My NEW friend Heidi..


There was a long stretch of time since I had the privilege of owning a dress. 


A few years back I did have a decent collection of casual skirts that were the colour infusion in my closet full of black tops, cardigans and sweaters. The only accessory I would be found wearing were my brilliantly coloured hair flowers and that was me.


My mental space had not yet crossed the threshold, from being in a cute way to being more of a sophisticated or elegant styling.  Dresses that were assessable to me were not appealing and so I eventually stopped looking.


After a trip to our nearest city I was spotted wearing my hair flower and it was suggested to me to check out a retail shop that specialized in Pin-Up clothing.  Although I had been dressing with a pin-up essence, I was not really conscious of how I was styling myself.


My sub-conscious styling at that time came from the influence of magazines that my husband purchased to keep up to speed with his passion of rods.  As we live in the country on a farm my daily attire is anything but cute and going to our closest town did not offer any help.


The day I met Heidi, well she was handed to me by my hubby.  This version of her was of a black background and a strong and bright red and green cherry motif.  She had red piping on her edges and I had never seen anything like her before. 


I was urged into a fitting room where I would try her on.  I had to ask for help in order to do up the long zipper on my back.  I will never forget the embracing feeling I first had as her fabric caressed me and bound closer to my body as the zipper went up, up up. 

I was a casual/comfort dresser with a lot of cute and so her fitted lines were defiantly different and I felt her on me.  When I turned and looked in the mirror that first time, I was caught off guard and not really sure who I was looking at.  I was glamorous and Heidi fit me in ways that I never saw myself as before, all of a sudden my body made sense.


The Heidi was one of many styles of dresses produced by Pin Up Girl Clothing, I would later discover the world of PUG on-line through their website and FB Page. Although that day I did not leave with Heidi, I did with a Deadly Dames Baby doll in skull print because she suited my foot wear at the time of purchase.  The city center we were in was 7 hours away from our home. 

That day I declared that every time we come back to the city to check on my husband’s rod build, this shop would be number one on my list.


By the time we got home my husband kept asking about Heidi, he wanted to know when she would be joining my closet and told me over and over again how great she looked on me.


It was the first time he was so eager for me to shop and buy clothing it really got me to thinking. I wonder now if he regrets this as my Heidi collection started with the Cherry Print and now boasts 7 other colours.


I soon discovered the shop that introduced me to Heidi would ship orders to me through mail.  This opened a world of opportunity and the refinement of my Pin-Up look was now possible even living many miles away and in the middle of the country where the term Pin-Up is un-heard of.


For my body style the best invested companion piece to this dress are crinolines/petti coats. It is a must have for me under this circle skirt to accentuate my hour glass figure.  I am in the market for a fuller crinoline than I currently have, I may even consider layering.


I just feel I don’t get the pay off of the dress unless I get a little oomph under it.


To keep the look of my dresses different and fresh I like playing with different belts, cardigans and shrugs.  Swapping out my crinoline colour and my hair accessories .  I even took up wearing wedges to commit to my look which was a big step from paddock boots (worn about the farm/horses) to then polish my feminine side.


My measurements are approximately

Bust 46

Waist 36

Hip 46

I do have a short torso yet longer legs and stand about 5’9. 
I wear a 2XL and shape wear >./p>


I am thrilled with this season’s colours and am excited to have them join me.. <3

I edited this blog to add the other colours I have in my collection.. xx

Red Sateen and Mr. Vincent <3

I will be adding the limited Floral print, the all blue and the grey and pink..!

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Comment by Viola Von Kitten on August 23, 2012 at 4:37pm

You look amazing ! Heidi is definitely a must have !!!! 

Comment by Kristina Cairns on August 25, 2012 at 10:25pm

so pretty

Comment by Boss Mare Betty on August 26, 2012 at 8:12am

Thanks so much..! xx

Comment by Michelle Boutilier on August 30, 2012 at 5:21pm

The Heidi fits you beautifully, no wonder your hubby is a big fan of this dress on you!  WOW! :D

Comment by Boss Mare Betty on August 30, 2012 at 7:05pm
Thanks Michelle.. Now you see my 20 questions on your picture in the Mint Green.. xx
Comment by Michelle Boutilier on August 30, 2012 at 7:19pm

Have you purchased the mint yet? I have the Royal blue one on it's way to me in a medium since I heard that it ran a little snug in the waist area... We'll see how I make out!  I'll let you know :D Do you own the Heidi in Royal Blue? I think that color would look gorgeous on you!! XX

Comment by Boss Mare Betty on August 30, 2012 at 7:35pm

I just edited this blog to include the colours I currently have,
I do have the limited one in the mail right now and have plans on the Royal Blue (which I think will look fab with black) and the Grey with Pink.  
As I am going to be getting the cat print in the Netti I am not sure I will get it in the Heidi as well..
I live in the North and under snow for 6 months of the year so my dress wearing goes on hold as the temps are usually in the -40's..
Thanks again for posting.. !!

Comment by Michelle Boutilier on September 1, 2012 at 8:42am

I simply LOVE all the pics of you in your Heidis!!  The Mint one looks so pretty on you! I'm glad you got this one!! :D  I own a pair of black platform wedges like you and now I must pair it with my mint Heidi too! Do you find all your Heidi's fit you the same way? Or are some a smaller fit depending on color/print?   You MUST get them all, because they fit you so well and you look beautiful in them.. XX

Comment by Boss Mare Betty on September 1, 2012 at 9:15am

Wow Michelle, that was VERY kind of you.. xx !!
When I first opened the parcel for the mint green I was a little My stomach dropped as the green looked like a medical gown colour, so I said to myself to not judge it unless I was in full hair/make-up.  After seeing the pictures I was really thrilled with it as it is so bright and not like the colours I tend to be in as I wear allot of black..

Those wedges are super cute..!

As for the fit, they are all pretty close, yes I do notice little differences yet not enough to fret or do something about it like alterations which I love and keeps me buying them as I do not have allot of patience for
You will see that I stay in my two dress styles and change it up with the colours.. 

My husband is afraid of your last
Yes I will get as many as I can..!

Comment by Michelle Boutilier on September 4, 2012 at 6:09pm

My husband is afraid every time he sees me looking at the PUG site with that glazed over look in my eyes! LOL


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