So I just did the unthinkable... I fell asleep with my Makeup on. A mortal sin in my book.

I wasn't drunk, and too spiny to hobble over to the sink to remove it in fear I may throw up if I even stand... No I was just tired. Though I feel everyone of us girls has had a drunken night like that at least once. Mine was at Viva this last year.

There is nothing worse then waking up with your eyes glued shut because your lashes were still on, or have them stuck to your face like some sort of fake mustache or the person next to you freaks out thinking there is a spider in the bed. Yes all these things happen when the makeup stays on and you fall asleep.

The sinful part of all of this is really what it does to your skin. You bake in all your toxins that come out of your face and body in your sleep. You heat up from being wrapped up and having vivid dreams has you rolling around on your pillow. You press and move the toxins, the makeup and whatever hair product that is in your hair all over your face... for hours.

Your pores open up when your body is exerted or hot, so all that stuff on your face dives in and goes swimming in your face. It sits and bakes.

If your anything like me you wake up and freak out, wash your face, exfoliate and wash again... maybe use a glycollic wipe or two. It looks fine or now, but once given enough time to gestiate you will be looking like 15 year old boy going through puberty. Some of you may see an immediate break out, while others may take several days to a week.

Now you see why this is the Mortal Sin of all. You may be one of those girls that never breaks out and can wear Vaseline on her face... If you are we all hate you. ;)

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I know exactly how bad this is, but every once in a while I'm too tired to take my makeup off before bed and pay the price of a bad breakout. Which I currently have right now. On the flip side my sister is one of those you hate, she always sleeps with her make up on and never breaks out. Oddly when she takes it off that's when breakouts happen.

I hate the constant attention my skin needs.

I have committed this mortal sin a time or two:). This past month I have decided though to learn far more about skin care and am committed to doing what it takes to keep my skin looking and feeling top notch. It is a journey for me for sure. Thanks for sharing this. Its a great reminder of exactly why its not cool to sleep with our make up on if at all possible.:)

I've done this more times than I'd like to admit horrible as it is.  While I'm NOT one of those people who never break's not as bad as some may get either... but, I'm sure it could be a lot better if I committed this Mortal Sin less frequently! .. So.. I'm wondering, what are some of your favorite skin care products to begin with? What kind of skin care routine does everyone use?


It's the worst when you wake up looking like Alice Cooper from all the smeared eye makeup.  I've tried taking better care of my skin since taking your class, and even got one of those glycolic creams you mentioned (or maybe it was Erika). 

I use glycolic day cream now and it's made a huge difference with my skin, actually reducing the size of my pores, which are huge.

I'm someone who was lucky enough to be blessed with beautiful and flawless skin, but I do know how it feels to wake up with my eyelash glue taking over my entire eye. I even woke up once looking like my eyes were spiders. I do how ever don't wear to much makeup on a regular base but when I do I always try to take it off before my jack skeleton pillow gets streaks of black and color. =) I do however wish eyeliner was easier to get off.

when i (very, very rarely!) accidentally fall asleep in my makeup, i actually have nightmares! and yes, they're mostly about my skin looking bad- how's that for vanity? haha and you're so right about your eyes getting glued shut. it's even worse if you have contacts in. yuck!

Micheline i would love to see your skincare routine! I just cannot get one right for my skin, I am on a BC right now that makes my skin break out a couple times a month, so i can never get it to look as flawess as it once was :( Any tips? 

I've never fallen asleep in my make-up, but I have tested out new make-up and forgotten I have it on and left the house totally underdressed X) !!! On the bright side, my face looked awesome ;p !

Do tell what a glycolic wipe is!  I've had bad reactions to glycolic peels, but something less severe like a wipe might be OK?!  

Dittoing the request for your skin care regime!  

Love your youtube videos as well!  BOUT TIME!

I have done this before as well. Then I wake up, just like you, freaking out that, one, I look freakish, and two, my skin will attack me the next day. I don't break out much from it, but a few breakouts to me is just as bad as a face full. I try to keep with my skin habits, but we are human and are meant to break rules. :P



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