With so many topics in the forums & great blogs being posted I decided I wanted to contribute myself. I had a few different things I wanted to say but I wasn't sure which one to choose.. and then it hit me, review the whole darn site!

So lets start at the very begining, its a very good place to start.....

When I first got the email notification saying that Pinup Girl Style had come I was super excited, finally a place to go to share tips & tricks and general love of PUG. And that is exactly what we got. I have learnt so much from fellow PUGgies since this site started. I have received advice on so many things- from which shade of lipstick will work best for me (being a pale redhead) to tips for making the most of VLV next year. Heck, my fascinations with corests has evolved just from reading posts on waist training to now having ordered one of my very own, following reccomendations I have read and received. I also read hot debates with great interest such the new 'work dress' and love to hear everyone's opions. Boy does it help my day at work go much faster!

One of my favourite site features is the PUG swap & sell page. Its fabulous! The only downside for me is living in Australia I can't always take advantage of the great finds because the shipping costs are just too high. Speaking of great finds, on another note being an Aussie I also missed the Yard Sale. But (and this where I do a happy dance) I put the call out on PUG Style and a fellow PUGgy/ angel Ysell Huizar  came to my rescue and made a purchase on my behalf. For me, a girl on the other side of the world, that she had never met before! Now that is PUG love! I have had puggies help me out in other ways too. For instance I made a friend of Whitney Davidson, who happens to share my measurements, and she has helped me out with some sizing issues when I didn't get any help in the forums.

By now your thinking to yourselves that a I have absolute love for the site and there can not possibly be any negetives coming, but you are wrong. Yes, there is one fatal flaw to Pinup Girl Style and here it is..... fan photos. Yep, thats right I cannot possibly look at another photo of a fellow PUGgy wearing her PUG best. And not because some of them are just aspiring models as has been brought up in a forum post. But more simply because I just can't afford it! Everyone looks just so gosh darn cute & fabulous thats its just rediculous and I immediately think that I need to have that item right away, and I forget all the other dresses that I had my eye on. As was with the case with one Heidi Staudt-Sanna and her blog about Bermuda. I am now the proud owner of my first Heidi, which was a style I had never really been into. Boy was I wrong, they are even better than Netti!



Sorry, not a full length, but I had planned on using this photo to ask in the forums if this colour lipstick suits me (my guy HATES it)

So that's all my ramblings for now, thanks for reading it all. See you round the forums!

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Comment by Brandi Shuey on November 7, 2012 at 5:47pm

This site is pretty amaze-balls:) I love looking at the fan photos and reading the blogs and reviews ....better than most magazines.

Comment by Aoife 24K on November 8, 2012 at 6:28am

I belong to another pin up site. At first I loved that one. But then I found this one and I find it so much more helpful. There is much more of a dialogue here. It has its flaws but over all, I love it. I love reading about others' experiences with the clothes. The photos are all so helpful and inspiring. And I have made friends here!

Alyssa thanks for sharing your experiences with PUG. BTW even though it is a small pic, I can tell that you look great in your outfit.

Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on November 8, 2012 at 5:58pm

Alyssa I agree with everything that you said :) Your review was great and it really made me think about how the site really has become a part of all of our lives!

Also you totally rock that Heidi Dress :)

Comment by Ysell Huizar on November 15, 2012 at 5:46pm

You are too adorable and sweet. The Heidi looks awesome on you ;-D


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