I live in a town that should be dubbed "The Windy City 2" and when I go out in skirts, I am grasping on to the hems with both hands praying that I don't give anyone a free peep show! I ponder ways to make my skirts wind-proof (hemming a hidden weight on the inside? Wearing a tight slip underneath and let the skirt fly up as it will?). Does anyone have a trick to keep her skirts by her knees (and not by her neck)?

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Oh wow, the poor unsuspecting pinup's skirt caught in the wind is one of those meme's that's older than the word meme itself. I think we've all been at the center of one of those accidental windy city peep shows before ;)

If you're looking to keep your unmentionables unseen, I'd just go with the tight slip option. You could also go with pencil skirt's once in a while, but I know that sometimes you're just in the mood to wear a twirly skirt.

Hemming a hidden weight's an interesting idea though. Has anyone here tried that before?

If its a swing style skirt I wear a petticoat underneath so if it does blow a little my petticoat shows and not my undies :)

Just out of curiosity where did you find your petticoats Jennifer? I've been thinking of picking up one or two for my lindy hop classes :)

I knew you gals would have clever ideas! Wow, the Queen of England has added weight sewn into her hems? I'm googling that right now! I'm going to look for slip options too. I saw a Spanx-type slip online and pondered it...but not sure how comfortable it would be once I get pregnant? Might go for the silk slips for now until the fertility chapter in my life is closed. ;)

If you do go with the weights sewed into the hems let me know how that works out, I'm really curious now :)

I also live in a very windy city. I wear compression running shorts underneath so if my skirt does blow up all you see if what you'd see if I were out running.

you can always wear shorts underneath.  I want to try the weighted hem idea, I've heard that the Queen does it before and if its good enough for her, its good enough for me ;)

Let them fly sweetie!! Isn'tthat why we wear pretty undies and stockings? Let them be seen!!!  (Tongue in cheek comment of course).



Yeah I think I'm totally with you Steph on this one.

Although that might just be my inner exhibitionist talking :)

My skirt flew up in front of a gaggle of military police the other morning. As much as I love a man in uniform....

I just wear a straight slip or highwaisted shorts (fitted cotton ones I use for ballet) underneath. :) it was more helpful in winter wearing a dress coat, because it did most of the windblocking, but my spring coat blows up just as much as my skirts! :(
Ha ha!! That's awesome! I sure hope you at least got a salute for your impromptu show! ;)

It won't really help your skirts from blowing up but preventing anyone from seeing anything you could wear tap pants or pettipants. I wear a combination of slip shorts (I picked those up on ebay for ~7 bucks) and i usually wear a petticoat if the skirt is full enough. You can find a multitude of colors in petticoats on ebay from around 44 bucks and some sellers don't charge shipping which I always feel makes it worth it.




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