So I happen to be one of those crazies who loooves her animals. I figured I can't possibly be alone (and here come the crickets). 

I have a full 20 gallon fish tank with a betta, 2 platys, 3 corydoras, and a loach happily coexisting. It's a full planted tank and its lovely to watch. I am crazy about fish. If I could, my whole house would be one big aquarium, but my electricity bill and lifestyle doesn't quite allow the time to do that (booooo. :c) 

In addition to that, I also have a frilled dragon. He's a handsome little devil, but a total sass-pot (kinda like is owner...) 

So, ladies of PUG, what little loves do you own? 

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These are my 2 crazy babies! Sasquatch and Shrimp my 2 cats! :)

Their so cute!!

Aww :)

I have a beautiful Kitty named Lucy, here she isand I also have a ten gallon tank, I had it fully done up with plants but then when I moved it got disturbed and made alot of snails and algy so I had to get rid of most of them! still a beautiful tank though and my two platty and two guppys and my sucker fish love it!, I only bought one platty but then I guess she was prego and had like 15 babies and I watched them grow and then gave them to friends with tanks, but I kept one and it's been about 8 or 10 months since the babies were born and hes still not the size of his momma! soo cute :]

Cuteness, I had a calico cat years ago named Lucky :) When I was moving from the apartment I first had her in, a woman that lived downs stairs from us (who admired Lucky for a long time) made an offer to buy her, but I wasn't selling! LOL... like I'd sell my cat!

she's actually a dilute tortie!! but thanks!! and yea, cute someone wanted her, but id be in the same boat, Id never sell my kitty ahah id be like, get your own cat! ahah

Ah.. ok, never heard of that type. I saw the white on her and thought cali since they usually do have a lighter undertone.

I know right! Lucky was a stray that a family member (at the time) brought home from work late one night. It was a nice distraction the next morning when I first saw her.. I was so nervous that day since it was 5th grade picture day (I hate picture day) lol

I've got three kitties.  Moonie is my heart - 17 1/2 year old Norwegian Forest Cat.  Sophie a tortie pointed Ragdoll with a freckled nose.  And a fat Burmese, Luna, the baby of the family.  All are spoiled rotten.  :)

Yay! I've been wondering about everyone else's "family"... Here we go:

^This was Oscar, the first dog I had ever adopted (even though I grew up with dogs, I had always been a cat-adopter). He changed my life in so many ways... I was devastated when I had to put him to sleep in February because he became paralyzed and his internal organs began to shut down. I still think of him ... and then I have these two, equally loved, dogs:


^ This is her normal position - she LOVES (and I mean LOVES to have her belly rubbed; her default for anything is to lie on her back and wag her tail between her legs (like a little teenie weenie)). She is possessive as all get out, and a diva to boot. She is also my snuggler and toy lover. Whether she likes it or not, she is the girlfriend of Duke,

who is a German Shepherd/Lab mix (I know, Mutt & Jeff couple, right?). He's technically my mom's dog, but since he's fed, loved, played with, bathed, slept and anything else he needs he gets from me, he's really my dog. We go in spurts of him being so upset I'm going to work (or anywhere), that he'll jump the 6 1/2ft fence to catch up with me as I walk away from the house.

And then there's Awesome, a black & gray striped tabby kitten (she's not quite a year). She was supposed to be my brother's cat (which is why she's named Awesome - that's what he says he is), but she decided I was her person instead. I don't have any pics I can find of her... she's hell to take pics of because she won't stop moving.

I also take care of a couple of outside stray cats and Monet, a calico my sister left here with my mom about 15yrs ago. With Awesome coming into the house, Monet has definitely developed a 2nd childhood.

People think I'm nuts for treating my animals like family, but to me, that's what they are. And in my case, they love me in ways that my family won't, so of course they're spoiled rotten. (Oh, and Coco is named after Coco Chanel; Oscar was named Oscar Mayer - by my then 8yr old son)

Love seeing all the pics & descriptions of our lovelies!!!

This is my baby kitten, Whisht ^_^

i love it when they're still babies - so cute it makes you swoon!

I don't currently have any pets, and haven't for years now (mostly because of lack of funds), but my last two pets were Cloey aka "Cloe-poe" (a male) a gray short haired bunny with floppy ears. My boyfriend bought me cloey as a Valentines present from a local pet store. and Fuzzy aka "da Fuzz" (female) a gray angora bunny with cute little mini ears :) Fuzzy was from the same pet store Cloey was from, but she technically belonged to my boyfriend at first and was then given to me after a while. Not sure of their exact heritage. Cloey passed away in June of 2004, and Fuzzy followed almost two years after him in May of 2006. Overall I had them for almost a decade. Cloey I had for 6 1/2 years since he was a baby, and Fuzzy for somewhere around 8 years.. may have been a bit older than that...she was an adult by the time we bought her, so who knows how old she really was? They both loved being outside, and wanted to snack on whatever it was i was snacking on... their favorites were apples, popcorn and saltine crackers. They always had a way of communicating what they wanted lol. Cloey (although a male) had his little diva routine when ever he wanted the fan on him while he was in his cage. He'd flop over by purposely throwing his body on the cage floor, one ear flopped over his face until get got his fan. lol He also had a huge crush on Fuzzy, I don't think it was completely mutual. Fuzzy pretty much was the strong independent one. She also loved to be bathed, unlike Cloey. Even in their habits you could see this Cloey, the messy smelly one, and Fuzzy the neat and clean one. Any time I'd wash Cloey he'd have me covered in dirty bunny water, and I'd need a shower myself afterwords. Fuzzy would thoroughly enjoy the experience and just lay like a lazy bunny while I dried her off. They were awesome and I still think about them now and then :)

Fuzzy (sorry her fur was a bit messy in this one)

Cloey (got red eye in this one, but he actually had dark eyes like Fuzzy)




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