I guess I'm lucky in that I have fairly good skin - means I have an excuse for my inherent laziness. I rarely wear make up although I love it, and I hardly ever cleanse or moisturise or anything else except when I'm in the shower. I realise that as I get older I might have to start taking care of myself a bit more though, so do you ladies have any tips or tricks to looking amazing every day? What are your routines when it comes to getting ready to face the day?

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That's true, it's been around for YEARS now, and you don't hang around if you don't do a good job!

I'm in my 40's, and constantly am told I look like I'm in my late 20's. I think part of good skin is genetics, but there are some things that I swear to... 1. Drink lots of water. 2. Don't SCRUB your face, especially around the eyes. Do a gentle cleanse, and with a light hand (and avoid soaps when possible). 3. Don't wear a lot of makeup. I wear eyeliner and lipstick every day, and that's it. I can count on one hand the amount of times I've had foundation applied to my face. 4. Sunscreen. Many moisturizers are at least spf 15, and that works for me just fine. 5. Stay out of the sun when possible. :D 

My two favorite moisturizers are Oil of Olay Regenerist, and Shiseido.


I'm 28 and look 10 years younger, which isn't always helpful when you're the owner of small children and walking down the road with them!

I go all natural and like Sandi am told I look a lot younger than my 39 years. I apply foundation about 5 days a week for work which helps with sun protection and also use an SPF as the sun in Australia is particularly harsh. Generally I follow the routine below:

1. wash skin daily morning and night

2. always apply moisturiser with spf

3. use a night serum

4. drink plenty of water

5. eat lots of fruit and vegetables - research shows a diet high in sugar and low in F & V accelerates skin aging.

My favorite brands are Devita and La Mav.

let's see... i started using simple brand face wash, as it really works with my hyper-sensitive skin (which became more sensitive as i have gotten older). i usually wash in the morning, then at night, take off my make-up and clean with a baby wipe (i like the huggies sensitive skin ones as they are thick and without a bunch of crap in them). i moisturize with eb5 in the morning, which is also a primer (but not a bb cream). and if i don't use eb5 (it's expensive, so i don't always have it), i use oil of olay for sensitive skin. also, sunscreen... all the freaking time. and moisturize all the way down to your decolletage - it's one of the dead aging give-aways. and moisturize your hands with your face stuff... another aging give away. baby oil for eye make-up that is difficult to get off, and that doesn't come off with the baby wipe. that's it... (i think)...

I have super sensitive skin that breaks out with little provocation. 

I've found that applying honey to spots before bed helps minimize them and that Burt's Bees Acne Solution moisturizer works well as a light daily application.

Because it's so sensitive I keep the makeup light. I use a mineral based face powder to eliminate shine and even out my complexion. For more evening occasions, I use gel eyeliner (dramatic punch of liquid, but more staying power and less drippy), and sometimes a nice red lipstick. For day, I'll use a light mineral eye shadow and just a lip balm- my lips are naturally pink, so I don't usually use color on them.

I have psoriasis so I think that's why I don't wear make up much besides eyeliner. And my lips are blue but chap very easily so I can only really wear lip balm as the lipstick looks uneven on chapped lips! I'm intrigued by gel liner now though, I've never heard of it, so I must do some research now, so thank you for that! :)

Thanks for joining my group :) I will be posting lots of info over time about skin and hair care techniques with natural products. It will include some of my reviews of favorite products as well as Do-It-Yourself regimens with items from your kitchen :)I hope the info will be helpful to you :)

Oooh yeah, stuff you can make at home is always appealing - much nicer on the wallet! And thank you for thanking me :) 

I work at Sephora and am fortunate to come across all sorts of skin types and work with clients of all ages. When someone has flawless skin I always ask if they have a "secret". There are a few tips I've heard that I realize while they would work great, overall most people with nice skin can link it to genetics.

A few things I've picked up from clients and agree with:


Only using Luke Warm Water (a 32yo Cancer survivor. She had skin of a 10 year old girl and said she's never put hot water on her face)

Not switching products every other day (52 year old woman I thought was about 40. Used a Pond's brand moisturizer for 20 years)

Washing your face EVERY night before bed

Clarisonic (I decided to treat myself at the end of Summer. It seems to be changing lives!)


Water intake

And the rest is up to the universe!

Hey there,

There are some basic steps to keeping your skin healthy:

Cleanse, Resurface, Repair, Moisturize and Protect.

I highly recommend using sulfate free (drying) and paraben free (a cheap preservative that mimics the actions of hormones and has been found in a lot of cancerous breast tissue) products. 

Moisturizer should not be combined with sunscreen. They should be separate products. Moisturizer should penetrate the skin for full benefit and sunscreen should rest on top of the skin. If the two are combined in one product, then at least one of them is not doing its job.


i like to use natural and organic products. I hate using a ton of chemicals on face. I like to use pure organic jojoba oil ay night ( jojoba oil is the oil which is closest to the oil our skin produced naturally). I also use vit e on my face, every week or so, again at night ( break open a capsule and apply)




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