Pinups Beautiful at Every Age

I was cruising Tumblr today, procrastinating as usual when I came across an extremely beautiful and inspiring post;

The post contained beautiful pinups you don't see everyday. Beautiful older women graced my screen each one of them styled in the golden age of old Hollywood. I had to find out more about the person who took them and the women he or she photographed. After a little internet sleuthing I found out the artists name, Erwin Olaf.

Erwin Olaf's career started back in 1988 in the Netherlands. He quickly became well known in the art community and eventually all over Europe. He soon garnered enough attention and started doing commercial work for Nokia and Levis. Despite all the commercial work he was getting, he still continued to work on his own projects, this particular series Mature was taken in 1999.

Much of Erwin's work focuses of societal issues; race, religion, gender and sexuality. Mature focused on societies obsession with youth. All of Erwin's models were over the age of 60 and were featured in vintage inspired lingerie and classic seductive poses. Erwin states,"The series is a reminder that people can be sexy at any age. We should celebrate our body and embrace our age rather than adhere to the society’s narrow-minded formulas and expectations." To see more of his artwork checkout his official site

Pinup Girl Clothing shows us beauty is obtainable at any age, race, gender or size and it is so inspiring to see other people, artists and photographs that reflect that same mentality.




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  • Sarah Durfor Wilson

    I love this!

    It's inspiring to see women off all sorts (whatever age, size, color.. photoshopped, or "flawed" as all of us are..)  comfortable baring all their feminine wiles ;~}  

    If any of them are like me, they did this because it was scary! But, they did it anyway. Whatever their reasons, they all show incredible strength & courage. Many things about our culture that are allowed openly today were *definitely* not, even in our recent past. 

    It's poetic that nude shots needn't be photoshopped. Actually seems more authentically nude if they're not. But again, beauty in it's many forms, with as many or as few admirers, is just as beautiful. xoxo

  • Ashley Crybaby Walker

    These images are beyond amazing! So beautiful!
  • Becca95621

    I know that this has been up for over a year now, but the photographs reflect an older woman's natural beauty, no reason to photoshop or do anything else with them.  Kudos to those women in the photos!!