Like some of you I have been pondering whether to get myself a bullet bra for a while, but not been sure how I'd wear it, or if it would be for me at all. Well, I decided to go for it a little while ago, and ordered the Maitresse bullet bra from What Katie Did in black. I can even begin to tell you how wonderful it is, it instantly became my favorite bra. I liked it so much, I have already got the Harlow too, which is in lovely vintage peach.

Anyways, I'd thought I'd give you some examples of wear, so you can maybe get a better idea of what it is like, and maybe finally go for it too. :) First, though:

1) So far, I think (at least for me as a beginner), the fabric shouldn't be too thin, or too clingy.

2) Stripes/prints will help to distract a little, as will dark colors, and help make it less obvious (if you want that).

3) The bra hits much further up than most bras, so for example, although I have several different PUG tops, the only actual PUG tops that I currently own I can wear the bras with are my Ridley tops (even the Daryl is lower cut).

I have found them surprisingly easy to wear; I have worn everything here, apart from the last wool sweater to work (and nobody noticed!).

About 1), if you end up like me,wanting to wear them every day, it will be possible with thinner fabrics, you just need to add something. For example, I don't think this sweater would work alone, it would be too much, but since I'm wearing a jumper, it isn't. :)

Another example is this striped top, which I thought was a little too much (I was going to work). But, add a cardigan - problem solved!

This sweater I haven't worn out yet. I can't decide on what I think. I know I can't wear it to work, but maybe when I get more used to it (and feel bold!), I can wear it out. Hmm...!

Some of you might want a more obvious look. I feel I need to ease into it, also it's fun to be able to wear it to work. Regardless, I hope you found some use in this, especially if you are on the fence. Please add you own experiences, advice, examples (and pics!) if you'd like.

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Hey Margrete! So based on everything you said I took a stab at wearing my own bullet bra own for a night on the town (the Marlene from What Katie Did) and WOW this is a look that I think I can get used to. I really see the appeal now in the shape, the cone look takes some getting used to but the defined edges and outline really make a vintage top POP :)

Now the night wasn't without injury, when I hugged a good friend of mine to say hello at the theatre my husband and I went to he said "OWWW" really loudly but in a funny joking way, I don't think people really expect those kinds of protruding objects anymore when they go in for a hug so I'll have to keep an eye on that in future social situations.

If I ever wanted to tone down the "pointiness" a lot like you'd mentioned then shirts like the Joanie Top would definitely be a good choice, but I definitely love the obvious look it gives in the Jersey Cap Sleeve Top in the picture on the left.

Otherwise, bullet bras are definitely a must have for a complete pinup look. Thanks again Margrete and thank you for starting this thread, I never would have given this a shot without it or your advice :)

Wow! Awesome, and brave! :) At least it sounds like you didn't get any negative responses. Your friend was very funny. :)

Like I said in the post I have had to ease into wearing these bras, and I also like wearing them to work, so I have to be careful. I don't think anyone has noticed so far. I did, however, recently forget one morning that I was going swing dancing after work, and was wearing the blue/white striped top + the cardigan. And, of course, while dancing I had to take the cardigan off because it was too hot. I felt a little exposed, but I'm not sure if anyone took notice, or if it was just me feeling that way. :) I do hope I will get to the point were I can comfortably wear a more obvious look, like the bottom sweater, e.g. Hopefully I'll also find more things to wear them with. I have just started sewing using vintage patterns, and I have decided to fit the 50s ones wearing these bras since I already have them, and also want to wear them whenever I can. :)

(Sorry about the late response!)

Thank you Margrete! You are too nice and also very brave and awesome yourself don't forget ;)

I do know what you mean though about being continuously self-conscious and aware of the cone shape bust though, even when your getting compliments. Maybe this is the sort of thing that will just go away with time and experience wearing them. So far I've only tried wearing my bullet bra with my Jersey tops and the Sandra Dress that I bought for Christmas last year. I really think the cone shape works with the Sandra Dress here on the right, but the effect is very subdued and not as obvious as it is in our other tops.

