Is there a 1940s-1950s style that you would like to see PUG bring to life for your closet?

   I'm sure I'm not alone here when I say that I wish I could find certain styles of clothes that I have seen in classic films and photographs. My love for the dresses, hats, purses, shoes, swimwear and prints inspired by the 1940s and 1950s are the very reason why I stop by
   Are there any vintage photos, sketches, patterns, or screen shots from favorite classic movies of clothes that you wish you could prance around in? If you wanted to communicate how you wanted specific outfits, accessories of shoes made, what would you do to show your inspiration? Are there any pics out there of vintage clothes that you wish you could have in a different print pattern, color, neckline, etc. ? Please share and maybe your inspirations can become manifestations :)

NOTE:  Please refrain from posting photos of vintage reproductions from other companies existing today. Thanks xoxo

Some of my favorite vintage inspirations:

This hat and polka dot dress with pleated skirt...OOOOH YEEEAAH :) I would love to see this dress style in solid colors too...pastels are my favorite :)

Please PUG surprise me with peekaboo cutout jumpsuits and dresses in varied lengths, colors, and patterns...a chinese blossom print might be pretty cool :)


A girl can’t have too many swimsuits either, can she? Can PUG do the Barbie stripes in  other colors too?

Here are a few examples of my wishes. What do you envision?

xoxo Angelique Noire

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this ruffled top. it's a 60s take on 50s fashion. That some cute kiss lock purses ( glittery even better)  that were just a bit taller ( over 9 inches) so I could carry my iPad in it. lol

HAHA I used to have a shirt like this! I finally had to let it go because I loved a hole and stains into it. 

Lovely, especially the pic from the pattern :) The pink polka dots are doing a number on me :)

Joan Crawford ruled!  Love that top too.

i love the cutout pattern on that dress too, i'd like to see someone make it!

Any pics :)?

Thanks Kat :)

My husband would have to do CPR on me if I discovered PUG came out with a dress version of this Lucy garment...

OMG that would take my breath away too!

Oh boy I could be here ALLLL DAY :D

Basically I want every single outfit that was in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes except the iconic pink one Marilyn Monroe wore actually lol. I lust after this one in particular:

But I also really wish PUG could do some stuff that hearkened back to the 40s! I know they mostly are 50s aesethic but the 40s! Just watch the Rita Hayworth film "Cover Girl" and make all the outfits please haha.

Also I'd love more Boudoir type stuff, slips and robes and the like :)


I remeymber when I first saw Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Cover Girl as a kid, I begged for anyone to buy the VHS (yes the ancient VHS that I still own today) to watch these movies over and over...I converted a lot of my classic VHS's to DVDs, but my kids keep asking me, "Mama really? You have to watch this movie again?!"...Why yes, yes I do :)



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