So anyone can easily get all gussied up in their best PUG threads and their face and hair all done up. But what about casual looks. This I have a hard time with. Does anyone have pics or tips for day to day vintage. Like for hair, makeup, accessories, and especially outfits. Can't exactly afford to buy all my separates from PUG, Bettie Page, etc and the stores at the mall these days aren't exactly selling mass amounts of vintage style clothing. So what do you do?

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For a more casual look, I simply wear button down shirts with capri pants or high waisted jeans. I sometimes tie my shirts at the waist or wear a waist belt.

Ponytails finished off with bows, or even hair down with a flower in your hair is simple too. 

I forgot to add that hair snoods are great for casual looks too.

Over the years I have acquired quite a few pairs of high waisted shorts and sailor shorts. I pair those with a variety of tanks and shirts. Today in honor of the Fourth of July and MS Coco Chanel I have on a blue & white striped shirt with white sailor shorts from Fredericks of Hollywood and a red scarf in my hair. 

A simple stretch pencil skirt, capris, shorts, or a circle skirt with a cropped cardigan & wide belt always does the job for me! This photo I had little time to get ready so I just left my hair natural & pulled the front into a roll & the back into a pony. The scarf was just to give it a little more pizazz, but a hair flower works just as well!


You can also go for the Rosie the Riviter look! A pair of jeans with some converse,  paired with a flannel shirt & a bandana in your hair :)

Thanks! you look super cute. Where did u get that scarf?

Thank you!! I got it as a gift years ago! its my favorite scarf!

  Even my casual looks dressed up, but I think it's because most people just look sloppy.  I have lots of pieces that are versatile, either dressy or casual depending on shoes and accessories.  It's definitely the way to get the most out of your wardrobe.  I started a blog a year ago with posts on ways to be thrifty and stylish.  For a day look I might wear a vintage skirt, shirt, and flats (flats are my go too for day wear).  If I want to wear the same thing into the evening, I'll just change accessories (or add them) and pair it with heels/wedges.  I'm on a mad search for the perfect pair of denim capris. The comment from Shay D is perfect.  Also, I search youtube when I'm out of ideas on hair.  There's plenty of tutorials there. Like pandora's box of ideas ;)

Since I'm new to PUG-style, and am on a very limited budget (I am so hoping that PUG will create a lay-away ala KMart/Sears, where I can put separates and dresses on lay-away and pay them off!!! please please please! but I digress), I have gone to Goodwill (where I found two 80's does 50's dresses, as well as a shirt dress), that I took in to my tailoress who is making some modifications on them for me. American Apparel, H&M, and Forever21 have the greatest little cute studs at a really cheap price for earrings and other accessories (I go for the earrings). I have to wear black and white at work, so I have a little go-to bolero short sleeved sweater (we also have to have our shoulders covered) that I bought at WalMart a couple of years ago. One of my most vintage-looking dresses I own is from WalMart that I bought for $20 a couple of years ago!! Belts and handbags (and sometimes, if I'm very lucky, shoes!) I have been lucky to find at Goodwill or other thrift stores - not necessarily vintage stores, but the ones that are for specific charities. If you go to a store in a higher-end neighborhood, you'll find that the donations are higher-end; as well, one that is very older-generation, you will find that the donations there are more vintage. I go for the colors/designs - I have a polka-dot fetish, so that naturally catches my eye; black and white stripes are big for me too. Since I cannot find a pant ala a cigarrette pant, I use leggings - the cotton blend ones, not the pure spandex type. I rely on mary jane styled shoes that work for me at work (which I found at work - Sears - and are hella comfortable for being on your feet all day, as well as walking alot in them). Bandannas you can pick up at WalMart for $1 each. Don't be afraid to pick something up and take it to your tailor (find a good one - shop around by taking in one thing to them first, and if you like what they do, then up the ante). If you have a vision for something, they can usually work with it to make it happen (one of my goodwill dresses not only was hemmed, but they shortened and cuffed the sleeves). There are alot of basics that I find at work that seem to fit in with my vintage-y look. My biggest thing is worrying about whether or not people are snickering about me and my style behind my back because I do take the time to dress "up" even when I'm not going full out... I have found that most of the younger gen at work does do sloppy, which makes me stand out like a sore thumb (but is totally worth it when I have customers coming up and telling me I look great, and little old ladies who love my funky mani's!). Find your groove and go with it. Today I wore a white (with silver thin stripes, so they weren't too noticeable) skirt that I bought at Old Navy a couple of years ago, with a red/white/blue polka dotted tank from WalMart, my white bolero sweater on top, clipped with my pinwheel sweater guard I made, a white belt that I found at KMart around my waist (talk about accentuation!) and white mary jane walking shoes from Danskin (also from WalMart). Red little studs for earrings, simple make-up with a red lip, and tried out the victory roll hair (I figured victory rolls + 4th of july = duh!). I received so many compliments today from EVERYONE - male/female/old/young - it was a total confidence booster (even though everyone else was in jeans and a tee or plaid shirt...).

Oh, and makeup... I don't have the whole wing thing down... I don't know if I ever will, but instead of black, I go with an espresso/black-brown color for liner, then my go to always for red lips is NYX True Red liner, with (just discovered and fell in love with!) their lip balm in red (it has a name that means thank-you in another language that I can't remember right now). They also have a pink balm that I use on top of liner or a long-lasting color. Right now, I've only been using my eb5 moisturizer with L'Oreal's studio perfect primer... but am considering switching to a bb cream now that we've had that discussion (thanks ladies!!). I found a great stick blush (it's actually an all over color) by e.l.f. for $1 called pink lemonade that i wipe on my cheeks and blend with a thick blush brush. I have been playing with color on my eyes, and went and got the LA Colors palettes at Dollar Tree on the rec of a blogger I follow; colors are great and have great staying power. Mascara... this is a discussion thread I'm planning on opening up because I need to find a really great one. But that's it - in all my make-up usually takes me no more than 15mins start to finish.


Lol u are too freaking cute you had me gigglin the whole time I was reading this. I am super impressed and inspired by ur thrifty ways. I guess I need to start hunting more and visiting my local good will. O and as far as mascara goes Maybelline has the BEST. My favs are Maybellines "One by One" and "Falsies ". And trust me IV tried so many different Mascaras. When I wear these people always ask me if I'm wearing fake eyelashes. Its Great!.. Also I totally agree with u about the whole everyone is always so sloppy it makes u feel kinda out of place. Miss Liz E just made a comment about that too. It's really frustrating and I Thot I was the only one that felt that way! (might have to start a discussion about that lol)

thanks - i was hoping it wasn't too long-winded! :)

oh, and i agree... we should discuss the sloppy syndrome going around and how to (subtly?) influence to better standards... :)

Oh sloppy syndrome I feel like the weather round here makes people fall into its clutches 100 times more than anywhere else I've lived.




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