The results weren't quite as good with the Military Secretary Dress in tan though, so I now know for sure that the bullet bra is not for every vintage style dress :(

Still I think I'm going to try wearing it with as many future PUG items as I can. Even if it will take a bit more getting used too I'm too much in love with the style to stop now :)

Although I do have one question for you, do you find that the bullet bras give you support for physical activities like your swing dancing? I ask because I'd love to take up swing dancing in the New Year and I can't think of a better place to go with the cone look!

Lovely! :)

I hope I'll find a dress or five to wear them with too. Will probably make some, I have some patterns that would work well, I think. Just need more time to sew!

Actually, I find that these bras are more supportive than any of my other bras, so, yes, definitely suitable for dancing! :) On the WKD site they actually refer to a customer that uses one as a sportsbra, and I can totally imagine that it would work for me too.

Thanks Margrete! I definitely know what you mean about needing more time to do things these days :)

So there are customers that actually use bullet bras in place of sports bras? Now that I think about it it doesn't seem like that crazy an idea considering how they work. I might give it a try when spring rolls around and I get back into the jogging habit. 

Anyways if you do find the time to make some of those dresses or find the right dress to wear them with please be sure to share some pics :)

Hi again Margrete! I just wanted to mention that I tried wearing a bullet bra to my own swing dancing class last night and it was PERFECT for Lindy Hopping.

Compared to conventional bras the bullet style kept my breasts in the same place through all the spinning and turning, I even used them as a reference to help square my shoulders with my partners, if the girls were pointed right at my partner, I knew I was squared with them properly :)

That`s not even mentioning the fact that the cone shape visual completely works for swing dancing too. Thanks again for the advice Margrete :)

:) Awesome! And also w.r.t. starting to Lindy hop! I started in September. Doing a second course now + a workshop Feb 21-24! So much fun. :)

Oh my GOD it definitely is fun isn't it? I'm having a blast doing this and it's a really great way to stay healthy and keep in shape too :)

  first  I must say Margrete , you have great taste and a smart style . Love that jumper look and the cardigan as well ssoo cute & sexy ;-) . Recently seen something about WKD in another discussion and decided to check it out and now this certainly has me interested , I do think this maybe  for me and what I look for in a bra , that is to say something to ' fill' shape or maybe to shape a fill[ that is - er ' stuffing ' ]  being what  some would say transgender although I don't refer to myself as such . I do tend to shape tastefully pointed mostly ;-D . But most bras today are made to push  , that is to push together and up I've also noticed- the- fancier -the- more - push . The trick seems to be that the shoulder straps are closer to underarm which I find awkward rather than mid cup . The way the bullet bra looks in the model photo that the straps are centered mid cup . So I'm asking; is that is true ? that would be a comfort + for me . And I m very interested in those seamed stocking I do want ' the real deal ' feel  of the 40's . Also glad to hear about the swing dance ! What fun ! ;-) 

Billie! Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I'm so sorry it has taken me two weeks to get back to you, I have been sick (ruined the Lindy workshop, among other things :/).

Anyways, if I understand you correctly, you are just asking if the the straps are like in the photo? Yes, they are more mid cup, like in the photo. (Quite far out to the sides in the back though, if you check out the photo from the back. This felt a little weird to me at first, but I got used to it).

So, go for it! And also go for the stockings! I'm so happy it seems like the weather here is getting a little warmer now (still winter, though...), so it will be easier to wear stockings. :)

 You are welcome Margrete  . Yes I did notice the straps  in the back [ I like their zoom in feature , that is very helpful ] The rago body shaper I have is like that in the back which is fine with me and oh the stockings yes must have :) will go well with the rago as well thanks for your help , hope you are well now . Here is to good health and well being so to enjoy pinup lifestyle ;-) 




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