LA's Youngest Female Street Artist brought to you by Elaina Soto

Since I consider myself an artist first and because it's my thing I'd like to kick off my Pinup Girl Style by highlighting a talented female artist. 
I introduce to you LA's youngest female street artist [SandOner]. If you're from the LA area and you haven't heard her name, chances are you've seen her work. And if you haven't seen her work then you gotta open your eyes to the beauty of LA's urban street art.
I was introduced to Sand during a group exhibition at gallery Casita Del Pueblo ( in Uptown Whittier. She and I both displayed art at this event. The gallery owner insisted we meet. We came to find we both love each other's art and both create crazy lashes on beautiful women! A few weeks later she had her very first solo show in LA called "Bow Ties Sand Chikz". She asked me to model representing one of her pieces. It was fun, standing next to the piece and basically being live-art.
I'll never forget that show; Sand was painting up to the last moment before the doors opened. People walked in and the paint was still drying on one of her pieces. They had no clue but I was impressed. Some would say it's disorderly but I feel that's a true artist to the core, just creating on the fly. This is SandOner; She's a street artist, spontaneous and quick IS her style! She felt her show needed one last piece and there it was, hung minutes before doors opened. I wanted that piece but like most of her art that evening, it was SOLD!
Guests were lined up waiting to enter. Sand had the gallery filled 100% of the time with new guests and the people were all in awe of her work. It was her first showing and already she had tremendous support and mass followers. At the end of the night I wanted to catch a drink across the way at a great dive called Eastside Luv (put that on your to-do list,, I invited Sand and she said to me, "I can't I'm not old enough to drink.. legally". My eyes about popped out of my head. I knew she was young but that young?! Wow, suddenly I had a new role model. It took me years to muster up the courage to have my first solo show and here she is, just going for it.
This girl will produce art on anything she can. I've seen girls walking around with custom hand-painted SandOner purses. I see her art all over LA and immediately know it's Sand. I was in Venice beach last month and away in the distance I see a huge "Sand Chick" on a wall. A few months prior to that I was in Downtown Pomona and inside a cupcake shop ( ) on the wall was a huge piece by Sand. Every time I spot her art I feel happy for her that she's spreading her art all over the place.
Her art on bags and walls is not the only bad ass thing this artist does. She's also highly influential to her community. On Saturdays you can find her at Self Help Graphics & Art ( She's apart of the youth program teaching kids the value of art and street art. This program helps keep local neighborhood kids focused on art. Yep, she's a bad ass! She creates beautiful art, shares it with the community, and spends time teaching young minds about it.
Since I'm fortunate enough to know Sand I had the opportunity to do a little Q&A with her:
What are your future goals for your art?
I want to travel the world and represent women through my art. I wish to evolve and reach many unthinkable accomplishments through my cartoons. Not sure what the future awaits. But Im always ready!
What is your proudest artist moment?
Working for the NBA in Miami along with Atomik (Miami Based Grafitti Icon) and leaving a mark in Miami all over the streets with my murals during Art Basel. I was very honored and happy to have done so. Miami to me was the end of my love life but the beginning of an art career were I have grown and seen things I never thought possible. Miami opened the doors of my imagination. It showed me that I can survive in any town I venture into.

What is the biggest mistake you have ever made?
Falling in love with the wrong person while wanting to be a succesfull artist. Now I fully focus on my art. No love, all hustle. I feel strong, driven and not clouded by love (laughs). Love takes away your concentration especially when it's not kindly returned. My cartoons were clouded by love and hate..Just work, everything in due time will come. I've learned my lesson. Other than that, I have made no mistakes.
Are you trying to send a message to people with your art?
To live and chase after what you love. I am a full time artist. I only paint cartoons of girls with juicy pink lips, immense hopeful eyes, graced by long luscious lashes which I paint all over the streets I roam around in. I want dreamers to stop dreaming and begin executing. Nothing comes easy, when I started painting I had no direction. Now I know what I want. I want to paint the world and inspire other women to be independent. I learned how to paint on my own, I paint what I feel is right. Just paint what you feel is you.
Who's your favorite/inspiring artist?
I love Warhol, Channel and Frida Kahlo
They are my role models. I love Channels passion and cleverness,how a man in love was behind her empire. Warhol would cater to the high end; he was the socialites’ artist. And Frida..well she was crazy! She was a bisexual, so awesome! She was so wild and talented, strong and independent artistic female. I want to be a mixture of these iconic creators.
What personal fears set you back?
Rejection, I am very confident. I believe in my art, I represent and firmly love what I paint. But at times I have doubts..then I reassure myself. I will push my art and seek for opportunity doors to open. I will give my heart and years. And if I come to realize that I never accomplished or conquered anything. I will walk away with the satisfaction of having chased after my art dream. But not anytime soon will this be happening. I will succeed in my art endeavors. Fo sho!
Main inspirations
Coco Channel. She came from nothing, and at the time of her departure she took everything. She changed the norms in her epoch and paved the way for the forthcoming eras. A man, her lover truly believed in her and blindly funded her dreams. A man stood silently behind her success. She came from no money, struggled, and tried many jobs. Until she found her passion. In the end and to this day her name and style remains a fashion influence. Call me Sand Channel from now on. Thank you very much (laughs)
Favorite piece of art you own.
I have a piece of art I made in 2010. I never put emotion into my skill. Emotionless creations is what I produce. I put love and strength into my craft, but never a deep feeling which will enable me to sell such art piece to a potential buyer. But this particular piece I painted when I was brokenhearted. Oh how I bashed and cried. I listened to Oldies, R&B Spanish love music, hip hop love songs…I cried and cried ..And painted my feelings away. Never again I will do such thing, but I still keep that particular art piece. It was a chapter in my life where I was vulnerable. Haven’t we all been there?
Advice for other aspiring artists?
Do what you think is right, knock on as many doors as you can, seek forth your own art path. Paint, eat, sketch, work. Always treat other artists with respect. Never sell yourself for less. We are all valuable. Create a style that will make you identifiable in the art world. Paint what you feel is right. Girls with long eyelashes is what I choose to only paint.
Thanks for taking the time to read up on a fantastic local artist. More to come, stay tuned!
More connections to the artist:

.:Sand One:.
Purchase Sand One art:
See Sand One in action on YouTube:
Find Sand One in these LA galleries:

Hold Up Art | 358 East 2nd Street; Los Angeles, CA 90012

Lab Art Gallery - 217 S. La Brea Avenue Ave.; Los Angeles CA 90036

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