Hey all - I'd appreciate any tips on PinUp hairstyles...I have pre;tty thick and wavy hair, and bobby pins are such a pain to use...!  HELP!  ;)

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Hey Sheena,

I have big, curly, thick hair too!  A couple things I do:

1. Use smaller sections in the front to make cute rolls, etc.  we have a lot of hair, no need to use it ALL.

2.  I only blow dry the bang/front sections of my hair when doing pin-up style hairdos.  Again, no need to frizz out all the beautiful curls when I only need the bang section to do the front.  Then I can smooth or finger curl the rest/back when the front is up and cute.

3.  I use little bobby pins that are about an inch / inch and a half long to pin it.  It usually only takes two but sometimes three.  the thing I like about them is you don't have that "sticking out" bobby pin end in your hair style.  They lay flat and disappear when they are in.

4.  Watch Micheline Pitt's You Tube video on hairstyles - Part One http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7KJFc6FjXk&feature=plcp and Part Two http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyBjMPnhfQI&feature=plcp

Good Luck!!!

Do you know of any vintage haircuts that work for girls with alot of hair?



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