Sorry to be so nosy, but I am a little curious about what parts of the world everyone here lives in because I am interested to know what sort of reception PUG and just wearing repro in general gets in other countries!

I live in Australia but have been living in Moscow, Russia for nearly two months. In Australia I live in Brisbane and I am yet to run into anyone dressed remotely vintage. Most of the time when I go out I get a lot of stares which normally ends up with me dishing out a lot of glares because I hate it when people Normally teenagers can be pretty nasty, but every now and then you do get some sweet person that comes up to chat about what I'm wearing. What is it like where you live, what kind of reactions do you get when you wear vintage/reproduction clothing? Are there others that wear anything similar?

In Russia I have gotten some stares from wearing PUG, but only in the good sense I think! I have noticed that there are quite a few women here usually in their 30s, who wear either real vintage (50s and 60s style) or modern vintage inspired dresses. On one occasion I saw a man in his 40s wearing what looked like completely authentic vintage 1950s/early 60s, dressed for a day at the office. Now keeping in mind that Russia is a developing nation, it could be that his look was completely unintentional and thrifted on account of how poor people are here, but either way he looked fantastic!

So what is it like in your parts of the world? I am really curious to know!

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Well, put Cela...

When I was packing for that CO trip I asked what I should bring and my bestfriend said to me,"you know..casual. you don't have to be put together. they wear fleece and cargo shorts here." I replied back,"My casual is put together." It boggles me sometimes that one prefers having it "hanging out for all the world to see" versus one's bum being covered.

"respected each other enough to make an effort" Yes, this, right there! Most people don't get it when I say something like that. Not taking a minimum care of your apearance before leaving the house is indeed disrecpectfull to others.

I'm in North Carolina. My Mama's people were Scottish and want to visit Scotland so badly. One day. Maybe I will look you up if I ever make my way there.

Hi, I'm from little old New Zealand, grew up in the small town of Tokoroa and now reside in Hamilton.  Hamilton - you occasionally see a couple of girls rocking the rockabilly/vintage look.  I have seen at least 3. Tokoroa - can't think of any.  Everytime I wear my stuff I always get compliments.  I think teenage girls are afraid to stand out as different and struggle when they see others that do.  They all wear similar - if not the same things.  They are afraid to be tall poppys. They'll learn!  

Hey Rosalind...I was wondering, do you have any recommendations of places to shop in Montreal for vintage clothing? I visit there occasionally as I have family there, but I find the large number of stores overwhelming. Any suggestions or thoughts?

Marina Vintage! She also takes photos and does hair. Also check out the Red Hot and Blue rockabilly weekender, they hold it Labour Day weekend (venue for vendors is Lion D'Or) in Montreal.

Sounds greaaaat! Ever since I first heard of Viva, I've been wanting to goto a rockabilly festival of any sort!

Jealous! I've had a very expensive summer and don't think I'm going to be able to make it this year ;( Such an expensive trip for 3 out of towners, but also a great time to be had. I'll be there in spirit, strollin' with you ladies!

Hey Shannon, I get most of my clothes frome ebay, (real vintage can be expencive), I go 2 rockabilly clothes, there r sooo many its over walming, them buy cardigans & other peices from any other shop 2 make my outfit my own style, good luck hun :)

Good afternoon,

I live in Mississippi right outside of Memphis.  I get wierd looks when I dress in vintage.  Yes, I have a southern accent and NO I did not meet Elvis...LOL

Miss Blaise

Hello, I'm Jenn from Baldwin Park, California USA. It's approximately 15miles outside of Los Angeles. I work at Sears (a retail store that's been around for over 100yrs) as a cashier, and I'm currently switching to working as a merchandising and pricing associate (who does the stocking and pricing out on the floor). I will be going back to school to re-start my PsyD in Forensic Psychology (my true passion and love!) (I need the year to work out financial aid issues, sigh). I currently have my MBA in Management and my MBA in Hospital Administration and my BA in Psychology (which has not helped my financial position at all, but it's due to the economic issues in the US right now).

I was lucky in that everyone in my high school seemed to have their own sense of style, which we (unfortunately) divided into cliques (kids can be cruel and all that). So I grew up watching people show their own style, without regards to other's opinions. In college, I was in a small town (not near a metropolis like Baldwin Park), and the influence was best named as preppy. I couldn't really find my own sense of style til I was about 26ish, when I went for what are considered vintage looks and silhouettes. I re-discovered my love of older styles (which really did not sit well with my ex-husband, lol, part of why he's an ex). I moved back to Baldwin Park about 6yrs ago, and have slowly been evolving into a PUG loving girl. I have just fully embraced it in the part few months, and I am so happy that I did!!! The styles love my curves (as opposed to modern styles, which embrace the tight and skinny and straight as a stick... or the 80's reboot (shudder.... i lived through it, it wasn't all that) or the one size fits all look). I feel amazing in them, and I love how I look in them, which makes me more confident than I was before (as well as being 35; I swear, you really don't come into your own as a woman until you're over age 30!)!

At work, there are a couple of people who rock a "rockabilly" look. I think I am the one that has been more full-blown about my look than the other two. And I get a TON of compliments, especially from older ladies, men and co-workers. I find the same as the other girls in that teenage girls are the ones that snicker, and I believe it goes back to both their immaturity as well as their inability to be confident in a style that doesn't match the rest of the pack. I am hoping to connect with local - as well as non-local - girls who share this look and attitude in the hope of making friends and increasing my social life (which is currently non-existent, lol). I am also working on getting approval from work to include them in a blog on modern vintage-inspired finds to increase your PUG look. I currently do not have any PUG clothing, although I drool over the catalog online regularly (I cannot afford it on my minimum wage job and expenses). I keep hoping they will create a layaway plan ala KMart/Sears that would give us 8 weeks to pay for items not for weddings (like the current layaway set-up). PLEASE!!! PUG GODS, INDULGE US!!!

Anyway, as you can tell, I'm a little wordy... it's been so long since I've had a group that I've connected with in this way!! And it's amazing to meet you all!! And if anyone wants to be friends, just send it to me - the more the better!!! <3!





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