It seems like forever since we last had a meet up of us Los Angeles Ladies. And so I think that it is time to rectify that. I have chosen the 13th of July because it gives us a chance to plan and to put it into our calendars. I think that a Saturday usually works best for most people. We could either do an afternoon meet up or we could do a night time thing. Or we could do one that starts in the afternoon and goes til the night!

Here are some ideas that I have. We could just meet up at the PUG Boutique, do a group shopping thing and then go someplace nearby for food and drink. As evidenced by my previous posts, I love to go to afternoon tea. So we could get all dressed up in our vintage finery and have a ladies tea. 
For an evening event we could go to dinner and then maybe go to a burlesque show. I am really open to all suggestions.

Of course I realize that this date may not work for all of you. I also realize that there may be a variety of opinions about what to do. Let us see if anyone is interested and if there are any specific suggestions about what to do. I will give this a week or so. If we decide on something for which reservations are needed I want to be able to do that within the next couple of weeks.

I hope that there is some interest in doing a meet up. I would love to be able to get together again with some of my sister PUGsters.

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Soooooo...... I might come after all. I've decided that I'm not attending ComicCon this year. (It's just too crazy for me) Depending on a few other things... I might be able to make it for the Boutique part. :) 

Emily, I would so love to see you again. So even if you can only come to the Boutique that would be cool.

Cool, I sure hope that we get some more replies.

I'd be okay with either choice, but I'm intrigued about going to Skinny's Lounge. That name conjures up images of Frank, Dean, and Sammy. 

Looking forward to this fun event and meeting all you fabulous dolls.

Dear Rhonda, Well the burlesque show by Victory Variety Hour at Skinny's for this Saturday is described as a combination of Star Trek, Japanese Tentacle porn, striptease and spoken word. Sorry to say, none of those things seem to conjure up the Rat Pack.

Hey everybody! It is me again, back from a fabulous few days in Portland. 

At this point, the response to the Meet Up is kind of quiet. But I will wait til tomorrow to see if anyone else responds. Then I will figure it all out. I will post the final plans here. And to each of you who said you were interested I will send an email through PUG Style. I am really looking forward to Saturday. I hope that all of you are also!

Unfortunately I will not be able to make it since I will be unexpectedly out of town.  Hopefully next time.  Have fun ladies.

I've never been to Skinny's or the Edison so I don't have much input regarding either one...if nothing else maybe we can decide where to go after meeting up at the boutique.  Also, I may just meet up with you ladies for the boutique trip because I already have dinner plans, but I'm sure it'll still be fun! =]


Our Meet Up will happen tomorrow Saturday, July 13th. There are three parts to our event. Feel free to join us for the whole thing or just a segment or two.

We start at the Pin Up Girl Boutique. Arrive there anytime between 4 til 6. Meet some of your sister PUGsters. Go mad and buy some new summer clothing. Get lots of feedback while trying on clothes. Take lots of photos! Have fun!

We drive to Downtown LA to the Noces du Figaro French cafe. They have happy hour til 7 PM and the prices for food and drink during happy hour are incredible. Hopefully if we leave the boutique by 6ish we can get to the restaurant about 6:30 or so. Oh and there is street parking around, you just have to hunt a bit to find it.

When we finish at the restaurant, we will head over to the Edison, a retro bar and club at 108 W 2nd also in Downtown. There is also street parking and there are lots around there. I imagine that we will go there around 8:15-8:30. There is a ten dollar cover charge. And they have burlesque performances by a group called The Eddies.

At this point four of us are in for the entire round of activities. And about three more may join us at the Boutique. But we would love more to join us. I am making a restaurant reservation, but I can change it if anyone else adds on.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

What a delicious itinerary!

Wish I didn't read, now I am super jealous.

OMG!!! I JUST realized that this was today and not tomorrow. :( WWWAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! I could have sworn today was the 12th. I can't believe I boffed it. I hope everyone had a great time. And I hope to see you lovelies at the 1 year anni party in a few weeks. WWWWAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! :( 

I arrived at 4:45 but didn't see anyone I was expecting to see =( I still kinda looked around by myself and tried some things on but left soon after that...they were only some girls in there getting their hair and makeup done. Better luck catching all of you next time I guess, hope u were able to meet! And I'll definitely be at the anniversary party so if you see me be sure to say hello! =)



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