It's that magical time of year when craft stores are starting to stock the shelves with ghoulish Halloween goodness. This means it is time for me to dig out some creepy crafting things I bought last season and make something out of them so that I have an excuse to run to Michaels and buy more creepy crafty things to replace them.

I like to glitter pretty much anything I can get my sticky glittered hands on. One really easy project is glittering those adorable claw hands you can purchase at your local craft store during the happy Halloween season. There are many ways to glitter things and you can feel free to try out different glitters and glues, this is just what I have ended up using after a few failed projects and it seems to hold up just dandy.

Everything pictured below I purchased at Michaels Arts and Crafts. The Krylon Glitter Blast in my opinion is a must to keep the glitter from flaking off and leaving a sparkly mess in your hair (and entire life) but it also maintains the glimmer of the glitter. Also if you are just using one color of glitter, they make Glitter Blast with some added glitter in certain colors.  My favorite glitter to use is Martha Stewart Crafts glitter and can be found near the scrapbooking aisle. The skeleton hands can be found in the Halloween aisle (the spiders too if that's what you're into). For glues, I use Aleene's Tacky Spray and Aleene's Jewel-it. I also like to buy rolls of banner paper from Michaels to use as a disposable surface to glue and glitter. 

 First thing I did was spray the skeleton hands with one thin and even layer of Tacky Spray. I spray glued them on one sheet of banner paper and glittered them on a separate one located a distance away so that the sticky mist wouldn't make its way to the glitter that was sitting around on the other paper and make tiny glitter balls. I waited a bit and then sprayed the underside of the hands. When I sprayed the bottom side, I made sure I wasn't using a surface on the paper that was already tacky so that it wouldn't rip off what I had already glittered.

One tip I have for glittering is to alternate glittering the hands between two pieces of paper. That way when you put the glitter onto the hands on one piece of paper you can just them off, move them to the other piece of paper, then use the glitter that is left on the first piece of paper to coat the hands until you are sure you have drowned all the tacky surfaces in sparkle. Also don't try doing too many of them at once, or else the glue will start to dry on some sooner than others.

I spray glued and glittered both sides of the hands at least twice. I didn't spray them more twice or very thick so that I could still see all the joints and segments. I pretty much left them to dry the whole day, but you can just wait until you are sure they aren't tacky anymore. If you are just using one color of glitter you can go ahead and skip to the part where you seal it with Glitter Blast.

I wanted to add little splashes of color on the tips, so I used a little bit of Aleene's Jewel-it, watered it down just a tad, painted on little splatters of glue and then glittered with a contrasting color.

After letting it dry, I sprayed both sides with two or so coats of Glitter Blast. To mount the clips onto the hands I used a glue gun, alligator clips with teeth (you can buy them off Amazon but I bought mine way cheaper at a store in San Diego called Fashion Fabrics) and ribbon or felt (I prefer felt because I burn myself less).

I glued a small piece of ribbon onto the inside of the clip on the piece with teeth(or whatever side will be attached to the hand). Then I applied a good amount of glue to part of the hand that would attach to the ribbon/clip and prepared myself for the searing pain of the hot glue that would eventually spill onto my hand no matter what precautions I took.

Finished. Sparkle Time!!!


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Comment by Miss Stacy Blaise on August 10, 2012 at 7:02am

This is an awesome post...thanks for sharing...

Miss Stacy Blaise

Comment by Amber on August 10, 2012 at 8:45am
I love this.
Comment by Michelle on August 10, 2012 at 9:21am
Absolutly love this!!! I am already looking forward to the season but these are so cute you can do it anytime....if you me :)
Comment by Liz on August 10, 2012 at 9:30am
i love this! i will have to get my wigs out and creativity out!
Comment by Karen on August 10, 2012 at 9:33am
Luv it!! Soo adorable :)
Comment by Ruby duVin on August 16, 2012 at 5:29pm

I actually have left over glitter from a Martha project a couple years ago I've been meaning to do just this with.  


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