So, let's get the vital statistics out of the way first.  Both made of high quality cotton sateen with minimal stretch (this is NOT bengaline!)  Heidi is the swinging, full-skirted sister of Natasha.  Natasha might not jive, is known as the sexier sister to Heidi.  It's tough to have a sister like Heidi, though.  Despite the fact that Natasha has some serious wiggle power, Heidi has more available colors/patterns, and judging from the fan photos, more partners as well.  Now let's not forget that Ashley chose Melanie over Scarlett in Gone With the Wind (I certainly can't, I'm in the middle of re-reading the book and everything is somehow tied to that book right now in my head.  Anyways...). Maybe it's because people feel safe with a swing skirt... there isn't the worry that you'll bend over and a seam with go.  Or maybe it's because people see Natasha as a nighttime gal because she's not afraid of her curves but she isn't as dressy as some of her friends/rivals in the wiggle department.  I can only speculate, but what I do know is that I have 2 Natashas, the cherry print and the white pin dot, and 3 Heidis, the red, the ruby red w/ bow, and the royal blue, and this is my take on the whole Heidi and/vs. Natasha debate.  I have every dress except for the cherry Natasha in XS (I have that in a small, more on why later), and I'm 32", 24", 33", and 37" in my lower hips.

First up, the Heidi.  The red was my very first dress from PUG.  My roommates and I were planning a party, and I wanted to go as a pin up girl, but I didn't want a cheap costume, so I figured I'd try my luck as finding something that wasn't just for halloween.  And of course, the first website that shows up when you search pin up girl clothing is... Pinup Girl Clothing!  The Heidi was the featured homepage photo at that time, and the color, the cut, and Gia convinced me that this was the dress to try out.  I loved some of the wiggles, but with my history of fitted dresses being huge in the waist or impossible to get over my hips, I didn't think I stood a chance with a wiggle.  So I got the red Heidi.  I was floored when I tried it on... the color was perfect, the fabric was soft and substantial, and the waist was actually fitted!  Do you know how hard that is for someone like me (all of this talk that being thin means you can wear anything is BS, most clothing manufactures only make clothes for a certain range of sizes, and anyone outside of that field is out of luck)? And the bust fit as well, thanks to the design of the bodice allowing a wide range of bust sizes to fit into one size.  The belt was the perfect finishing touch, and I was thrilled with my new dress.  We never actually had that party, and I hadn't worn the dress yet since I though I'd look silly wearing it out and about.  Finally, I got up the nerve to wear it to work, and I felt transformed.  I was wearing a style I had always wanted to emulate from the films I watch, and no one looked at me like I had two heads.  In fact, people couldn't stop asking me where I had gotten my dress and how much they liked it!  Since the size chart had been so spot on for the Heidi, I decided to get a wiggle dress, the black Vamp.  Now, my hips have always been an issue.  I like them, but clothes usually don't.  And I never know where to measure, since half the time people recommend the actual hips at the bone, and half the time they say the widest part of your hips.  I don't know the rest of you, but my widest part is NOT at the hip bone (thanks, thighs, for screwing me up on size charts).  If I went by my widest measurement, at the lower hips, not even the bengaline dresses would fit me.  I went by my hip at the hip bone measurement, and then added an inch to that measurement for safety.  I didn't really expect it work, but took the chance anyways.  The Vamp fit like a dream (check out my other review on Vamps for more on that).  So now I had my measurements figured out and a system in place.  That doesn't mean that I stopped getting swing dresses.

 I got the ruby red Heidi at the Black Friday sale, and love the color, and the royal blue this year when it came out (the color on that is magnificent).  I would say that the blue does run just slightly smaller than the other two, but not enough to warrant sizing up unless you were uncomfortable in the other colors.  The Heidi is my go-to dress when I want to have the freedom of a full skirt to run around in.  

And as for the whole Natasha being the sexy sister, I think a case can be made for Heidi being the flirty tease of the two.  With a camisole or undershirt, Heidi is demure, but without (and esp. if you look like Gia!), she gives some good cleavage opportunities.  With the wiggle eliminated from the equation, all eyes are on the bodice and waistline, something the Heidi shows off in the best of ways.   

