Like some of you I have been pondering whether to get myself a bullet bra for a while, but not been sure how I'd wear it, or if it would be for me at all. Well, I decided to go for it a little while ago, and ordered the Maitresse bullet bra from What Katie Did in black. I can even begin to tell you how wonderful it is, it instantly became my favorite bra. I liked it so much, I have already got the Harlow too, which is in lovely vintage peach.

Anyways, I'd thought I'd give you some examples of wear, so you can maybe get a better idea of what it is like, and maybe finally go for it too. :) First, though:

1) So far, I think (at least for me as a beginner), the fabric shouldn't be too thin, or too clingy.

2) Stripes/prints will help to distract a little, as will dark colors, and help make it less obvious (if you want that).

3) The bra hits much further up than most bras, so for example, although I have several different PUG tops, the only actual PUG tops that I currently own I can wear the bras with are my Ridley tops (even the Daryl is lower cut).

I have found them surprisingly easy to wear; I have worn everything here, apart from the last wool sweater to work (and nobody noticed!).

About 1), if you end up like me,wanting to wear them every day, it will be possible with thinner fabrics, you just need to add something. For example, I don't think this sweater would work alone, it would be too much, but since I'm wearing a jumper, it isn't. :)

Another example is this striped top, which I thought was a little too much (I was going to work). But, add a cardigan - problem solved!

This sweater I haven't worn out yet. I can't decide on what I think. I know I can't wear it to work, but maybe when I get more used to it (and feel bold!), I can wear it out. Hmm...!

Some of you might want a more obvious look. I feel I need to ease into it, also it's fun to be able to wear it to work. Regardless, I hope you found some use in this, especially if you are on the fence. Please add you own experiences, advice, examples (and pics!) if you'd like.

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Thank you! From what I have seen, they are more or less the same, you can take a look at the WKD website to compare (I have the Maitresse and Harlow). I didn't know exactly how high they would hit until I tried them on, though, I was a little surprised. So now I'm constantly on the lookout for more tops that are compatible with these bras. :) (I must add that they are also very comfortable to wear, and give much more support than any other bra I have).

Thanks for this post. I too was wondering about a bullet bra, but couldn't any pics with how they look under clothes.
I love your clothing :) those outfits are totally adorable! :) and I want a bullet bra for my photo shoots so thank you for the inspiration!

Margrete you look absolutely stunning in those outfits, you're definitely rocking the bullet bra look :)

I also really appreciate those three points of advice, especially how prints, stripes, patterns and dark colours can make the effect less obvious and how beginners shouldn't wear thin materials.

I definitely agree with Stephanie about wanting to wear one for PUG photoshoots from now on :)

I have the same issue as Brandi though, a lot of my PUG and vintage dresses and shirts are low cut and I usually wear strapless bras with them. I saw that What Katie Did sells a Glamour Strapless Bra though, but maybe it's just me but it doesn't look as "pointy" as their others. Do you know Margrete if WKD or any other website/retailer sells strapless bullet bras that give the same effect as the pointy effect as the Maitresse and Harlow?

I really hope so because I would LOVE to start sporting that look myself :)

Thanks ladies! :)

Tahitia - I have mainly been looking at types like these (and just WKD), so I'm not sure. I think you are right about the Glamour Bra, their description says "a subtly bullet-shaped balconette", but it looks very nice, maybe it's a nice alternative? :) Maybe also the Glamour longline bra that Paperdoll is referring to? I'm not sure if it hits much lower, but it seems somewhat pointy, although not as much as Maitresse/Harlow.

A small side track: Shopping at WKD has also made me take the plunge and start wearing stockings, as they have nice matching suspender belts and girdles (which are very comfortable too!), but for now with my current dresses I have to choose either to wear a bullet bra or stockings. Would love to rock both at the same time! Stockings really make you feel glamorous!

I love it, you look great! Thanks for adding it here. (And sorry about the late response!)

@Paperdoll that looks really classy and you are one gorgeous lady! That really is a nice piece too.

@Margrete I definitely know what you mean about stockings, I just picked up my first pair from WKD after getting some advice from Stephanie Folden and I am in LOVE with them, I can't believe that I've gone this long wearing pinup dresses without them ;) They are so glamourous! 

I was wondering if from your own experience you've ever felt that people were staring at your bust while wearing a bullet bra and if so if that was at all distracting or something that just wasn't an issue?

I found this sewing blog just after you started this thread where the writer was talking about bullet bras and wondered "what purpose would this really serve in my life besides making me feel like everyone was staring at my torpedo-shaped breasts?", even though she was in love with the vintage and glamour look of it herself.

Having never worn one in public I'd definitely say it's worth any and all extra attention the bra would generate, what with how it really completes the pinup/vintage look, I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the attention matter.

After seeing your pictures and reading your notes though I think I'm going to try wearing one to a theater party next week, I'll post the pictures after and let everyone know how it worked out!

Thanks and hugs :)

you look GREAT ! it's super awesome on you !!!

I got the 34C one but I'm trying to sell it because the band is way to loose on me... maybe a 32D would work better don't you think ?

Do you think WKD is more on the small or big side, cup size wise ?

I'm desperate of making this work this is such a beautiful & authentic look... 


Thank you! :)

32D will definitely be better then. I'm not sure what band size you normally wear? I would say for these two bras the cup size is normal.

They often recommend going up one band size (one cup size down follows) because of the none-stretch, so I ended up doing that. I found, however, that it was too loose for my preference even using the innermost hooks, so I returned them and got my normal band size + cup size (30F), which was a much better fit. When you go down one band size, using the outermost hooks on the smaller will be tighter than using the innermost on the larger, so it was quite tight at first, but after a couple of wears perfect.

I hope you will find the right size soon! :)

thing is... I don't own a proper fitting bra at the moment :s 

I hould be wearing a 28F/30E but I only own 34C which is somehow not bad in the cup BUT I don't have any support from the band which isn't good AT ALL. 

It never occurred to me that I was wearing the wrong bra size until I read Georgina's Fuller Figure Fuller Bust blog & chatted with her ! 

I ordered a 30E bra from curvy Kate which I cannot wait to receive & also a 32D from secrets in lace just because it was so pretty ! (cabaret plunge in red/black :p)

I did the live chat on WKD's website the other day & according to my measurements she advices me to get 32DD in the underwire styles, 32D in the CC09 & longline & probably in bullet too. 

She said that I could return it for exchange so I might try that :)

Thanks for you advices ! 


I see. No wonder the 34C doesn't fit you! Yes, it is very important to find the correct size, apparently most women wear the wrong size. I "discovered" that I have been wearing the wrong size four years ago, and it makes such a difference having bras that fit like they should!

Good luck with the WKD 32s. I hope they will fit you. Not just so that you won't have to return them, but also because the downside to having to get the 30 band for me is that the Maitresse and the Harlow are the only two bras WKD makes in the 30 band... :( I was sooo wanting the CC09. I tried one in the 32 band, but it was much too loose, so I had to return it.

i love your bullet bra, it is siren enough to get attention but they don't stand out wildly, i love your clothig, i am getting my collection of pinup items together slowly but surely :) 




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