Hello all! 

I'm looking for a new foundation. I've been using the MAC Studio fix fluid and I like it but I wanted to see what others use before I buy another bottle. Maybe I can find something new. I have sort of gnarly skin. blotchy and spotty with freckles so full coverage is needed. And I'm pale so finding the right color seems hard. Lol. Any thoughts? 



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Hey Riley -

I am having the same problem. Although I do need fuller coverage, I am still going through the American bb creams... L'oreal was too grainy, Garnier too shiny. I have a connection to a cosmetics girl at work who got the sample of the maybelline bb and it is a matte and looks like it has fuller coverage, but until I actually use it, I can't help with a review. The interim bottle I've been using is Revlon ColorStay Mineral Mousse. It is thicker, has fuller coverage, and the coloring (#050 for me) is spot on, especially in the summer. Sometimes I don't need to powder. In the winter, I like to use the fuller coverage, but summer (when I sweat ALOT) I prefer to wear a lighter coverage, hence the bb creams.

I also prefer to use anything mineral because it is easier on my skin...

Good luck to you!!

Jenn - it's going to be like kissing a lot of frogs, but you'll find one.

Thanks Jenn. 

I've been interested in the Maybelline bb cream. Maybe I'll try it. At worst it will probably be good to wear for those "not so makeupy but don't want to look like I crawled out of the trash" days. Ha! 


Lately for the good coverage+stay on endurance+good price I have found Revlon 24 hr ColorStay Foundation. I picjed it up with a big underexpectation, but it surprised me.

It does do all it claims for about $11-12. I don't like the bottle because it has no pump. I was tipping it over on my empty MAC bottle and filling it with Revlon 24hr. =D It is a good everyday foundation. I follow with powder foundation for more coverage for my gnarly skin and use setting powder over :) Layering helps!

For stage makeup I use either Clinique or Laura Mercier. Usd one kind of MAC. It was OK. I want to try one more kind out of them. ALso using Loreal BB for daily wear with powder. It does stretch pretty well. I did not findot too grainy myself, but in the heat because I leave it in the car, it liquidified and separated and made messes..... I still use it, though. It has a lot of product to go for a long time in it.

I love Cover Girl's Aqua Smooth foundation (in classic ivory), it's an all in one sort of thing. Creamy and dries into a subtle powdery finish. I have sensitive skin, and never had a problem with it. Also you can have as much or as little coverage as you need with this one.

I like Benefit Hello Flawless powder foundation (they also have liquid).  I put it on with a Kabuki brush and it provides great coverage.  It's pricier than drugstore brands however.  

I'm a natural red head so I'm similar to you.. uneven skin tone, freckles. There are a few foundations I like, studio fix is one of them (NW20 to reference).  I've swatched a few BB creams and the only one I liked of the top of my head is L'oreal Magic Skin Beautifier. The other BB creams left me feeling the same way I do about tinted moisturizers.. it just isn't enough coverage to even my skin. The L'oreal one comes out white and turns skin colored as you blend, generally has more coverage than others.  My recent foundation love is - and it's a splurge one- Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup.  It's $47- a $20 increase from studio fix for the same amount- but with that being said I ordered mine last October and I'm just now needing to replace it. I have used other foundations on occasion in between (studio fix) but it lasts it's shelf life and I've been beyond impressed with it. There are certain things that I will pay a little more for that I feel the performance warrants it.  You can go by Sephora and ask for a sample to try it out.

I've also tried NARS sheer glow & sheer matte both are nice but I wish they did more undertone matching without the shade change. A lower cost alternative that's been nice when I've done makeup freelance is NYX HD foundations. NYX is often buy one get one 50% at ULTA so you could get the foundation and a powder or a primer to try (I do not like the HD primer- it's white and it doesn't go on transparent). 

Now I had a huge curiosity bubble in me for Dior. Studio Fx is the name of the brand by the way?

Anybody having pore coverage issues? I have large pores that I hate so much. Unless I wear layers and layers of stage makeup, they won't be covered at all. :(

I try to love NYX stuff. I am so drawn to their products because of abundance of color choices and cheap prices. But the cheapness does not only reflect on the prices. All their products slide right off of the face....

What type if brushes do you use? Sometimes it makes all the difference. I've found fluffier foundation brushes that buff product in the skin apply best for me. I think Dior recently repackaged a lot of stuff because the bottles have changed and some thing have gone unavailable. There's also a primer that's lovely and has had an equally impressive lasting time for me. It's called Crystal Nude. Its a transparent primer balm that uses soft focal points and helps even foundation application. Normally I say yeah right but the stuff was fabulous. You can also use it over foundation to remove shine. It helped me when half way through the day things were a bit oiler and products started setting in larger pore areas. I dont like packing powder on for that as don't want to be cakey.

I feel you on larger pores. I have an issue with that on my nose, parts of my cheeks, and chin. Estee Lauder has a pore minimizing serum I've been playing with. It doesn't have the best reviews but i wonder if a lot of folks trying it have average sized pores and aren't seeing much of a change. As long as I keep up with it I notice a difference. With anything you try keep in mind stores have fantastic return policies. What's worked for me may be blah for you so definitely hang on to a receipt, and don't be afraid to ask for samples. Trial & error sometimes is the best way to find your holy grail products and helps you figure out where to invest (high end products) and where you're comfortable going less(low end/ drugstore- i rarely splurge on mascara for example).
Oh! Also studio fix is the name of a MAC foundation line, one of their most popular.. The Dior is DiorSkin Forever Flawless perfection wear.

Have you ever tried any Make Up For Ever products? I've heard a lot about those but have never used them. 


Yep I use to use the Make Up For Ever HD foundation, I currently use their HD Micropowder in my freelance kit. The HD foundation is nice and they have a pretty good variety when it comes to shade and undertones. It seems like it took more product to cover my face, or at least even it out. I also have trouble with t zone oiliness.  So it was nice, I just think I prefer a bit more coverage than it offered. The HD powder didn't knock my socks off. Don't get me wrong it does it's job but I noticed no matter how tender I was with it it managed to kick up a lot of powder and it's too expensive for the product to go flying through the air- a little is understandable but a smoke screens crazy. I wasn't totally sold on their primer, I think I returned it actually. I get dry patches on occassion (combo skin) and I never felt like the primer smoothed them enough.  I do love their concealers though (the HD invisible concealer, & 5 camouflage palette are lovely), and their brow corrector which I think was repackaged to be Aqua Brows now.  Shadows are nice, pigmented, and a good amount of product for price.

I've been buying the same foundation 3 times in a row & that's the first time so I think I can speak of Holy Grail : 

Mac Pro Longwear foundation & pro longwear concealor :)

It's liquid... pretty thick consistency... you need to work by zone while applying it before it dries (like the studio fix)...It's medium to full coverage because it's VERY buildable... natural/matte finish :)

What is really what I like about it is the staying power... I apply my foundation as usual, powder & I don't need to touch up anymore in like 10 hours ! Maybe once if I was very active or it's hot outside but ir really stays on forever !

I've even fall asleep in my make up once (I was drunk, I never do that otherwise LOL) & when I woke up it still looked fresh :O ! Holy cow I told myself...

Really I don't see any "downside" on this product & I use to work as a make up artist so I'm used to pro products etc :)

My advice is give it a try ! Don't wanna brownse for another foubdation anymore since I discovered this one.





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