Hey Ladies! The office where I currently work is very laid back and casual. I can wear whatever I want and do my hair as I please. However, I am looking to change careers and I have a job interview coming up at a law office. 

I am so torn! I know that this new office will be much more professional and I want to make a good impression. I want to look nice without sticking out too much. I don't want to totally compromise my PUG style, but I also want to look like I could fit in a law office. 

Any suggestions for hair styles that are pretty PUG, but not too obvious? My hair is pretty thin and just skims the top of my shoulders.



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I think your hair in your main picture is great!  Any 1940s styles I believe are pretty conservative.   Probably avoid bumper bangs and the such.  Styles with victory rolls should just be tighter and more toward the scalp.  Or even look up on you tube LisaFremontStreet's video tutorial on fake victory rolls/kitten ears.  I believe those would be helpful.  I'm a teacher myself, but I have flaming red hair, so I try to have a chic style, but nothing too crazy while at work.  

I know this sounds boring but I think, if your face suits it, cut a fringe and just have your hair cut evenly (like a feathered bob or straight bob).

This enables you to have a styled professional look without putting in too much effort.

All you need to do is run a straightner thru it when you want it straight, scrunch some gel thru it when you want it ultra wavy (do it when wet) or curl it up. Plus it works with shorter and longer length hair (no matter what the texture)

I think having a simple hairstyle is a great base to work from, you dont have to spend hours doing it up in the morning and you look professional.

I am a teacher and I love dressing up but who has the time in the morning? Im up at 5am, on my bike until 7.30 and then have to be in school by 8.30am. I barley have enough time to shower shove food in my mouth, let alone do make up and hair!

It obviously depends on your hair type - but maybe consider a good cut that needs little mon to fri maintenance? About 18 months ago, I made the BEST decision in cutting 6/7 inches off my hair and going for a mid length bob. My hair is fine but abundant - so I'm lucky enough that it requires little to no maintenance. When my hair was longer, it got whispy and began to thin out at the ends - my hair looks an absolute mile better and healthier with the cut - I don't need to 'do' my hair in the mornings, but it still suits my daily PUG style - then on a night out I'll get the pin curl pins or tongs out to be a bit more adventurous. In summary, if you have a trusted hairdresser - go and ask their advice and let them take the reigns. I think a lot of women get nervous when it comes to a new style and have the same old trim each time, but a good hairdresser will know what to do to make you look amazing; if they are asked (unfortunately many hairdressers are too scared to offer an opinion up front in fear of offending women!) for the short term, I would suggest toning down for the interview (It might feel relatively boring, yet safe - and they'll see you for you) and then maybe slowly introduce your creativity gradually - and I'm sure you'll find people won't notice the transition. I appreciate people want to be creative and show stopping - and I think depending on the interview (i.e. a designer or writer) you can get away with being a bit left-field - but for a law firm, they'll be more interested in how you come across and what you have to say, rather than your dress-sense. Very best of luck at the interview!



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