And what about Natasha?  Poor Natasha, everyone lusts after her but people can be scared off by her.  She's a wiggle, but a basically non-stretch wiggle.  For anyone with any sort of booty, this can be a bit daunting.  Again, it's all in following the size chart.  You can tear a super stretchy dress if you don't follow the size chart just as you can with a non-stretch.  My first Natasha was the cherry one.  It was the first time in years that I was interested in a pattern so bold.  By now thanks to the Vamp, I knew not to be scared by wiggles, but boy was the size chart on the cherry Natasha worrying me.  I don't know if PUG has redone the fit on this dress, but when I got it last year, there was no way an XS, my usual size, was going to work.  I'm wary of alterations, so I hesitated on getting the small since I thought that the bust and waist would be way too big on my frame.  After debating it, I did my usual "Well, to hell with it!" and got the small.  The hips were fitted, but totally fine for moving around, bending over, etc., and the bust, thanks to its design, was not gaping open and actually fit me quite well (I don't wear majorly padded bras, just for reference).  The waist still dipped in at the waist line, and with the belt, you can't tell that it wasn't my usual size.  

I'm going to digress for a bit here and remind everyone to not be a slave to your usual size.  I've known too many women who will shop at one store in particular because they can "Wear a smaller size there".  It's not a smaller size, it's a smaller number on your tag.  You didn't change sizes... we don't have a standard size chart here in the U.S. that manufactures have to follow so they can call it whatever size they want.  Wherever you shop, don't just buy "your" size because you think it's your size, buy the size that fits YOU.  That's the great thing about PUG... they tell you what size you really should get for each dress because they say exactly what the measurements are.  All you have to do is line your measurements up with the theirs.  Easy, right?  So do it!  Okay, back to Natasha.  I loved my cherry dress so much that I sought out another one to buy, and went with the Natasha in Pin Dot in XS.  The XS in this one is just perfect for me, and I love the pop-art feel it has.  In my opinion, the Natasha is a bit more 'modern' than the Heidi.  The skirt on the Heidi is unusual to see now, but a fitted dress is a bit more common.  I wear mine all the time to work because the cotton is breathable and comfortable.  I don't consider this a nighttime dress, though it certainly can be.  It's lovely for the daytime, and while it is sexy, it's not overly so.  It's classy-sexy.  I wish there were more patterns available for this dress since it's a beauty (like Houndstooth or a floral, hint hint!).  

So what's my verdict on these dresses?  Should we have to choose between them?  I say no.  Don't be scared by the wiggle of Natasha.  She only wants the best for you and if you pay attention to her size chart, you'll be amazed by how fantastic she is.  And if you're on the other side and you think that Heidi isn't sexy enough, uh, look at that photo of Gia.  And even if you don't look like Gia (I don't), you're still going to look hot as hell in this dress.  Either one of these dresses can be made more demure with a cardigan and/or undershirt, or glammed up with some red lipstick and heels.  You might find that one suits you better, but don't write the other off 'til you've given her a chance!  

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you look stunning in these pics, I think my next order might have a Natasha in there!

I want to get a Natasha but I tried on a Medium in Leopard print and could barely squeeze my butt into it. And it was huge through the shoulders, bust, ribs and waist  I've been paranoid to try one of the other patterns (which have different measurements on the site) due to this.  I absolutely love the white/red pindot and have thought many times of adding it to my PUG collection

I love my red Heidi and strongly considered the blue one but decided on separates instead if I recall correctly.

When I first started wearing Pinup, I preferred the fuller skirts (hence several Daisy, Doris skirt and Heidi).  I always felt my shape was wrong for pencil.  Now that I've been wearing more fitted I definitely prefer pencil to Heidi.  So who knows, there may be a Natasha in my future after all ;)

I've gotten the zipper switched in my Natasha dress to a longer one so I could fit my booty into it. So much better!

My first dress from PUG wasthe cherry heidi and it was love at first sight. After that i wanted more dresses and I was concerned about the natasha dress but they look very nice so after some moths I decided to buy the blue with creme bow in XL... and it looks great!!!!!!! Now.. again I want the natasha in all colors.. is the sizing similar in al l of them?? I read some of them run small.. I live in Mexico so I need to be sure of that because its a real problem for exchanging it!!




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