Sorry to be so nosy, but I am a little curious about what parts of the world everyone here lives in because I am interested to know what sort of reception PUG and just wearing repro in general gets in other countries!

I live in Australia but have been living in Moscow, Russia for nearly two months. In Australia I live in Brisbane and I am yet to run into anyone dressed remotely vintage. Most of the time when I go out I get a lot of stares which normally ends up with me dishing out a lot of glares because I hate it when people Normally teenagers can be pretty nasty, but every now and then you do get some sweet person that comes up to chat about what I'm wearing. What is it like where you live, what kind of reactions do you get when you wear vintage/reproduction clothing? Are there others that wear anything similar?

In Russia I have gotten some stares from wearing PUG, but only in the good sense I think! I have noticed that there are quite a few women here usually in their 30s, who wear either real vintage (50s and 60s style) or modern vintage inspired dresses. On one occasion I saw a man in his 40s wearing what looked like completely authentic vintage 1950s/early 60s, dressed for a day at the office. Now keeping in mind that Russia is a developing nation, it could be that his look was completely unintentional and thrifted on account of how poor people are here, but either way he looked fantastic!

So what is it like in your parts of the world? I am really curious to know!

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I'm from Monterrey, Mexico... and I recently discovered PUG and I am so happy for that!!! Because here is very difficult for busty girls to find clothes that fit. =( My first dress was the Heidi in cherry print and yes, people stare but I don't care I know they are just jealus that I can be different and confident, so as long as I like it everything its ok =) and who knows, maybe I will start a new trend around here.

Great discussion topic!

I'm from Australia, near Newcastle actually. I find that the Pinup/Retro/Rockabilly culture is a growing trend, in this area at least. We have a couple of stores that cater to this look and the rockabilly music scene is starting to blossom. We have a couple of small rockabilly festivals and vintage fairs which are becoming more prominent.

As for wearing vintage 50's inspired clothing, that's an interesting thought. I've always been the believer of loving how you look and dressing for yourself, but this kind of gets pushed aside when I catch young, pretty women dressed in modern clothing giving me strange looks. I begin to feel self-conscious and worried that perhaps I look stupid? More so, when I'm wearing swing-style dresses and skirts. If I can disregard that line of (negative) thought, my hubby loves this look and so do a lot of older women. I love feeling feminine and classy. I also love combining modern and vintage clothing. Most men are respectful in their compliments when I'm dressed in this style. 

Another thing that sometimes bothers me is when people ask if I'm an anti-feminist because my clothing reflects a time when women were secondary to their husbands and menfolk :P I've since learned to reply that, "Feminism is about equality and choices. I choose to look this way - it's not dictated to me by anyone."

I guess, if we keep on keeping on, this look becomes more socially acceptable. For the time being, I love feeling great about the way I look and the way I'm dressed - as should you all, lovelies! (Sorry for the long rant!)

"How can embracing your gender possibly be disrespectful to it?

Exactly. In addition, any woman who tries to question another woman's feminism is a hypocrite. The entire point of feminism is the idea that woman can think for themselves.

Thanks for that Laura - it's the truth!

I couldn't say it any better :) Yes, I find modern clothing skanky too - I shouldn't have to justify wearing clothing that actually covers my arse :P

I guess the hardest part is just owning your look and not letting others get you down - which can be easier said than done. 

I love that this community embraces those who are not mainstream. All the pictures of the women in their retro and PUG gear look fabulicious!

"I shouldn't have to justify wearing clothing that actually covers my arse"


Yay to Modesty and Elegance being sexy! It's also classy and ladylike which is the usual comments I get about my style. But along with the dress, I like the attitudes of the 50s. Men treated women like women because they LOOKED like women. And acted like women. They didn't have dirty gutter mouths and dress like prostitutes and go drink for drink with the boys falling down in the streets later on. I loved that there were social mores that were observed and that everything was so 'genteel'. We've lost that, along with some sort of social conscience and order. Our youth wear clothes that show either their undies and arses (boys) or undies and bras or boobs (girls). They mostly drink, swear, disrespect authority and their parents and think it's cool??? What's cool about being part of a boring crowd with no aims? Everyone is doing the same because.....everyone is doing the same. Not because they've thought about it or because it's right or because they agree with it, just because they want to fit in. Mindless sheep.

