Hey Everyone,

As you guys may be aware I have a blog (http://appletonpug.blogspot.co.uk/). One of the posts that had done very well was all about healthy eating and exercise. I find it interesting to learn what other people to to keep healthy. I have teamed up with fellow PUGster and blogger Tahitia Belle Fille  (http://tahitiabellefille.wordpress.com/) to put together some regular posts about food! This will be to show off peoples favourite meals (healthy or unhealthy) in order to learn people choices from all over the world. In order to do this we will be asking people to take photo's of their food and explain what it is, some times provide recipies, some people may even wish to share their own food diary and exercise plans. There is no end to this really as people could share snacks, drinks, deserts, all kinds of stuff! We all eat different based on foods available to us, local produce, local popular foods, culture, price, availability, whether its 'good' or 'bad'. We also have those meals we just love even if they are not text book healthy meals, some people may be slightly off the healthy scale, some may be pure fast food! I find other people very interesting and how we all lead our own lives. Food, health, diet, exercise usually plays a big part in life for many women and I thought we could all learn about each other in a new fun way! Tahitia lives in Canda, I am in England. As a team working on this we can help to provide a wide range of insights for both our follows.

Please let us know people or contact either of us directly is you would like to feature. As mentioned above you can 'feature' in many ways, I've listed some below. Just let us know what option you would like to do!

Take a photo of your best meal (healthy/unhealthy or both) with an explaination of what it is and possible recipe if you can provide. We can put as much or as little about yourself as you would like but would definitely need to display location as thats one of the main things to find out what over people in different areas like. Produce a food diary to share along with photo's and info about it. Along with the food type of stuff sharing an exercise plans you follow, sports etc could be interesting. Or just contact us and we can play it by ear and decide once we've spoken!

Thank you

Leanna and Tahitia :) 

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I don't think that I could put it any better than Leanna did guys! Please give it all some thought and share and tell us whatever you feel like when it comes to your diet, your exercise and why you eat what you eat.

I can't wait to hear what you all have to say about this and I'm sure we'll all have discovered some tasty new dishes and treats when all's said and done!

Take care and hugs guys :)

I love sushi :), I could probably eat it every day if my boyfriend could. I'm actually making a cookbook centered around sushi sometime later in the year after the photographer I want is ready for it :) Im in the Netherlands though so lots of fish available.

I also love stuff like this which is a stir fry with salami and egg among other things :) 

but this is not a good idea of what Dutch people eat. They usually go with Indonesian inspired dishes like curries and so (which I also love) :) 

Awesome thank you very much! :) Well looks like so far we have a smoothie breakfast and these two lovely lunch options that would work great, who wants to share something for a dinner and desert?! Then we have a whole day around the world for our first post! How great is that! x

ha, I actually have sushi for dinner , but what about this awesome quiche ? It had madame jeanette peppers, a ton of parsley and basil, spinach, and a layer of cheese with cheddar and a Dutch cheese which doesn't have a name except one that translates into ' young but ripe'  ha :) 

Such a great idea :D I live in Hawaii & food is a huge thing here! Seriously every party has like a home cooked buffet enough for everyone to eat and have enough for left overs haha.
I don't have any pics on hand but a lot of what I love to eat and cook I post on Instagram (of course haha) @geeidunno so you can check them out there if you like.

Ooooh, if I remember I'll take a photo next time I make "Spanish 15 minute soup" - its yummy, filling, and fairly healthy too :)

ok, so I have a ton of recipes (most of them not-so-healthy home food that I grew up with), but not much in the way of measurements, and not any pictures (I kept trying to take pics, but apparently I 1. have a crappy old phone & 2. our kitchen doesn't have enough actual light in it, so they come out dark no matter what I do to them). Is any of this of interest?

A couple of nights ago I made this spinach casserole. For those of you familiar with Greek food, it is similar to the Greek dish spanakopita which is a spinach/cheese mixture in filo dough. In fact I love to make spanakopita or as I fondly call it, spanner. But this dish is a lighter version. There is no filo and thus no butter. So the calorie count is much less! I originally got the recipe from a Weight Watchers book. But nowadays I have no idea what that original recipe was. The dish consists of spinach, non-fat cottage cheese, feta cheese, a bit of mozzarella, eggs and whole wheat flour seasoned with salt, pepper and dill. Mix it all up. Bake it. Eat it! Yummy!!! Here is a pic of the finished product:


That looks (and sounds) delish!!

I don't have a picture of it, but I found an awesome recipe for Thai rice and shrimp on the Weight Watcher's website.  It requires pretty simple ingredients.  Basically, you cook your rice and add some red pepper flakes and soy sauce with some pineapple chunks to take off some of that heat.  Add some shrimp and enjoy.




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