

The employee at the thrift shop went on and on how I looked so cute and she wished more dresses like that were around. Of course, I told her all about the gospel of PUG! But she was super excited about the fact that even though it was a swing dress, it still had a very flattering silhouette!

Another fun one was my facebook friend's reaction to my first PUG purchase: the Victorian Rose Courtesan. :)

I was recently in Vienna, Austria and a woman in a shop came over to me and said "You look just like Dita Von Teese....but with red hair". I wanted to hug her! 

While I was in Paris recently, I got a lot of looks and smiles. Strangely it was the older ladies and gentleman who would comment on my style and everyone was so complimentary.  

Once an older man came up to me and said that I reminded him of his late, loving wife. She used to style her hair like mine and dress like me and he was so happy to see me and be reminded of the woman he loved so much. 

My husband and I recently went to the cinema to see Hitchcock and of course I was dressed to the nines. We stopped at a shop before the show and the guy behind the counter asked, "Are you dressed up, or do you dress this way all the time?" I looked at him and said, "Well, both. I'm dressed up for the cinema, but yes I dress this way all the time." He said "Oh, my gosh, I love it. I wish all women would dress the way you do, you look fierce!" My husband was with me and thought it was so cute. 

A few days ago I was wearing my Jersey Cap Sleeve Top in red with my Perfect Pencil Skirt in black with my Marlene Bullet Bra on underneath, and a young woman said to me that it looked like something that Lady Gaga would wear, and then before I could say anything back she said that she hoped I wasn't offended by that.

I told her that I love Lady Gaga and that I took that as an amazing compliment. We actually struck up a conversation and she even added that she also thought that it was something that Marilyn Monroe could have worn too.

Any day that I get compared to Lady Gaga AND Marilyn Monroe is an awesome day :)

Last year at my work's christmas party, I wore the red Erin dress with a gold jacket over it, and it was a huge hit! Several of my co-workers said that I looked like I stepped out of the 1940's :)

Last week I received an odd "compliment". An older man came up to me and told me that I reminded him of his "colored" mistress he had back in the 1950s.... that was a very embarrassing moment for me..i kinda just ran away from that one LOL

I recently wore the discontinued baby doll dress in skull print to a bar(bought it off the PUG swap page!), and most of the people there seemed to love it! I wore a pink bow and mock suspender stockings with it..this one guy kept coming up to me during the night wishing me a happy birthday and bought me a drink lol..(psst it soo was not my birthday! ) :D


Love PUG. I never felt so beautiful!


The look on my guy friend's face when he saw me in my olive Mon Cheri... PRICELESS ;) !

Nice! ;) 

Sunday before Christmas I wore my Heidi in ruby red with the creme bow to church. So many people told me how beautiful it was and many of them said I looked like a present. Lol but the best complement was from a woman I don't know who just raved over the dress and told me I should wear it everyday cause it looked so fabulous on me. I said it does come in other colors to which she replied get them all! Haha of course I've ordered more colors already! Hehe

Although at the time I wasn't wearing something from this site, it was still a Pin-Up style look - my first ever Pin Up purchase from when I was 16. I'd been over a friend's place for a swim in her backyard pool and we'd dried off and gone into the (fairly secluded) front yard to have a drink and watch cars go by until I had to go home. (It's surprisingly relaxing!) Anyway. One of the neighbors dropped by and turned to me and said I looked like "Such a lady" in my black skirted one-piece. She couldn't get over it! Haha. I believe the whole thing went like this: "Such a nice swimming costume - You look like such a lady! Not like the girls these days who hae their bellies flapping about and you can see everything. No... Just, so lady like. Gosh... Such a lady." Which I'm still rather proud about, really. Not about her insult to other girls, but the fact I had the power to look demure and proper all at once.
Whenever I see pictures of women in the 50's, they always look so immaculate and beautiful - I would be lucky to spend three hours on my appearance and look half as good as them. But I try. It's harder with shorter hair though - I miss out on doing victory rolls and Veronica Lake hair. My ponytail extension is an okay substitute, I guess, since I can faux barrel roll my fringe.

For those who get called "Marilyn" or "Dita" I can see where both parties are coming from. You have to realise that these are the figures in the public eye representing the 50's and the rise of pin-up fashion in pop culture. So rather than meaning "Your facial features are remarkably similar, similar manner, similar shaped body, etc." They are making sense of it not by observing details but a quick overall impression - "[PUG wearer's] clothes and/or hair and/or makeup come from the same era as Marilyn, therefore I will assimilate them in my head."
Of course this is a generalisation but how I understand it. And as for you guys, You most likely have a much more intricate understanding of all the different styles, icons and culture of the 50's universe so these 'similarities' to other people are gaping differences to you because of their assimilation and generalisations.

I think the best complements are from old people, but maybe that's just me c:

I've gotten "You look like a little doll!" and "I've been trying to escape the forties style since the 1940's but you look so adorable!" I've also gotten my boyfriend's sister talking about stealing my clothes right off my body (ESPECIALLY in the Heidi Cat Print).

And the boyfriend look.<3

I was told I look like Adele. Cause of the red hair.

What I have noticed is that older people compliment me. That makes me feel good because it is really neat to be complimented by people that lived in the 40's, 50's and 60's. Sometimes they will tell me about their moms and aunts who used to wear the retro hairstyles and it brings a smile to their face. I think it brings them back to "the good old days".





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