We hear bad language on films, on the streets, public transport....where is the line in the sand where we say enough? This is offensive? If anything goes now.....where and what is too much? We aren't giving our youth anything to live up to if we say this behaviour is ok. We aren't providing role models if we say it's ok to swear and wear ill-fitting revealing clothing and hang out in gangs doing nothing.

Oops, my rant now. I like more about the 50s than just the clothes. I like the manners, the attitude, the respect.

Hi Lisa!

Your response to anti-feminism is very sophisticated, I'm sure the 'feminists' would be left with nothing to say! I'll have to remember that one. Wearing the fashion, and believing in the values are quite different things.

I live near Newcastle too, about half an hour out from there actually. I was just wondering if you knew any shops I could go to when I haven't got the $$ for PUG. I know there are some great op-shops around newcastle, there's about 3 or 4 in Wallsend alone, but apart from op-shopping, I find it pretty hard to find vintage or vintage-inspired clothes and often surrender to the mainstream shops with their polka-dots and rounded collars.

Any help would be greatly appreciated x

Harlow and Emma - men have spent many centuries of treating women poorly and as second-rate citizens (still do in some places). Why should women persecute other women? If other women have narrow-minded opinions about who I am based on how I am dressed, then they can feel free to lick, stamp it and mail it to someone who gives a s@#$. They have no business calling themselves feminists if they need to put other women down.

In terms of shopping, I mostly buy PUG because I can always count on getting good quality for my money. Often though, I shop on ebay. I don't know if you have checked out Catfight Collections or Miskonduct? They sometimes have good sales on retro clothing. Miskonduct stocks PUG as well. You could give op-shops a go - there's apparently a good one in Belmont that I'm yet to check out and there is also a vintage clothing store in Charlestown called What Goes Around. Let me know how you go - good luck!

Thanks a lot! Catfight Collections and Miskonduct look great. Excited to take a trip into Charlestown now x

Hey Harlow (and everyone else!)

I'm originally from Perth, Western Australia and am living and working out of Singapore at the moment.

When I first started PUG-ing it up (back when I was about 19-20 y/o) I was a lot more self concious about the stares I would get and usually only dressed in a pinup style when going out, these days I've come into myself a lot more and quite frankly, will just stare back if people stare at me! So now I'm a lot more confident about my style, and even though I don't wear a dress and heels everyday, I make sure I add a touch of 'pinup personality' to my clothes everyday, even if it's something as simple as a cute hairscarf or a nicely fitted pair of high waisted pants.

As a couple of other people have mentioned, the main 'culprit starers' are usually teenage girls but I do get random compliments from strangers (usually older men and women) about how I present myself and best of all, they're respectful comments, not the kind teenage girls get when they're in dresses that have their knickers hanging out the bottom!

A couple of years ago I was out and there were a couple of teenage girls that kept looking at me and sniggering, instead of ignoring them like I usually would I decided I would find out what they found so funny so I walked straight up to them and started chatting to them, they were taken aback at first but after talking for 10-15 minutes they seemed to realise I was a normal person just like them and ended up apologising for laughing and being really nice, one of them even admitted to me that she liked my style but never thought she'd be able to pull it off!!

I have found I get stared at a lot more in Singapore than I did in Perth (I've even had people take photos of me as I walk down the street!) but the older I get the less I care, in the end, I'm dressing to feel better about myself. If other people don't like it, tough ;)

Why be drab when you can be fab, right girls?


I'm also from Sweden, but not from Stockholm, but a small (!) town called Arvika. There are not so many vintage inspired/dressed women here.. You most often see them when there is some kind of classic car meet during the summer, but during the rest of the year there are fewer.. Because of the small size of this town, people aren't as used to see someone with a different style and therefore I don't wear my PUGs during daytime, only when I go out to party. People stare enough as it is haha :) So during daytime, I still try to have my vintage inspired look.. But a little less sexy than PUG ;)

But I must say that I've only gotten compliments about my style, both day- AND nighttime and especially when I've been wearing PUG :) No one has ever been mean :)

I got my first PUG christmas 2008. Then I couldn't afford it for a few years but now I've ordered several times since last summer. Can never get enough!!! :)




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