My fiance and I are having a small wedding with close friends and family on 9/22/12. The ceremony is going to be at his paren'ts house in a small mountain town. I want to wear something simple, but still feel comfortable and beautiful. I like these dresses but could use some opinions! Please help me decide!!!!


This one is my favorite. The only problem is that I might need a size 6 and the only size that the site has is a 4 ( wear a size 6 but have a small waist). I've also made a lifestyle change and think that I should lose a little weight by September. Cost $162













Option 2: Niagara. I really like this dress but am afraid that it would look out of place or too sexy. I'm a 34D. With the cutout would I have to wear a special bra? Cost $96


Option 3: Ava. Too boring? Does this look like a bridesmaid dress? Will it be flattering on my hips? I wear my extra weight on my outer thighs and hips. Cost: $108

Option 4: Erin dress. Cost $98. Too boring?

Would appreciate any opinions or ideas! Any other sites to find similar dresses? Thanks










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I <3 option #1 the most. However, as someone who's been there and done that, trying to fit into a dress is going to bring added stress, which you really don't need. Have you asked the maker if there's any extra room to take the dress out if need be (or if you do buy it, take it to your tailor and ask if there is the extra room to take it out). At the very most, you can always add in a side panel (or two) to make it a little bigger using the same material and doing it in a discrete place. A great tailor would be able to help with this!

Out of the rest of the dresses, go with your gut and get the Niagra. It's YOUR wedding day; unless you're getting married in the Catholic (or other) church, who cares? You should feel sexy and special and lovely and so many more things on that day, not worry about what everyone else is going to think...

And if you're not superstitious, ask your fiancee what his opinion is... (if you are, hope this really helps!).

Good luck and can't wait to see the pics! xoxo Double O Jenn

Thanks for your opinion :) I like the first one the most too. I'm thinking about risking ordering the size 4 to see how it fits. -It will go better with the fall and mountain theme too! The dress would go perfectly with my grandma's locket that my grandpa sent her during WW2 that I want to wear.

On the other hand the Niagara is the perfect price and I know it will look nice and fit my body well. Hmmmm....

My fiance likes #1 and the Niagara too!

I love the first one and I do feel like the second,although I love the dress, is a little sexy. But I also found these sites for 50s inspired wedding dresses. and

Dolly Couture is AMAZING. I cannot recommend her enough! she's made two dresses for my 2013 wedding and I LOVE them. amazing work.

the first dress I think is from Trashy Diva- you might want to check their website and see if they have your size.

good luck!

I vote number 1. It's simple, classic, classy....just like a bride should be. I reckon you can't go wrong with this one. But if you want to rock a sexy look that's up to you, honey. It's YOUR day and you have to feel great all day. Pick the dress that you know you will feel fab in for the whole day, not just for an evening out.

Sweety, there are alot of beautiful vintage inspired dresses, r u wearing a vail / hat or headpeice, & dont 4get the hair.... once u have it all 2gether u will no its your time 2 shine, its hard 2emaigen a dress with out the other excessories........... hope its a wonderful experience 4 u.... good luck, & hope u post some pics of your amazing day.. :)

I wore Bettie Page Clothing Alika dress for my little courthouse elopement (before my actual wedding) and it was quite comfy.  I also love Bettie Page Clothing Sierra dress in white.  I love all those dresses you chose.  The first and Niagara dresses are my favorite.  I got a Niagara dress but exchanged it for a larger size cause the bust wasn't fitting too well.  Haven't gotten the new size yet but I felt like the top part of that dress was nice and really not over-the-top sexy.  I think you could wear it and look lovely at your wedding.  I'm a 34DDD so I think if I could get away with it you could too. 

Bettie Page Clothing, Sierra dress

OOOO, love this one!!! Very sexy but demure as well. Can I change my vote??

What would definitely help is if you were able to try any of these on and take pics - are you close to any of the shops? I know for me, there have been times where I have tried something on that I fell in love with, only to find that once it was on, it so wasn't me. I'm afraid this might be an expensive way of seeing if this happens (I so hope it doesn't!) ... I do wish you luck, and if you can get to a shop and try one on, please post it and let us see!!!




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