Hey PUGsters, I just saw on the front page of the PUG Style site that this coming Saturday there will be a vintage yardsale. It looks like most of the clothes will probably be too small for me. But I think that it might be fun to attend. And the best part of it for me is that it is right in my locality, Whittier.

I don't mind going shopping on my own. But it is always nice to have company. Anyone interested and able to join me? We could then go over to King Richard's Antique Mall. Or maybe we could stop someplace for a cool refreshing beverage.

Let me know. Maybe we can plan something.

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OOOH my .. I want to go . At what will this be love ??

I'm planning on going! I'd love to be part of a meet-up. :)

OK ladies here is the link to the yardsale post.


I figure that it is best to get there early, when it opens at 1PM.

Then afterwards we can go to King Richards or to someplace for a bit of refreshment.

I'll be there with my little sis-in-law (she turns 19 the next day) so we might wanna tag along =)

Well, tomorrow will be upon us shortly. I am really looking forward to the yardsale. And I am looking forward to seeing you ladies. Cha Cha has told me that she will only be able to go to the yardsale. I am still planning on going to King Richard's antique mall after the sale. Since we have already met Natalie, it will be easy for us to find each other. And Victoria I will be on the lookout for you! Of course, I will have my camera. Let us hope that we find some great bargains and have a great time hanging out.

So the yardsale was yesterday. I had aimed to get there when it opened but I got there about 15 minutes late. I dod not see anyone I knew at first so I started looking at what was available. All of a sudden I get a tap on my back from Chacha! How wonderful to get to meet her. We looked through all of the things that caught our fancy. She got some very cute vintage purses and a blouse I think. I found a vintage dress for $20, some pretty earrings for $6 and a couple of great vintage ties for a man that I know very well. In total there were about 5 or 6 women selling their unwanted vintage and repro items. Some dresses and skirts were selling for two and three hundred dollars. But then there were some things that were very reasonably priced.

It must have looked interesting to the neighbors to see so many pin up girls and some of their men to be hanging out on a Saturday afternoon. I thought that maybe hundreds of people would be waiting in line. But the numbers were not overwhelming. It was easy to check out all of the items on sale. The ladies were all very nice. And it was just quite pleasant.

It was so very nice to meet and to get to hang out with Chacha. She is very beautiful. (Well, aren't all pin up dolls beautiful?) And I know that she would be so much fun to spend time with on a night on the town. I was a bit disappointed that I did not see Victoria or Natalie. Did you ladies go? I was also sad that another one of my friends who I thought would go, was not there when I was there. I have some pics that I took as we left the yardsale. I will post those after I edit them.

Oh, I had set aside a few hours to do shopping and to have some fun. Chacha had to go home after the sale. But I decided that I would still go to King Richard's and browse the antiques. They have recently expanded, so there was lots of things to look at. I almost bought a couple of items. There was a red opera coat that I absolutely love but I was not sure if it looked too big for me. I needed a good second opinion. Hmm, maybe it will be there the next time I go and maybe I can bring someone along to help me.

I guess by now most of you gals have figured out that I like meeting new people and that I don't mind planning things. I have got my thinking cap on and I will keep you all posted of any ideas I come up with.

Hey Aoife! I did go to the yardsale, and even to King Richard's after, but I didn't see you. :/ I was wearing a red shirtwaist dress with little white flowers on the sleeves and bottom hem and I was with a friend who was wearing a red and white striped shirtwaist dress. I looked and looked but I didn't recognize anyone at either places. :(

Darn it! We missed each other!

If you check out the blog I posted today you can see what I was wearing. Luckily for me Chacha came up to me and introduced herself. 

We just have to have a meetup where we are in a place where not so much is happening.

I am so very sorry that I missed you.

Yeah, looking at your blog I didn't see anyone wearing anything like that. That's alright though, I'm sure there will plenty of meetups in the future. :)

I was there too!! I got there just in time, and we waited in line for a bit because they hadn't quite finished setting up by 1pm.  They started a few minutes late.  I ended up going by myself and only shopped around for about 30 minutes.  I went back home after that because I didn't see anyone I knew =( on a happier note, I'd be interested in going to this King Richard's place, it sounds cool, I've never been.  And I got myself a nice bag and a pink jeanie top that belonged to the beautiful Doris at the sale so I left happy =)

Hey sweetheart. I'm so sorry for late responds . I have read everything but I have not had a chance to reply . It was amazing meeting you . I had so much fun that day . I wanted to stay longer but I had to be somewhere else . It to bad we all miss each other . When we were all right next to each other . I guess when you see vintage amazing bargains we get excited . LOL !! OOOOH By the way Aoife I got your email thank you for the pictures . We have to meet up soon again love . And I love your pinup pixs you took . They look very lovely. Now I want to take some . We have to meet soon again ladies .  



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