It is me again, trying to do another Meet Up. Maybe I am a bit loopy trying to organize these things. But I will keep on trying. And BTW, the four of us who got together on July the 13th for the Meet Up had a wonderful time despite all of the complications. 

I tried this once before in the late spring. I had a wonderful afternoon with Dorthy Treasure. But I'd like to see if we can get a bigger group to go to afternoon tea this time. The date will be Saturday August the 17th. And I will probably schedule it for around 2 or 3 PM. There are two options, either the Huntington Library which is fabulous. Unless it is a really large group, I can probably get everyone in free because I have passes. But the tea costs about $30 plus tax and tip. Or we can again return to the Chado tea room which is fairly inexpensive. Chado is in Old Town Pasadena. I will have to make reservations a few weeks in advance. So I wanted to put this out to get an idea if anyone is interested. I have already talked about this with a few of you and I have also emailed a few local PUGster sisters. So please let me know if you are interested. 

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Kel, I am elated that you are interested!!!

I had such a great time with you at out four person meet up.

I responded on the invite but I wanted to say again I am so sad I will be missing out on seeing everyone again. I cannot believe my luck as I will be out of town that weekend with my family. If our plans change I will let you know! Also, I don't log into this site very often so I am trying to figure out how to change the notifications in this group so I know when someone post information about meeting up.  I hope everyone has a great week and I hope to see you all very soon!!

Cynthia, I will miss seeing you. I really want to get to see you again! After initially posting the meet up info to this group, I figured that I should do a more general post. But then I had it forwarded to those gals I've met, or at least chatted with here in So Cal. I don't know why (well I do know why, I like to meet up with my PUG sisters and doing these Meet Ups is the best way I've figured out how to do it), but I guess that I have decided to just take the bull by the horns and schedule things. I promise to keep you in the loop! have fun with your family!

Well I appreciate you making the effort and planning these events and tagging me on the invite. Otherwise, I do not think we would have these fun events without your work! Hope to see you soon!!

I got it. I saw your reply earlier today. I will miss you. We all will miss you!

I love it my love. You know I am in for this special day. If you did send me an email regarding of this day I didn't receive it at all . xoxo 

I DID! Our emails seem to be cursed! I will send you a message via PUG Style.

OOOH geez !! Well just send in my inbox on here !! That way it will be safer lol !! But I very in for this day . I'm already planning what to wear . 



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